Video: 'Fringe' Promo Featuring Nine Inch Nails' Song

Video: 'Fringe' Promo Featuring Nine Inch Nails' Song

Vocalist Trent Reznor may not get a payment for the project, but he earns an invitation to appear on the show.

There will be a new TV spot for "Fringe" airing on Thursday, October 22 night during Game 5 of American League Championship Series. The interesting part is, it utilizes a song by Nine Inch Nails which has been altered by the frontman Trent Reznor to fit the supernatural show.

"Zero Sum", one of the tracks in the band's 2007 album "Year Zero", has been mashed with a dialogue by William Bell, the character played by Leonard Nimoy. Furthermore, if one plays the song in a computer, he or she will be able to find a familiar glyph from the show on the sound waves.

According to EW, the first person coming out with the idea was FOX's marketing department who then relayed it to Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner. Liking the idea, Pinkner made a connection to Reznor through J.J. Abrams and proposed to him a collaboration. "We offered him compensation, and he said, 'No, no, I just want to have fun and be part of something cool'," Pinkner recalled. "How often do you get the chance to work with somebody like that?"

Since Reznor has fit well to the promo and uttered his admiration for the show, Pinkner is giving a follow up. "If he wants to come act on the show, that's not tit for tat - that's an open invitation, and we made that known to him."

"Fringe" is airing every Thursdays. Sebastian Roche has been added to the cast as a recurring villain identified as the Leader. His character is a soldier from another dimension who is trying to gather information to open a stable door to the other side.



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