Nick Covers Jonas Brothers' Song for Side Project

October 29, 2009 07:44:13 GMT

Kevin confirms that Nick Jonas and The Administration have recorded a rendition of Jonas Brothers' song called 'Tonight' for a next year release.

Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas
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Soon after Nick Jonas' side project was confirmed, Kevin Jonas provides fans with scoop on what has been recorded by the Jonas Brothers' youngest member. "Nick recorded a new version of the JB song 'Tonight' with The Administration," he told Popstar!. "It's really wonderful. Can't wait for you to hear the record. We're beyond excited about this side project!"

Nick Jonas plans to launch his solo act Nick Jonas and The Administration in early 2010. "If I was to describe the sound to someone ... I would say its 'heart & soul'," Nick said. "Because the music that I make is from my heart, and the lyrics I write are from my soul."

When it was first confirmed by his mother Denise Jonas, Nick's side project ignited rumor that Jonas Brothers were about to break up. But, the band were quick to deny it by releasing a statement on the band's MySpace. Kevin and Joe Jonas even showed their support toward Nick.

"We are so proud of our brother Nick," they said in a joint statement. "We know that we will be doing music together for the rest of our lives. But we are thrilled for you to hear these songs that were on his heart. They are amazing works of art from an amazing talent ... our brother."


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posted by denise on Dec 08, 2009
Ilove Nick jonas! He's fantasic
posted by LOVEGIRL on Nov 29, 2009
posted by valery on Nov 14, 2009
nick jonas cute love you..
posted by jennifer on Nov 02, 2009
Joe cute love you
posted by jennifer on Nov 02, 2009
Joe jonas love you fan one
posted by jennifer on Nov 02, 2009
nick cute love you
posted by JoeLady on Nov 01, 2009
Good luck to Nick, but I don't have interest in him on his own. Maybe it's because I am older but he is my least favorite of the three boys. Joe is by far the most amazing live. He really needs the balance of Joe & Kevin. Without them, he's just an insufferably arrogant teenage boy.
posted by Anna on Oct 31, 2009
Congrats Nick!!! :)
posted by Sierra on Oct 30, 2009
I'm glad Nick is trying to make a nice career for himself and I wish him the best of luck :)
posted by Siana on Oct 30, 2009
I am glad that you guys are not breaking up because I am a huge Fan of you guys and I really like you guys especially you and Joe. :)
posted by Danielle_luvs_NickJ on Oct 29, 2009
Nick, I'm proud of you for stepping out on your own. I know the CD with be great. Just remember not to let the solo album interfer withy our brothers and the band, you may be strong on your own but their still family. Family is the one thing you never want to lose because once their gone theres no getting them back. Best of luck to you and the solo album!
posted by Mrs.NickJona<3 on Oct 29, 2009
yes! not to be mean or anything (i love the jonas brothers) but nick is my fav. he has the best voice & i love the songs that are just him. so i bet im going to love this cd :D
posted by mrs.joejonas on Oct 29, 2009
I luv the jobros!!!Im so proud of u nick!!!YAY!Ill buy your album the day it comes out!I luv u joe jonas!You r my future husband!Luv U Guys FOREVER!!!

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