Adam Lambert Said Dating Singer Ferras

November 06, 2009 04:13:35 GMT

Often spotted close to each other at several occasions, the two musicians are rumored dating.

Adam Lambert
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Newly single Adam Lambert is romantically linked to Ferras, the singer-songwriter who has helped the "American Idol" star working on his debut album "For Your Entertainment". Not without reason, but their togetherness at some occasions has ignited talks that they are dating.

"Ferras helped Adam work on his new album, For Your Entertainment," a source tells Star. "They have a lot in common, so I'm not surprised Adam started falling for him." And while the dating report is still a not-yet-confirmed one, the source says "Adam really dropped a bomb on Drake (LaBry); I don't think he suspected a thing!"

Adam Lambert and Ferras' first meeting reportedly happened in 2007. Most recently, they were spotted attending a special Halloween party in Los Angeles on Saturday night, October 31. During the occasion, Adam wore all-black outfit and donned vampire-like make-up, while Ferras dressed up as an Arabian Prince. Prior to that, Adam and Ferras were seen partying together at Star Magazine 5th Anniversary shindig.

Adam went public with his romance with interior designer Drake LaBry in June. The pair's separation was covered by the news media earlier this week. Adam himself has on Tuesday, November 3 confirmed to Us Weekly that he was "cool" with his single status and was looking for an intelligent, creative, and compassionate person to date.


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posted by xanda on Nov 22, 2009
Who cares about who he is with? Yawn.
posted by bitzy on Nov 20, 2009
Adam has already found his man: KRIS ALLEN.
posted by Angel on Nov 06, 2009
I pray ADAM finds his soulmate. He deserves to be happy. And Ferras I believe is just a friend.
posted by martha on Nov 06, 2009
Not daing, just friends out on town together.
posted by maryann on Nov 06, 2009
Whatever Adam feels will make him happy is fine with me. He is an extremely talented man who has a very bright future ahead of him.
posted by Martin on Nov 06, 2009
This guy looks better than Drake . I like him fo our Adam.
posted by meme on Nov 06, 2009
Important information.....Buy Adams CD...For Your Entertainment.. now on Itunes...yes..
posted by Blondiegrrl on Nov 06, 2009
Unlike media bias below, I don't profess to know what Adam wants. (I've noticed that a lot of his fans apparently have the power of telepathy.) Whether or not he has or wants a love interest right now, I just wish him happiness in his life. Lord knows he's certainly made ME happy. Rock on, Adam.
posted by Dylan on Nov 06, 2009
I think they're just friends, but ya never know! Maybe friends with benefits? I believe Adam when he says it was mutual between him and Drake, not this person saying it was a surprise. STAR magazine is not known for true facts.. lol!
posted by Starry on Nov 06, 2009
Adam Lambert's new single, For Your Entertainment, is now available on iTunes and Amazon, in case you didn't realise. Go buy that and give Adam the rewards he deserves for his talent instead of focusing on his private life. It's called that for a reason! It's music that is more important!
posted by Laura on Nov 06, 2009
Marie...I'm with ya! Love Kradam! ha
posted by sai on Nov 06, 2009
i'd be very happy if adam's gonna fall inlove for a girl.. but whatever he chooses, i'm happy for him.
posted by media bias on Nov 06, 2009
Adam Lambert is not looking for a mate of any kind let alone a "soulmate". He's kicking of a career that promises to be bigger than any we've seen for any other man on the pop charts. Aftermath, co written by Ferras and Alisan Porter and Ely Rise will be a smash on the album which will be released November 23rd. Stay tuned for Adam's GMA appearance on the 23 or 24th too singing For Your Entertainment, a smash single out now on iTunes. Go buy it, it'll rock your sox off!
posted by marie on Nov 06, 2009
Funny but I want him to be with a famous celebrity or someone like the impossible like Kris Allen. LOL. How about Ricky Martin???

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