Adam Lambert Confirms He'll Be on Details Magazine's Cover

October 17, 2009 02:13:40 GMT

"The photo shoot got pretty racy- you all are in for a surprise," he writes on his Twitter account.

Adam Lambert
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Making Twitter as a media to keep fans up dated on what he's been doing, Adam Lambert's latest tweet read, "I'm going to be on the cover of the November issue of Details Magazine." He adds, "The photo shoot got pretty racy- you all are in for a surprise."

The runner-up of "American Idol" 8th season doesn't reveal further detail though. The magazine's camp also hasn't addressed Adam's tweet just yet.

Adam Lambert often tweets about working on his album and what he's been doing on daily basis. Most recently he tweeted about what he is going to be on the forthcoming Halloween. "My favorite holiday is coming! I think i shall rock Halloween as a GLAMPIRE. What are you going to dress up as?" wrote the singer.


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posted by janka23 on Oct 20, 2009
help, I'm going to have to go to AA.... Adam Anonymous
posted by janka23 on Oct 20, 2009
Put him in a weekly TV show so I can get my weekly fix. How did I ever live w/out Adam. I think his Details Pics dont even come close. to "Raunchy" They are sensual, artful, and HOT HOT HOT.
posted by taylorrrr on Oct 20, 2009
i think the photo shoot pictures are simply beautiful :) andd uhm does anyone know when this magazine releases?
posted by nationalmagazineinfo on Oct 19, 2009
The new Details Web site — with the Adam Lambert article and pics — launched a day earlier than anticipated:
posted by waitingandwondering on Oct 19, 2009
posted by Arggg on Oct 18, 2009
Adam - racy? Nahhhhh. Can't see it.
posted by Dunsa on Oct 18, 2009
Thank you Adam for changing our lives the way you have. I don't know how you do it but don't stop!!!!
posted by edam on Oct 18, 2009
Can't get enough Adam....gad he's HOT!!!
posted by JKLeo on Oct 17, 2009
If it's hot is hot! And Adam is steamin hot in this teaser. Can't wait to get my hands on the magazine....
posted by Elizabeth on Oct 17, 2009
Adam is sexy, sexy, sexy, but also a brilliant business person who knows how to keep his fans "sizzlin'" (his term). Adam, you are beautiful, talented and SMART !!!! Your fans never know what to expect next. You promised us a fun ride, and you are delivering. God bless ya! Can't wait to see the magazine,
posted by starLight on Oct 17, 2009
Adam is the greatest,so hot, sexy, wow, laugh at the runner up they always use, he has no equal, the world loves him
posted by thud on Oct 17, 2009
He is killin' us slowly... - Oprah's - "Time for Miracles" music video on Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concert movie - GMA concert w Kris - AMA debut performance - EW magazine - Elle magazine (Kradison) - Details Magazine - Out Magazine - Time for Miracles CD - His single - His album ...when is this gonna end?
posted by Jenn on Oct 17, 2009
Yummy!! Just one more thing to wait for and drive us nuts. More Sexy Adam. Anyone know if TFM is not dropping till the 20th as Amazon says? Going crazy here.
posted by Tweeterpie on Oct 17, 2009
The pics in Detail Magazine are Hot and seXXy as Hell. People are gonna flip out! I absolutely love it, but predict the "prudes" will react negatively. I think Adam was very smart to do the shoot because it keeps us female fans dreaming and a hoping and a wishing.In fact, Adam is so SEXY,that I bet he's even getting the straight guys hot and bothered.
posted by Angel on Oct 17, 2009
ADAM is perfection in all ways.
posted by kat on Oct 17, 2009
The pics from the magazine are at ainow dot org. Make sure your kids aren’t looking over your shoulder!!!!!
posted by terie on Oct 17, 2009
Check out Ytube for a Details magazine "teaser".
posted by Snow Queen on Oct 17, 2009
I have never heard of 'Details' magazine, but I know sbout it now! If Adam Lambert is on the cover I will buy it. I was not going to go see the Michael Jackson movie, but I will now because Adam's video will be shown. I bought 'Rolling Stone' only because Adam was on the cover. I am can't wait to go see 2012 because of Adam's Time for Miracles song. I went to see my first American Idol's concert this summer because Adam was the star. He was just fantastic! If People magazine is smart, they will put Adam on the cover as sexiest man alive. They would only be telling the truth, while making millions of dollars.
posted by Super Sachiko. on Oct 17, 2009
rita, lol. I have no sleep either. thud, you have a good point!
posted by Rita on Oct 17, 2009
Adam, I need some sleep!
posted by Neeni Lambert on Oct 17, 2009
Adam is pure doesn't begin to describe him....PERFECT!
posted by stella on Oct 17, 2009
Adam, we are all dying from your sexiness!
posted by Lynda on Oct 17, 2009
Jesus, Adam....just checking out Thuds list of goodies, and now the Details Magazine, WTF else do you have to torture us with? Can't wait for it all... Signed, A Rabid Fan
posted by YR on Oct 16, 2009
On top of having mind-blowing artistic talents, sexy good looks and a charmingly genuine personality, he's a brilliant businessman as well...he's the perfect storm of "2012" magnitude!!
posted by Lori on Oct 16, 2009
Can't wait to add it to my collection. He is so sexy!
posted by edam on Oct 16, 2009
I don't think I can take much more suspense...waiting for his AMA's performance,waiting for his Time For Miracles music video, waiting for his album, NOW I have to find Details magazine too!!!!!!!Adam, you've taken over my life:)
posted by shella on Oct 16, 2009
I totally agree with irish1139. Everything Adam does is so hot. I don't care if he is with a man or a woman. He is hot!!!
posted by Bianca on Oct 16, 2009
Brad Bessey of ET has confirmed it in his Twitter.
posted by Vicki on Oct 16, 2009
Adam has steamy hot pictures with a women. He knows how to get his fans excited. He will sell out another magazine.
posted by irish1139 on Oct 16, 2009
Can't wait to see pictures of Adam. He is sexy, sexy, sexy. His face is a killer. Love looking at him even when he is kissing his boyfriend. He is hot.

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