Confirmed, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Engaged

November 09, 2009 07:08:38 GMT

A representative for Danneel confirms the actress' engagement to Jensen, but gives no further detail about it.

Confirmed, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Engaged
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It's official, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris have got engaged. A representative for Danneel confirms the matter to Just Jared, but provides no details on when and where the engagement took place.

Jensen and Danneel have been friends for nearly a decade. They have been dating for about three years. The pair was spotted on Saturday, November 7 watching the horses race at the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles. It was during the occasion that Danneel flashed her engagement finger.

On screen, Jensen Ackles is best known for starring as Eric Brady in TV series "Days of Our Lives". He is currently starring in The CW's drama series "Supernatural".

Danneel Harris, meanwhile, is recognized for starring as Rachel Gatina in The CW's "One Tree Hill". She, moreover, has also starred in some big screen flicks, like "Fired Up" and "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay". She and Jensen co-starred in the 2007 romantic comedy "Ten Inch Hero".


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posted by Emily <3 on Jan 09, 2012
wait i thought jensen ackles was gay ohh well good for him jensen you are sooo damm drop deady sexxi i would f**K you in a split secound
posted by ILoveJensen on Jun 03, 2011
why do you even people care if he is gay or bi? ofc being bi will be more convanable for everyone ,but it's his life and I guess we all have the right to live our life with the sexuality we want,hate those homophobics,if Jensen like Jared and he wont show it,it's bcuz of the people,loving a guy is not a bad thing,being bi it's even better,bi people are humans wich understand good both sides,so QUIT IT! Congratz Jensen and Dan' (dont keep her so long) "if u want to find the true love,love a guy" , "if u want a baby,love a woman"(Great person wich told me this words once!)
posted by pritty prinsess on Mar 19, 2010
no he is not gay for the people who think that but they do make a cute couple.
posted by marie on Mar 05, 2010
pls tell me hes not gay,not jensen he looks like hes a very strong man.if he is why the secret? but still i shall be very disapointed. it never even cross my mind. i hope he's not.xoxo
posted by skezios on Jan 21, 2010
Jensen said a long time ago that he had no girlfriend why he throwing his life away he still has time in his future. So jensen I don't like her.
posted by mee on Dec 16, 2009
phoebop loves jensen soo much she desreves him more than her! xxx phoebes gonna be so mad at me now!
posted by Rosie on Dec 08, 2009
i totally agree wid the posts below. Something about this engagement feels off. I'll bet there is another girl. theres loads of rumors about him being in love wid sum1 else, sum chick from europe
posted by marte on Dec 02, 2009
well.. im speachless for sure.
posted by LIVEX on Nov 20, 2009
posted by jesse on Nov 19, 2009
he's not gay but obviusly there's something hide here, people say he's crazy about another girl
posted by pixie on Nov 19, 2009
nOOOOOOOOO! omg that just killed all my dreams. Happy but sad. o well he is still the sexiest man on two legs for sure! enjoy ur life "DEAN"
posted by Ellen zhou on Nov 19, 2009
Selamat buat jensen dan danneel,semoga cinta kalian abadi selamanya dan selalu diberkati oleh TUHAN.Terus terang saya juga menyukai jensen,sebagai fansnya,saya berharap bisa mendapatkan pasangan seperti dia..
posted by DESTINEY on Nov 19, 2009
posted by rima on Nov 19, 2009
i hope both of you happy forever,and no matter what i still love u jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by rima on Nov 19, 2009
i hope both of you happy forever,and no matter what i still love u jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sable on Nov 17, 2009
yeah i dont think he's happy. if you look at the images where she's flashing her ring, he looks pretty miserable and not at all as happy as he is when he's around jared. i'm really sad for him, and hope he realizes what he's loosing before he marries danneel
