Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Debuted

October 31, 2009 02:13:17 GMT

In addition to the arrival of Adam Lambert's single 'For Your Entertainment', there are also tracklisting for the upcoming album and demo of Lady GaGa-written song.

Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Debuted
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Adam Lambert takes music fans to the dance floor in his single "For Your Entertainment". He unveiled the song on October 30 on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, describing it as a "dance music with a glam rock shuffle beat."

The song is produced by Dr. Luke and will serve as the first single from Adam's major-label debut album of the same name "For Your Entertainment". The "American Idol" alum doesn't show off his signature high tone until the end of the track. Along with the arrival of its audio stream, the cover art is also brought forward.

The album will arrive in U.S. market on November 23. Tracklisting for the effort has been obtained via Barnes & Nobles, revealing that "Time for Miracles", the "2012 (2009)" soundtrack, is included for a bonus track.

Adam said the album will be a mix of "guitar, live drums [and] a real rock sound." He added, "It's fun to create an eclectic collection." He previously tweeted about getting help from Lady GaGa, Muse and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness in the songwriting desk. According to Rolling Stone, Lady GaGa penned a song called "Fever" which demo has hit the web. "Unfortunately, she's not on the song, but she was on the other side of the recording studio coaching me through it," he told Ryan Seacrest.

Single "For Your Entertainment" can be streamed on Adam Lambert's official website.

Tracklisting for "For Your Entertainment" album:

  1. "Music Again"
  2. "For Your Entertainment"
  3. "Whataya Want from Me"
  4. "Strut"
  5. "Soaked"
  6. "Sure Fire Winners"
  7. "A Loaded Smile"
  8. "If I Had You"
  9. "Fever"
  10. "Sleepwalker"
  11. "Aftermath"
  12. "Broken Open"
  13. "Time for Miracles" (bonus track)
"Fever" demo:


