Nick Jonas Reportedly Working on Solo Studio Album

October 17, 2009 04:32:40 GMT

The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers is rumored to make a solo studio album and will be touring without Joe and Kevin next year.

Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Already claiming fame with his band Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is rumored to develop a solo career by making a his own record. Bringing the news to public was E! Online's executive news editor Ken Barker.

"A source tells me: Nick Jonas secretly working on solo album," Ken wrote on his Twitter. In addition, he suggested that the youngest member of the Jonas band may tour without his two brothers, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, in 2010.

Along with the Jonas Brothers, Nick actually has kicked a world tour last May to support the band's latest studio installment "Lines, Vines and Trying Times". He will stay on the road with them for a series of live concerts until November 24. Beside touring, he and his two brothers are also busy filming TV movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" in Toronto, Canada.

Most recently, Nick Jonas was handed Fashionista Award at 2009 Los Premios MTV Awards on October 15. He beats Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta, Panda's Jose Madero and Sonohra's Diego Fainello.


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posted by dddd on Feb 23, 2010
wait is it true that nicks going solo.i would really like to meet the jonas brothers together
posted by ddddd on Feb 23, 2010
nick you rock please come to name is melissa hall.i got to sisters their names our sydney and shelby we wanted to be in a band once cause my older sis sydney writes music please dont go solo you and your bros rock1!
posted by CAROINA on Oct 31, 2009
posted by CiCi on Oct 30, 2009
jonas, jonas, jonas :)will always be there, even if nick does a solo :P they are still brothers!!! -cici
posted by me on Oct 28, 2009
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *starts crying* you cant.!!!! noooo.!!!!
posted by musicgeek on Oct 27, 2009
woah woah woah guys! if it is true its not bad, it never said anything about them splitting up and Nick going solo. it was meaning as a side project. the chances are it's fake but it wasn't saying anything about a split!
posted by Nick jonas Lover ;] on Oct 18, 2009
Yes They Are Filming Camp Rock 2.....OMJB That Will Be So Hot11111
posted by Holly on Oct 17, 2009
omg omg omg! plz tell me its not true! i rlly truely dont want tht 2 happen! someone plz tell me its fake! :(
posted by nickjj<3 on Oct 17, 2009
where the heck did u get that??? that's a really stupid rumor when he already said that they're all gonna be working together for a really long time!!
posted by :( on Oct 17, 2009
Where did you get the idea of Nick being solo? That's crazy!
posted by luvstruck on Oct 17, 2009
lol. yeah ok.... im sure no1 believes this
posted by Pepsi on Oct 17, 2009
Whoever came up with that? Such a dumd rumor? I swear, our world is really pathetic if people always have to make up some stupid rumor. Anyway, everyone knows it's not true. Jonas Brothers forever!
posted by XXCUTIEGIRL6 on Oct 17, 2009
I LOVE YOU IM A BIG FAN !!!!!!!!!!
posted by just me on Oct 17, 2009
they are all filming Camp rock 2

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