Pics of Toni Braxton's 'Yesterday' Video Feat. Trey Songz

October 29, 2009 07:14:19 GMT

Toni Braxton will be seen falling into Trey Songz's arms when 'Yesterday' music video is premiered for viewing pleasure.

Pics of Toni Braxton's 'Yesterday' Video Feat. Trey Songz
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Toni Braxton is getting cozy with Trey Songz for the filming of "Yesterday" music video. In one of the pictures, she is seen leaning against Trey's chest. The video was filmed on October 8 in Los Angeles and is directed by Bille Woodruff. No specific premiere date is set in stone for the video.

"Yesterday" is the lead single off Toni Braxton's upcoming studio installment "Pulse". The track was debuted in September and becomes her first release since going on a hiatus in 2005.

"Pulse", meanwhile, will be dropped sometime in February 2010. During a press conference at 2009 Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica earlier this year, Toni opened up about what to expect from her new effort stating, "For my new album ... I'm doing some dance things in there a little bit."

"Hopefully I can add some great collaborations with some Jamaican artists," she added. "We're gonna have the classic Toni's of course, as they call it the 'baby making music', but we're gonna do some dancehall things in there as well."

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posted by pink rebel on Jan 07, 2011
i hate her.
posted by kizzeee on Apr 19, 2010
I knew it was Ron Artest...I told my boyfriend that, he was so very clueless. I love Toni tho, good choice with both men....
posted by ko1 on Nov 10, 2009
why are they saying that that is trey songz; that is not trey songz has anyone else noticed that
posted by drill on Nov 05, 2009
I looove the new song "YESTERDAY" I prefer the original version. Go Toni!! can't wait for the new album
posted by Joel on Nov 05, 2009
Toni Braxton ROCKS!!!
posted by AYofficial on Nov 05, 2009
Well no, I'm right if you're talking about the guy in the picture getting "cozi" with tony braxton, that's Ron Artest..uhm uhm (clearing throat)
posted by AYofficial on Nov 05, 2009
actually I'm wrong, it says f-e-a-t-u-r-ing trey songz, my bad. my i'm an idiot, syke!
posted by AYofficial on Nov 05, 2009
Wrong!!!!!! that's Ron Artest idiot.
posted by Gunther on Nov 04, 2009
I love Toni! She reminds me so much of my wife. I actually met my wife at the gym. I was working out and I couldn't get my eyes off this beautiful older African-American woman. I contemplated whether I should start a conversation with her because as a 28 year old white guy I was almost certain she wouldn't be interested in me. But I couldn't resist and I went for it. In the conversation I learned she had been recently divorced and this is where I took a chance and asked her out. At first she refused but I persisted and eventually she agreed. She had never dated a white guy and it top of that a guy 14 years her junior. Despite our differences we fell in love and the rest is history. We have been happily married for over two years! And yes, she really does look like Toni Braxton!
posted by gottahaveme on Oct 30, 2009
toni is so sexy always.
posted by nanao on Oct 30, 2009
that's not Trey Songz in the pic tho-it's a a Laker player. Toni looking real good though.
posted by Freddie on Oct 30, 2009
Wow ..Toni Looks Hot on those Pics..Can't Wait for the Video and her album to come out..!
posted by kb on Oct 30, 2009
has two hot laker guys n try songz. this video will be awesome.
posted by Liscious on Oct 29, 2009
Love some Toni - This single is hot! Can't wait for the video and from the looks of the pics - it is sure bound to be great. Wow toni and the Piano and she is always amaizing with her hair shorter.

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