Video Premiere: Jason Castro's 'Let's Just Fall In Love Again'

October 14, 2009 04:27:06 GMT

Jason Castro is hitting the shores with his lover as seen in the 'Let's Just Fall In Love Again' music video.

Video Premiere: Jason Castro's 'Let's Just Fall In Love Again'
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Jason Castro takes a walk during a shiny day in the music video for his new single "Let's Just Fall In Love Again". He is also seen skateboarding, riding on a bike and walking hand-in-hand with his love interest on the beach.

"Let's Just Fall In Love Again" is the lead single from Jason's forthcoming debut album which is rumored to be self-titled. The track was debuted in a webcast in August and has been put out for digital download since September 1. The album itself was supposed to hit the U.S. market on November 17 but has been pushed back for next year release.

"I've poured my life into this album for the past several months - writing over 50 songs, recording a bunch of them and working to get each one just right," Jason said of the effort. "We're really close but are making some final tweaks so it can be exactly the album that I imagined it would be!"

Jason Castro's "Let's Just Fall In Love Again" music video


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posted by sophie on May 31, 2010
whos the girl in the video??? all my friends say i look like her n i want to know who she is!!=)
posted by mimsy on Oct 15, 2009
Jason is musical sunshine.
posted by melina on Oct 15, 2009
Love everything about Jason - great talent, beautiful voice, charming and very very good looking! and the song is fantastic - can't wait for the album!
posted by vilofern on Oct 14, 2009
I thought it was really the song, perfect poppy sound. Jason Castro is gorgeous!
posted by Aubry on Oct 14, 2009
Radio stations out there PLAY THIS SONG! It is wonderful, it makes everyone happy. PLAY IT. Thank YOU
posted by peanutwiggins on Oct 14, 2009
Jason is at his very adorable self, both in song and on the video. Love them both!
posted by Arizona_Diana on Oct 14, 2009
I fell in Love with Jason the first time I heard him sing. I absolutely love this music video! Hope does many more...SOON!
posted by blah on Oct 14, 2009
me again....Jason if you read this please please please follow "FionaLoveCastro" on twitter. She loves you!
posted by blah on Oct 14, 2009
my friend is crazy about Jason!!! and loves the bum he sits on!!! She would do any thing.....ANYTHING to see him!!
posted by erziban on Oct 14, 2009
The video is upbeat and sweet, I love the song!

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