Details of Khloe Kardashian's Pre-Nuptial Demands

Khloe Kardashian

Among the things that she requests from Lamar should they get divorce in the future include house, vehicle, and cash for beauty care and shopping.

Radar Online has got its hand on the pre-nuptial agreement that newlyweds Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are hashing out. The site claims among the things that the celebrity-socialite asks for are their new house and a new vehicle at the end of every lease cycle.

Greater than that she wants $25,000 a month in general support, $1,000 a month in beauty care, $5,000 a month for shopping and courtside Lakers tickets for everyone in her family, Radar Online reports. It remains in question though if Lamar has given an okay to Khloe's demands.

Khloe Kardashian wed Lamar Odom in a ceremony held on the grounds of the home of music mogul Irving Azoff, a family friend, in Beverly Hills on September 27. The twosome has been dating for just about a month when they held the wedding ceremony.

Earlier last week, Radar ran an exclusive report claiming Khloe and Lamar's wedding is not legal yet and that the couple is in the very early stage of hashing out a pre-nuptial agreement. Official statement is yet to be made by both parties concerning the credibility of the report.




    Aug 31, 2012

    U go gurl any day love can turn to hate secure ur future ,love u khloe

    Apr 24, 2012

    Lamar should put a coin meter or slot machine & pay this hooker by the lay/time just as ho's have always been paid. Services rendered. How about quarter slots - that's enough for a goldigger like her & her creepy family.

    Mar 20, 2010

    mimi ur obviously just a ho slut like khloe lol, ne1 can see that, 25gs a month , uve gots to be kidding, thats a slut str8 up!!!

    Nov 10, 2009

    I fault Lamar. He has the choice to date whom he wants yet he chose a woman that is clearly a golddigger. Odder than that, Kim is back with Reggie Bush...Odder than that they both date men with money...where they money at? Seems like the bank is running thin from daddies life insurance money so lets go milk some atheletes...suck the dry in more ways then one!!! this disgusts me!

    Nov 09, 2009

    Khloe u use to be someone. But after watching the show, the apple does not fall far from the tree. The disrespect your mother showed on the show for her name on HUSBAND shows the kind of dying love and respect you Kardashian women have for a man. Its all about what you can get. If this dying love is so true as you stated u would not have been asking for so much upfront, you would have waited and planned giving you and the family time to get to know if the man snores or have a anger management problem. You are about the money, when I BLACK athletes and other celebrities eyes are going to open, you white banners are all about what you can get out of them. You have not even tied the not and you have more demands then a woman who stood by, supported during good and bad with her man wouldnt even ask for. this situation is so disgusting, words there are not enought to justify. Now the other sister with Reggie saw how easy it was for you not she taking him to the cleaners before he can change his mind. And your father is turning over in his grave how you users have turned out. What's wrong with mens of your own race HHHHHHooooooo

    Nov 02, 2009

    Khloe is clearly doing this for one thing: MONEY. Whether it is getting money from Lamar and selling the publicity and fame of her marriage as a Kardashian child.

    Oct 21, 2009

    what is dis world turning into, marriage is supposed to be sacred, shame on u khloe and ur mum kris..

    Oct 20, 2009


    Brock Randall
    Oct 15, 2009

    I used to like Khloe but this makes me start to wonder. Now if they divorced because he didn;t fly right I'd say You GO GIRL but if they divorce for other reasons I think these demands are disgusting. Leslie your comments are right on time.

    Oct 15, 2009

    What is Khloe providing for him in the prenup? Why should he pay for all of that? The Kardashian women, including the mother, are classless. I'm so glad they are not my daughters. It's very early here in NY and I'm bored. Whenever I'm bored I visit one of their websites for amusement, a laugh or 2 and to put my two cents in. I'm done. Yawn.

    Oct 15, 2009


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