Jason Derulo's 'Whatcha Say' Music Video

October 15, 2009 08:29:12 GMT

Jason Derulo gets intimate with his lover in the music video for his chart-busting single 'Whatcha Say' which samples Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek'.

Jason Derulo's 'Whatcha Say' Music Video
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Jason Derulo has brought forward a Bernard Gourley-directed music video filmed to promote his new single called "Whatcha Say". He is seen getting cozy with his love interest, kissing and cuddling her on the couch.

"Whatcha Say" is the first single from Jason's forthcoming debut studio album. The song is sampling Imogen Heap's 2005 song "Hide and Seek". The track is currently sitting at number 4 on Billboard Hot 100, pushing aside Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" and Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" among other hit singles.

Jason Derulo has been signed in a joint deal between Warner Brothers and J.R. Rotem's Beluga Heights label. He is prepping to release his first studio album in 2010. Beside working with J.R. Rotem, he also gets help from Claude Kelly (Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus).

"Our chemistry is amazing," Jason commented on hooking up with J.R. Rotem in the studio. "We recorded six songs that night and even though other labels were putting their offers on the table, the music was so compelling that I didn't leave without signing a deal with J.R."

Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" music video


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posted by boyfriend lover<3 on Dec 29, 2012
This is mine and my boyfriends song <3
posted by ashlawiy on Jul 25, 2010
i really love jasons new song what if... esp the video.
posted by hot sexxy girl on Apr 08, 2010
wow never had of such a lovely song it is the best i have ever had love it.
posted by Favourite on Mar 22, 2010
you really stuning with your current song,keep it up
posted by Lil Mizzy on Mar 22, 2010
You song it so nice and good to be the one who sing it,
posted by don on Mar 17, 2010
song's d best
posted by yasmin on Feb 01, 2010
omg ur da best i luv ur song it is amazing and ur amazing too im in luv with u n ur song ,my god i luv u.xoxoxo
posted by allison Chattin on Jan 25, 2010
omg i freaking loovvee this song!!! Go Jason
posted by delicious on Jan 19, 2010
extremeli sexy n cute
posted by derulo\'s future wif on Jan 11, 2010
u r sexy az hell man o i love ur song thats my only favorite if u like hot thin mix girls get at me luv u
posted by miche on Jan 03, 2010
whos the model in the clip, thats all im interested, i didnt know black girls could be soooooo hot. Im Australian, so the racisal thing is new to me.
posted by lala on Dec 14, 2009
o an girl my nig dnt want yo nimba!!!!!
posted by lala on Dec 14, 2009
ai yo shit go soooo hard mane!!!! i lve det video!!! man but ai det song remind me of alot of ppl!!! win u had said u no u was wrong 4 cheatin!!! lve u bigg cuz i gotta go duces!!!!
posted by mandy on Dec 10, 2009
i love this song!!!
posted by Bman on Dec 05, 2009
Hu is the girl who sings the chorus. Why isnt she featured
posted by xmiirii_babeiix on Dec 01, 2009
OMG loving it..... so the best song. oh and big ups to jason yu the neways love to all
posted by prof X on Nov 30, 2009
the name of the girl he is sitting with is Jillian "Kayne" Provisor. She is new to the whole deal so there is no info on her yet
posted by latina18 on Nov 28, 2009
it also reminds me of my home boy. its an awesome ssong ive ever heard
posted by latina18 on Nov 28, 2009
i love this song i think its the best song ive ever heard. Its the best. i can never get tired of listenin to the song. U ROCK. keep rockin
posted by PHT on Nov 23, 2009
posted by Angel Babe121 on Nov 23, 2009
Omg i luv this song it reminds me of when i had bf (boyfriend) yeah it sure does!
posted by cali...homies on Nov 18, 2009
hey mang this is the best video homes....and if you dont think so then you suck mang cuz is the best mang.cali all the cali some love homies...
posted by dudethatssick32 on Nov 13, 2009
yup i wanted 2 kno dat wat is her name? and would u possibly kno her numba# hehe
posted by peaceeouuttttt on Nov 13, 2009
yeaah wut is her name
posted by i am so much cooler on Nov 13, 2009
posted by yoyoyo4444 on Nov 13, 2009
what is the name of the girl hes sitting with on the couchh??!! is it karina?
posted by shillae on Nov 05, 2009
u rokkkkkkkkkkk so muchhhh call 201-1567
posted by tianna on Nov 05, 2009
rocccccc on calll me 3396004 or 2011567 call any time
posted by tianna on Nov 05, 2009
rocccccc on calll me 3396004 or 2011567 call any time
posted by shillae boggs on Nov 05, 2009
love this song its really good!!!!!its my first favorite song and party in the usa is my 2 favorite u rock !!!!
posted by sickman on Nov 05, 2009
this song is so sick way better than imogen heep one. it amazing
posted by -Reirizzle on Nov 04, 2009
The sonq iz miine lol Lurvee thiss sonq
posted by SammyNicoleBaby on Nov 03, 2009
this song proppa reminds me of a situation im in atm with this lad :'( be alrait. And yeah who is that girl singing in derulo's song ? xx
posted by SammyNicoleBaby on Nov 03, 2009
Sat in school in FS bored as anything, they have like blocked everything lol. i rayt wanted to listen to this song but a cant haha.
posted by SammyNicoleBaby on Nov 03, 2009
Hes proppa fit lmao. I love this song, lark best one going i rekon. Loveyou xx
posted by Lil Liya on Nov 02, 2009
I luvv this song!!!
posted by cuti3 on Oct 27, 2009
wuts up angel13 ssl...
posted by babyfly on Oct 26, 2009
who's the girl model in the video?
posted by May on Oct 19, 2009
Imogean Heap is the femal vocale - she is really talented and was out before him. And honestly, she is what makes this song so popular, but of course since it's not "pop" or "hip-hop" music, no one has heard of her.
posted by barbie on Oct 19, 2009
sorry jay,but ad leave u if i kot u cheating.
posted by Mandy on Oct 19, 2009
I Love this song. It reminds me of one of my Love stories Mandy to Anthony
posted by bebe0508 on Oct 19, 2009
who is the female voice in derulo's song
posted by ~*ladii swag6 off 3n on Oct 19, 2009
i luv this sonq itz super kool and itsz da b3st sonq out h3r3 u rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk
posted by ri on Oct 17, 2009
whad you think he looked like lol...the lady he's sampling from got vocals, I checked out her other songs, she has a strong awesome voice!
posted by sinfulli2sweet on Oct 15, 2009
wow - was not expecting him to look like that....
posted by angel13 ssl on Oct 15, 2009
your hot and so is your song

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