posted by ailini on Nov 15, 2009
how com people think jensen is gay?, has he done a gay porno?, bonked a guy in public?,caught with homosexual porno mags or somefng?h8terz !!
posted by Cutie_Pie13 on Nov 14, 2009
Oh pulease! He wouldn't marry her, look at his face for crying out loud, he's miserable. Anyway true or false, rumor has it Jensen is in love with someone else, and no its not Jared but a another girl. Can't wait for the con this weekend its gonna be awesome!
posted by anna on Nov 14, 2009
parabens ao casal. continuo admirando o jesen forever!!!!!!!!!!! beijão
posted by Megan on Nov 14, 2009
Why would Jensen need any PR? His show is doing well. They even want it to end. I can't see the point why people are thinking he's gay, when in Supernatural, he and Jared are always joking about being gay. Closet gays who truly don't want to get outed wouldn't resort to this kind of banter, especially on screen.
posted by piss off on Nov 13, 2009
oh..i'm really jealous..but i'm happy for them..hope they will be happy ever after
posted by Sammy on Nov 13, 2009
I think it's bullshit, but if it's true, I wish them all the luck in the world. Jensen's amazing and deserves happiness.
posted by Original-Sasha on Nov 12, 2009
I agree with you Jury.
posted by lola on Nov 11, 2009
And another engagement announcement from a notorious HW closet-case. Great. Why am I not surprised??
posted by CJ on Nov 10, 2009
Congrats Jensen and Danneel, you two make a beautiful couple. Wish you nothing but the best in your future marriage and life together. :)
posted by RedhotPINKpopsicle on Nov 10, 2009
Awww they make such a cute couple... I hope that they stay together... =D
posted by Ailini on Nov 10, 2009
Best wishes From New Zealand...Have your Honeymoon Here its Beautiful and no paparazzi=)
posted by vivi on Nov 09, 2009
I'm so happy for them both =D They deserve it so much. I wish them a lot of love and a long life together =D CONGRATULATIONS !!!
posted by Rae on Nov 09, 2009
Jensen Ackles is marrying a woman? Way to try and straighten up your image, dude. But still not fooling those of us in the gay community. Be out & proud!
posted by Prinzessjenna on Nov 09, 2009
Ughhhh~My worst nightmare!!!LOL
posted by TeamPadalecki on Nov 09, 2009
I am so very happy for the both of them. They make the cutest couple! No more sharing a house with Jared :) This will for sure be a hot topic at the Chicago Supernatural Convention this weekend!!!
posted by Julie on Nov 09, 2009
If they are happy then I'm happy for them! I wish them the best because they both deserve it!
posted by joejonasgirl0676 on Nov 09, 2009
Bobby, do us all a favor and jump in front of a train. There problem is now solved if you actually did that. And as for Jensen. Congrats. <3
posted by bobby on Nov 09, 2009
So she's marrying him even if he's gay? Way to be desperate. Or maybe she's in denial? This story is so sad, I'm sure in a couple of years they will be divorced, jobless and doing drugs. And he will be doing guys in public bathrooms.
posted by Christin Steger on Nov 09, 2009
Oh i am so happy fot Jensen and Danneel!!! Congratulation!!!!! I wish all the best fot them in the life!!! I love Jensen and Danneel!!! And i am sure, a baby coming soon....
posted by just a fan on Nov 09, 2009
I am so happy for both of them and I wish them every joy in the world.
posted by butterfliesrfree on Nov 09, 2009
I wish them both every happiness in the world. They deserve to be happy!
posted by NeutralDeviance on Nov 09, 2009
Hmmm. Engaged? When in an interview not that long ago Jensen stated he had absolutely no plans to get married anytime soon? (or maybe that was summer of 2008....hell if I know). Ah well. I wish them the best, if it's a REAL engagement and not some kind of Hollywood PR thing.
posted by immie_8 on Nov 09, 2009
Yay! Congratulations to them both, I wish them all the happiness in the world!
posted by Jury on Nov 09, 2009
Thats bullshit!!! >:/
posted by gsadgv on Nov 09, 2009
posted by gsadgv on Nov 09, 2009

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