Chris Brown Tweets His Old Memories With Rihanna

October 27, 2009 07:37:40 GMT

Chris has posted on his Twitter a YouTube user-created video that shows off a photo collection of him and then-girlfriend Rihanna when they were still together.

Chris Brown
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Now that he is no longer dating Rihanna and has been handed a restraining order that demands him to stay away from the songstress, Chris Brown uses his Twitter to recount his old memories when they were still together. On Sunday, October 25, he posted a YouTube user-created video that showcased a photo collection of them during happier times.

R. Kelly's song "The Way We Used to Be" was played as the video rolled on. "IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT," read the message posted by Chris in companion to the video. Another post was written immediately, it read, "FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn't make u weak... BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG."

Chris Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation, 180 days of community labor and 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling as a result of assaulting Rihanna during a heated argument back on February 8. He, additionally, was ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, except at industry gatherings when the distance is shortened to 10 yards, and not to have any contact with her, which includes phone, e-mail and text communications.


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posted by Luv brown on Jun 25, 2010
I luv chris brown my 2 favorite songs are graffiti and crawl he is so hot rihanna u need to shut the f up hes hot your not
posted by Luv brown on Jun 25, 2010
Ive always loved chris brown but always hated rihanna so i didnt care what happened to her he should keep singin and stop stressin luv u brown hate u ri.
posted by jay on Nov 02, 2009
becca tamara and popularjjoii..all i can say is how fickle are you guys?this whole thng is a publicity stunt.i hope your men dont let your men walk all over you.coz abuse is not =love
posted by jay on Nov 02, 2009
dude needs a life and needs to go to rehab.he is an abuser and he is acting like that coz she has moved on.reverse psychology is what it is.too bad dude,if you had gone to school and finished you would know that it aint gonna work.get a life Chris.riri has moved on to several man including justin arios
posted by becca on Nov 02, 2009
that really cute but rihanna doesnt really seem to miss him much as he misse her
posted by popularrjoii on Nov 01, 2009
omg i've always hated the fact that chris and riri was together but now that i see that he really loved her and wanted to be with her i fell so dumb
posted by tamara on Oct 29, 2009
chris and riri are meant to be
posted by only1kene on Oct 27, 2009
let it go chris! rihanna's moved on and so should you!
posted by gbonsy on Oct 27, 2009
really sad.i feel for u both.
posted by nana on Oct 27, 2009
still love chris brown.....

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