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posted by jeff on Nov 02, 2009
great dance track, very catchy.
posted by maryann on Nov 01, 2009
posted by j on Nov 01, 2009
This song was made for a person who cant sing and needs the studio to make it sound like they can. Adam needs only to use his voice not studio altered crap. How sad that 19studio screws yet another amazing artist. Ever here of Bo Bice and his amazing suthern rock flare and they put out pop crap.
posted by Jenn on Nov 01, 2009
Brace yourself people!! Adam will surprise you. He will do whatever songs move him and genre will not be an issue. He has the pipes to do it all!! Might as well get ready for the ride!!
posted by lgal on Nov 01, 2009
Well said Oli. everything i want to say. read it ppl & trust Adam! he never disappoints!!
posted by Janis on Oct 31, 2009
I am so loving this song!! I am thrilled Adam did something in the Electro Pop genre because that is what sells!! And Adam did it like no one else- very sexy and edgy!! I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. You know it will be a wild ride!! And you know it will be mixed genres because you can't put this boy in a box. Adam Rocks!!
posted by jules on Oct 31, 2009
For those you said Adam is not radio-friendly, YOU CAN NOW KISS MY SMELLY FEET!
posted by Kelley on Oct 31, 2009
I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE FYE and if Adams version of "Fever" is as rockin' as the Lady's, it will be his NO 1 fo' sho'.
posted by mimi on Oct 31, 2009
Uff, sorry, I don't like it, nothing that we haven't heard before, I was expecting more from him, I'm not saying is bad, I just don't like it, I think his voice is waisted here, sorry!
posted by terie on Oct 31, 2009
I heard FEVER on Ytube by Lady Gaga but I didn't like it at least not by her. I'm sure ADAM can do it way better. I also heard SOAKED by Muse. ADAM is going to do that one better too although I like the song much better. Not worried ... his album will be well worth waiting for ... I'm sure.
posted by media watcher on Oct 31, 2009
Why are you streaming a bootleg demo of Gaga's? Don't you respect recording Artists? And it's illegal, too. She never released this song.
posted by froggy on Oct 31, 2009
FAIL people who buy this are stupid.
posted by Lars on Oct 31, 2009
Big disappointment. I guess I will pass on this cd and look for something more original.
posted by oli on Oct 31, 2009
People need to cool it. Like seriously, we all praise Adam for being able to sing ANYTHING (which he is) and then when he sings s pop tune ppl get so disapointed. I mean come on, yes it is very pop/eletro, but that's what sells and that's why its his single. It will get him a lot of radio airplay and expand his fan base. No worries, if you have followed Adam since the end of AI, you already know that his album is going to be very eclectic. YES THERE WILL BE SOME ROCK ON THERE! There will also be some slower songs like mad world, and maybe some songs like Funky Music. Can we just go back to trusting Adam's artistic abilities like we did during Idol. He does know what he is doing guys.
posted by Angel on Oct 31, 2009
Just heard demo of Lady Gagaís FEVER song for ADAM. Itís a better danceable tune than FYE. I just hope the production will be less of the electro pop and will have more of the sound of ADAMís vocals that we recognize. But the more I listen to FYE, it gets better though I never go for the Britneyís over produced sound why ADAMís singing got me excited about music again.
posted by LMO on Oct 31, 2009
meh...just meh.
posted by LSCH on Oct 31, 2009
If the song doesn't live up to YOUR expectations, whose fault is that? You would have to be living under a rock to not know that Adam will not be forced into YOUR tiny, rigid little boxes. Try expanding your horizons!
posted by Sam Sparro on Oct 31, 2009
Sounds just like BLACK AND GOLD by Sam Sparro.
posted by cacatua on Oct 31, 2009
Not anything I want to hear. I was expecting far better than this crummy electronic stuff. What happened to Adam's voice? He sounds like C3PO!
posted by Don on Oct 31, 2009
Eugene, I agree with you the song has a beat you can't sit still to...he nailed it...I just downloaded it from his fan site..Way to go ADAM...
posted by afev on Oct 31, 2009
Wow, this guy keeps raising his own bar! I love everything he does. This song is AMAZING! I believe Simon was right when he said Adam would become iconic.
posted by aryann on Oct 31, 2009
I love, love, love Adam's songs to the max!!!
posted by Jeanne on Oct 31, 2009
Love it-love it-LOVE IT! In fact, he could sing the phone book and I would love it. The man is a musical genious.
posted by feline on Oct 31, 2009
posted by NHMom on Oct 31, 2009
Has anyone listened to Lady Gaga's song "Fever" that Adam is singing on his album? You can click above and hear Gaga's is fantastic and will please Adam's fans who don't like FYE. He will be amazing on it!! Dawg, another hot one tonight!
posted by NHMom on Oct 31, 2009
Hi is time to wean your children away from Adam if they are under 14...he will always be rated R from now on. We adult women/men and my 20-year-old daughter love his sexual rawness but I would never have allowed her to get involved with his music a few years ago. He even said recently "I am not your children's babysitter"...he won't tone it down anymore I don't think. He is just full of lusty hormones, sexual imagery and R-rated movements he wants to unleash on his audience! I love it but will disapprove of parents who let their young children stay involved by watching him perform...unless it's maybe a ballad. He warned us!
posted by Angel on Oct 31, 2009
ADAM electrified AI audience with his performances and his dancing moves. So the danceable beat of FYE is just PERFECT as ADAMís debut single for airplay. Itís perfect for his anticipated performance for AMA awards night. Iím sure he will excite, thrill and electrify the AMA audience again. And his first single of TFM satisfies those who want to hear him as a rocker and those who loves his soaring vocals. So far, ADAM has given his diverse fans ĎSatisfactioní for their expectations. Thereís buffet for everyone. ADAM's deliberate launching career plan is simply genius.
posted by LOLA on Oct 31, 2009
posted by Cremant on Oct 31, 2009
Kris Allen who?
posted by PopSux on Oct 31, 2009
Total POP. Not what I expected. Sorry, but gonna pass on this one.
posted by Tara on Oct 30, 2009
I cannot understand a comment like sad. This single makes you want to dance and sing. It just shows what a versatile singer he is. There are plenty of rock and soul songs on the CD. Plus just go to u-tube and you can get all the different Adam styles there. He is just showing that he can be relevant to today's popular music, plus he loves dance tracks himself.
posted by maradam on Oct 30, 2009
Adam, this is different from what we've heard from you so far...You are a Rock GOD...
posted by tachi on Oct 30, 2009
ugh. sounds awfully 'pop-py'. something made for radio. nothing special. disappointing, and sad
posted by Debbie on Oct 30, 2009
I love this song. I always love everything Adam sings. I can't wait to hear more from him.
posted by on Oct 30, 2009
Go, Adam, go! Go higher and higher, be the best! But do not be vulgar. Remember, our children love you, you are their idol.
posted by eugene on Oct 30, 2009
a great song with a great beat!!!!!rock on boy wonder!

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