Video: On the Set of 'The A-Team'

Video: On the Set of 'The A-Team'

Bradley Cooper who takes on Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck shares his strict regimen for the role, while Jessica Biel who plays Faceman's ex-lover talks about the relationship between the two.

Entertainment Tonight has got a chance to visit the Vancouver set of the in-production "The A-Team", and posted the on-set video for viewing pleasure. The set visit video mostly features interview with Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and Quinton Jackson, but a glimpse of Sharlto Copley as H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdoch is also included.

In the video, Cooper tells ET's Kevin Frazier about the strict regimen he follows to stay in shape for his Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck role. "I have just been sort of on this crazy, just sort of getting-in-shape regimen," he gushes. "No salt or sugar, that's been great. I just eat what they put in front of me, but it's a lot of like boiled chicken, and brown rice, and broccoli. Whoo!"

Jackson, in the meantime, has only this to say about his B.A. Baracus character, "Less gold, more muscle." As for Biel, she addresses the relationship between Face and her character. "We sort of leave it kind of to the imagination as to where it could go at the end of the film," she claims, before adding, "We give you a little hint about who did who wrong, but I think we both feel that we're right."

"The A-Team" is a big screen adaptation to the popular '80s NBC series of the same name. The original idea of the TV series is used for the movie version, meaning the story will still revolve around four war veterans who are convicted of armed robbery but manage to escape from military prison and become do-gooder mercenaries.

Jessica Biel stars as the Army general pursuing the mercenary team, and Liam Neeson will portray the team leader Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith. Appointed director Joe Carnahan, in the meantime, is also tapped to polish the Skip Woods' script along with writer Brian Bloom. The movie is expecting a June 11, 2010 U.S. release.

"The A-Team" On the Set with ET:



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