Lil Wayne Confirms He's Expecting a Son With Singer Nivea

October 15, 2009 04:22:15 GMT

Confirming Nivea's pregnancy during a radio interview, Wayne prefers to keep further detail regarding the upcoming baby under tight wraps.

Lil Wayne Confirms He's Expecting a Son With Singer Nivea
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Lil Wayne is about to become a father once again. The hip-hop performer confirmed in an interview with BBC's Tim Westwood that he and R 'n' B singer Nivea are expecting a baby boy. He, however, didn't share further detail of the impending birth.

The forthcoming baby boy will be Wayne's third child born in just over a year. He and actress Lauren London welcomed a baby boy earlier last month. And back in October last year, he announced on-stage at the annual BET Hip-Hop Awards that he was expecting his first son in just a "couple of days." Mother of the infant, who is named Dwayne Carter III, has never been identified though.

The baby that Nivea is carrying, meanwhile, will be Wayne's fourth child. He has an older daughter, Reginae Carter, with his ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter. Wayne and Antonia were married from 2004 to 2006. As for Nivea, she was previously married to The-Dream, who fathers her 4-year-old daughter Navy Talia and twin sons.


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posted by May j on Apr 26, 2010
Women that beautiful fucks someone that fucking ugly and got kids by his ass!
posted by BadLouisianaBitch on Nov 13, 2009
Well fa 1 congrats to you wayne and your success you inspire me in so many ways i come from almost the same lifestyle as you and i plan on being just as successfull as you or close the female version but as for all the comments i just think that Wayne is a human just like everyone else ppl choose theri own lives and the way they want to live them. Besides he is a grown ass man he can have all the kids in the world shit but at least we all know for a fact they will all be takin care of shit so let this man drink smoke and have whatevea the hell he wants he still makin money to blow and sellin millions so do the damn thing Wezzy Biggest supporter Keisha
posted by booboo on Nov 10, 2009
i like to eat boo boo
posted by ant on Nov 10, 2009
man his oldest daughter doesnt even get to see her him and now she has to share him?
posted by ask them boat mehhhh on Oct 28, 2009
congratulation bae lil wayne yhu having a baby for these luil gurls {dnts no wats up}
posted by lady bee on Oct 28, 2009
i cant believe lil wayne got lauren preganant i really dont like that but congrutsss
posted by Just me on Oct 25, 2009
Let wayne do his thang ppl shuldnt judge em 4 it cuz yall dnt knw what kinda relationship he had wit nivea or lauren as for toya she need 2 get ova wayne cuz he gn do him regardless
posted by B on Oct 23, 2009
I just sorry for his daughter to now share of what time she gets with her father to 3 more kids. Are you not teaching another young black women(your daughter) to be another typical steriotype of having a whole bunch of babies with different people and it is a great example your sending to these young black men too. Don't get me wrong I'm not a hater I love your music and you do have the right to your own personal life but when it's out there for everyone to watch it is kinda hard not to judge and all these women are no better, do really think you'll ever replace Toya..really..
posted by huney33 on Oct 23, 2009
Weezy do your thang!!!
posted by lovely31 on Oct 18, 2009
oh and another thing the girls is stupid for having these baby and not get married i think its all about the money with these women oh i mean little girls
posted by lovely31 on Oct 18, 2009
I think its just plain nasty he is having sex with everyone and getting them pregnant i feel for the kids in this case
posted by purebbc on Oct 15, 2009
He's soying his royal oates
posted by demauri on Oct 15, 2009
this story didn't have a lot of viewers so those who read this i think L.L is so stupid and i couldnt be leave the new when i heard it...Iam shocked and still in shock,lil ayne is a great person coulda done better...much better..
posted by kiki on Oct 15, 2009
wow expeting a baby wow you having toooo many kids who are u datin homie and congradultion
posted by waterz on Oct 15, 2009
keep on producing baby weezy
posted by sinfulli2sweet on Oct 15, 2009
He really needs to calm himself down....and seriously just looking at him why didn't the both of these women wear any condoms???? like seriously !!!!
posted by baby boooo on Oct 15, 2009
WoOoW crnt nt believe it lil wayne wife is expectin and childd ohhh bleshhh congratulation mwah xXx

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