Trace Cyrus Tweets About Getting New Tattoo

November 09, 2009 08:23:02 GMT

In a short message on his Twitter, Trace says he will have new tattoo etched on his body but gives no detail about what kind of body painting he will have.

Trace Cyrus Tweets About Getting New Tattoo
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Trace Cyrus takes it to Twitter to let fans know that he is about to get new tattoo on his body. On Sunday, November 8, he tweeted "But listen! The day after tomorrow I'm getting tattooed for 4 days straight! I promise to chat with u all then and let you see me get tatted."

Despite the revelation, the Miley Cyrus' brother doesn't give hint on what kind of tattoo he wants to etch. He also doesn't mention on which part of his body the new body art will be inked.

Trace Cyrus is the guitarist, songwriter and vocalist of band Metro Station. He made headlines in July this year after confirming that he has split from girlfriend Demi Lovato. None of them has ever confirmed before that they ever dated though.


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posted by ha! on Dec 05, 2009
OMG! mason, mitchel, trace, and demi! that's sooo crazy they'd all show up on this page on the same day! can you say synchronized? IRONY!!! hahaha very funny not.
posted by haha on Dec 04, 2009
I wouldn't be surprised if the person who wrote this article was the some one who posted all those comments... But I'm not saying they did. I thought I was a low life... but apparently there are people so much lower than me.
posted by People are morons... on Dec 04, 2009
I randomly came across this article... which is like a month old. I didn't mind because it's about Trace Cyrus. However there are some major idiotic morons (or one major moron) posting stuff they don't even know anything about. If anyone really wanted to convince people that it was really Mitchel Musso leaving the comment to "Mason" then they should be smart enough to know it is Mitchel with one "L." Also, Mason isn't Miley's halfbrother. It's Trace. If people are going to try and make jokes at least get the material accurate... As for everything else that was commented... it's just childish and very rude. Yeah sure, I highly doubt that anyone from Metro Station has the time to read this article and I'm sure that Miley and Mitchel won't be able to read this, but it's still wrong. People talk about the celebrities being bad role models, try looking at yourself for a change. Believe it or not, someone somewhere is looking up to your actions and learning from you. Whether you like it or not... it is happeneing and everyone needs to lead a good example rather than blaming everyone else for everything.
posted by #1metrostationfan on Dec 03, 2009
i love trace he is so cool and hot and i love metro station more than anyone in this world. i think his tatts r so awesome they r so cool i love u 4ever Trace. P.S. on your next tour please come to windso On cuz i really want to see u live love ya bye.
posted by tamika on Nov 12, 2009
wy wuld u git a new tattoo 4.
posted by Voice of Reason on Nov 11, 2009
Have a bit more respect for yourself. How sad.
posted by LOU on Nov 09, 2009
posted by Selena on Nov 09, 2009
Thank you to the Cyrus family for all you have done for me. Without you, I would not be where I am today...Popular! popular as I am...anyway. I'd still rock!
posted by Demigod on Nov 09, 2009
This guy is really strange. Anyone who is willing to tat himself up only to have them removed by skin grafting new skin on his arms, then start over with the tats is nuts. I agree with Mason. Do we really want this derangued individual in front of girls still trying to grow pubes? I think not!
posted by mitchell on Nov 09, 2009
Yo, Mason, bro...hey! Sorry to hear your lament. By the way, my single career is doing great! Of course, did I tell you I'm Miley's best friend. Yep, I'm Miley's best friend. Did I just repeat myself. I better stop saying I'm Miley's best friend. But I am. P.S. bro, you need to go on a diet; just ya.
posted by Tracey on Nov 09, 2009
Yo, I'm Miley's brother. Yep. Did you know that? Did I tell you I'm Miley's brother. Oh, I did. Yep! Don't know how else to stay popular. We only got two songs. I used up all the words I know. I'm only a high school drop out, but I am trying to get my equivalent. Heck, why am I telling ya'll this. I make more money than you'll ever see in your life time. Did I tell you I'm Miley's brother?
posted by Demi on Nov 09, 2009
Trace es muy pequeno. Yo quiero un pico que no es un snosauge. Ha, Ha, Ha.
posted by ugly on Nov 09, 2009
ur ugly lol
posted by tara on Nov 09, 2009
how could demi lovato bear to be with someone like him???!! EEEWWWWW!! :D:D:D

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