Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara Reportedly Scouting for Love Nest

October 15, 2009 07:26:33 GMT

They are said being spotted house hunting in the Hollywood Hills and are believed to be co-habiting.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jerry Ferrara
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Alleged lovers, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara, reportedly have been seen house hunting in Hollywood despite the fact that they never confirm they are an item. Sources have been telling Us Weekly the twosome has decided to co-habit and has been scouting the Hollywood Hills for a love nest.

"They have combined their friends and want a great space to entertain. No marriage yet, but they are definitely moving in together," says an insider. No single comment has been made just yet by Sigler or Ferrera in regard of the report.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler first met Jerry Ferrara while making an appearance on his TV series "Entourage". They have since been romantically linked. And should the pair make it to the altar, the marriage will be the first for the actor and the second for the actress. She was previously married to her agent and longtime boyfriend A.J. Discala.


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posted by notacommenter on Nov 26, 2009
man, people commenting on this article are sure showing their bad, jealous sides.
posted by white eyes on Nov 06, 2009
One day you're in and the next day you're out!!!!!
posted by nikkibeach on Oct 23, 2009
wasn't she bulemic?
posted by AllyMi on Oct 23, 2009
Girls like her are insecure and feel the need to find a guy less attractive then them, thinking they'll find some kind of security. Unfortunately guys like him think of themselves as hot because they can get a girl like that. Then girls see him with an attractive girl like that and it makes him appear more attractive to them, even though all along the guy is just a huge loser who always has been. She's starting a very bad chain reaction if it wasn't already started before her. Little guys who come from small ponds and think they're better then they are.
posted by Bizz@7864 on Oct 18, 2009
Are those glasses supposed to make him look smart? HAHAHAHA
posted by Trip on Oct 18, 2009
I read somewhere that he cheated on his x-girlfriend with her. You know what they say!!
posted by jamie28 on Oct 18, 2009
It must feel really special knowing your the second of many more marriages. I really have nothing against them except that they ruined the show and are driving it in the ground. The airport scene was one of the worst acting performances ever played on tv.
posted by AnnaBr on Oct 15, 2009
I can't believe these two are still together. I give it a year of marriage before she realizes she made the same mistake twice. Then third times a charm
posted by Warior! on Oct 15, 2009
OUCH people, hahaha
posted by Cmatty on Oct 15, 2009
I wonder what house they're going to buy on his paycheck. When that show ends, turtle is never working again. Good thing she's got stuff going for her.
posted by bmondo on Oct 15, 2009
He's beefed up. Maybe he's on the jamie Lynn diet of sticking ones fingers down ones throat.
posted by kelly on Oct 15, 2009
awwww wedding number 2, how cute. He looks like her x only shorter.
posted by \"an insider\" on Oct 15, 2009
A source says "he's a big cheater and, girls are fooled by his bad body and ugly face." Humor can only get you so far.

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