'Jon and Kate Plus 8' to End in November

October 15, 2009 02:44:27 GMT

The network has confirmed that there won't be anymore episodes since production had been halted by Jon Gosselin since earlier this month.

'Jon and Kate Plus 8' to End in November
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Not enough footage has drawn "Jon & Kate Plus 8" to hang up soon. The situation behind the production has forced the crew to stop filming the Gosselin family until a decision is made by a party, namely Jon Gosselin. The father of eight has banned cameras from entering his property and filming his kids because, as he told Larry King earlier this month, they could be "detrimental" to them.

With only a few new footage left, TLC can only manage to live it up to mid/late November. The network, according to E! Online, has confirmed this ending although no official statement has been made yet.

Radar Online which was first to report this, quoted a source as saying "Obviously they are not shooting anymore so they are taking what they have and seeing how many more episodes they can get out of it." The source added, "TLC has no plans to film unless the situation is resolved".

The network itself released a statement on October 1, making it clear that Jon is still under exclusive contract with TLC. Should Jon change his mind, the network will begin production on "Kate Plus 8" which is focusing more at Kate Gosselin and her struggle to be single parent. Consequently, there will be less of Jon on the show. However, Jon told Entertainment Tonight that he will "continue on television" and is "not worried about future employment."


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posted by Angela on Nov 16, 2009
John is selfish and has stopped the filming because it suits him and his new single life. Put your kids first and never forget that Kate might have been hard work but she gave you those 8 beautiful children. You need to stop bitching about her
posted by mizzbrittneebabe on Oct 31, 2009
its time to let those children be kids.who wants to look at kate all the time?kate go back to work,u have people to do all ur work,my mother had 10 kids and she was the mother and she raised us,cleaned,have the kids clean up the yard,u want them to learn,let them learn the real world.u got rid of th dogs coz U didnt like them. U dont think of the kids first,u think of youself.thats y u r single.I cant imagine anyone but jon to put up with u,and he even got sick of u.get them off the air,and let the kids heal.
posted by hikari on Oct 21, 2009
KLG - Actually yes they could, but they decide not to, because they dont want the parent(s) to act out on film. Since they technically "fired" him from the show thats when he legally told them to stay off his property.
posted by hikari on Oct 21, 2009
Honestly, I'm glad its over. Those poor kids have been through enough, and the employment thres been rumors he might be doing a different show, and it doesnt involve filming of his children. I believe now that theyre in school, he wants to protect them. I know there can be some real freaks lurking outside the gates. I've seen it at my old school.
posted by alks on Oct 19, 2009
Excuse me sweet...Obviously you do or you wouldn't be reading and commenting on this. I personally enjoy watching the show weekly.
posted by cass on Oct 17, 2009
Jon - start worrying about future employment. Who want to watch someone who uses his children as leverage to get his own way. Yes you wanted filming to stop - filming of you and your party girls.
posted by Wrialhuden on Oct 15, 2009
It's about time! This circus has gone on long enough. Time to focus on raising those kids in a stable (as possible), camera-free environment.
posted by Woo! on Oct 15, 2009
Good! Hopefully they will stop parading around acting like they matter to anyone else but themselves! Worry about those kids, not your dwindling public.
posted by sweet on Oct 15, 2009
It's about time! Who really watches that crap...
posted by KLG on Oct 14, 2009
Can TLC sue Jon for breach of contract? He certainly has been on any show that would film him?

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