'American Idol' Alum Danny Gokey Debuts First Single 'It's Only'

November 07, 2009 02:30:57 GMT

First listen to Danny Gokey's forthcoming studio album is offered through its first single 'It's Only' which is written by Lady Antebellum's personnel.

Danny Gokey
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Following his record deal with 19 Recordings / RCA Nashville back in September this year after graduating from "American Idol", Danny Gokey releases his first country music single called "It's Only". The track was debuted on Milwaukee radio station FM 106.1. on November 6.

A countrified ballad track, the song is written by Lady Antebellum's members Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley and produced by Mark Bright. It serves as the lead single from Danny's forthcoming RCA debut album which is aimed for March 2010 release.

"It has such a touching lyric. It's so beautiful. I love all the songs that appear on my CD, but this one ... when I sing this song, a passion comes out of me," Danny said of the song. "The song went past the mental element and came directly into my heart. I don't know how to explain it. I feel it when I sing it."

"It's Only" can be streamed on Danny Gokey's MySpace.


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posted by Gin on Mar 04, 2010
I looooove Danny and love the new song..I just saw him perform it on AI..he seems like such a great guy and deserves everything wonderful from here on out!! Love him and the new song,can't wait to buy the album:)
posted by palmajok on Dec 03, 2009
Congratulations to a wonderful singer. This song is beautifully performed and will be a huge hit. Can't wait for the release of the whole album. I think Carrie Underwood proved, "going Country" for an artist like Danny was a wise decision.
posted by whodat on Dec 02, 2009
I would like to respond to Marlene's comment. To say that Adam is the only star as well as the "world idol" is absolutely ridiculous. If your definition of a "star" is coming out of the closet and making scenes to sell records, then I guess he is the only "star" to come out of AI. A star is someone who excels at his/her profession for an extensive length of time. We will have to wait and see what happens with each of the finalists careers before we determine who is a star. Lastly, I want to ask what has happened to values in our world? Our world is deteriorating morally because we support musicians such as Adam Lambert, who are terrible influences on the younger generation, a generation that is already headed in the wrong direction. AI finalists such as Danny and Kris show what true musicians are. That is genuine people doing what they love to do: to sing. They do not do it for show, such as Adam(kissing his band members on stage, provocative dancing, etc). Unlike Adam, Danny and Kris perform for their fans. By supporting Adam, we are convincing the younger generation that his lack of morals, values, is acceptable, when it should not be tolerated.
posted by ILFan on Nov 09, 2009
Love the new single. it appears to be very representative of Danny and the vocals are fantastic. If the rest of the songs on the albumn are like this...Danny's gonna have a huge hit on his hands! Way to!
posted by Marlene on Nov 08, 2009
The only star to come out of AI this season was Adam Lambert. The rest of them including Gokey are all boring. Adam is the WORLD IDOL.
posted by Sharon on Nov 07, 2009
An amazing song, love it! Danny has a song that reflects what he said he wanted, song's that have a message. This does. Danny so fortunate to have a song writen by such respected writers. I agree Danny sings this song beautifully.Looking forward to the album in March, it is going to be great.
posted by Tim on Nov 07, 2009
Danny accomplished what he needed to do with the debut single - that is, keep the fans happy but also reach out to new fans in Country Music. And singing a song by highly respected Country Music writers Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum is a huge honor for a new artist. "It's Only" works because Danny stayed trued to who is as an artist. This is the kind of music he enjoys doing. “My Wish” was a huge crowd pleasure on the tour.
posted by Jan in WI on Nov 07, 2009
I think Danny sings this beautifully. Can't wait for his album!
posted by Kathy on Nov 07, 2009
Danny has set the bar very high with his debut song. "It's Only" is the perfect blend of stunning, distinctive vocals and a beautiful message that comes from the heart. Danny has delivered exactly what he promised. His album can't be released soon enough!
posted by Lizzy on Nov 06, 2009
Love the song. It is exactly what type of song I expected for Danny's first single. A powerful ballad with strong vocals and a beautiful message. Can't wait for his album.
posted by anne on Nov 06, 2009
Really liking this song. Have always enjoyed Danny's distinctive voice since I first heard him on AI, wasn't completely sure how his country music would sound. It's totally working for me though, great job by Danny and his team. Wish him all possible success.
posted by leileea on Nov 06, 2009
posted by Darla Reynolds on Nov 06, 2009
I absolutely love this new single by Danny Gokey!
posted by Jamie on Nov 06, 2009
Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. Dare I say that Danny’s single – amongst those idols who have released so far – is the most representative who of he is as an artist? The first thing I thought after I heard it was that it’s Danny - the raspy voice, the soaring parts, the phrasing, the lyrics. I think it’s a song tailor-made for him, which is why I think this single actually works. I have never considered myself a hardcore Danny fan or a Country fan, but this is good work right here. Out of all the songs that have been released from this year’s idols, I actually think this is the best. Wow, who would have thought?
posted by mirrors on Nov 06, 2009
no, thank you, no more Sir. bitter.

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