Rumored Cover Art and Title for Kris Allen's New Album

October 13, 2009 09:21:53 GMT

In addition to its rumored cover art, reports on the media suggest that Kris Allen's November 17 release will be self-titled.

Rumored Cover Art and Title for Kris Allen's New Album
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A picture claimed as a cover art for Kris Allen's new studio album emerges. Brought forward by Barnes & Noble, it features the champ of "American Idol" season 8 wearing a black leather jacket and sitting on what looks like a theater seat.

Along with the arrival of the rumored artwork, it is speculated that Kris' forthcoming album will be self-titled. No statement has been made regarding the rumored cover art and working title.

Most recently, Kris Allen told his fans on Twitter that the soon-to-be-released effort is almost done. "We are almost done with the album, or at least my part. Got a couple more songs to finish and we will be good. Really exciting stuff!," he wrote. "Recording in the same studio that Prince recorded 'Purple Rain'! I'm trying to channel it."

Kris Allen will release the album in U.S. on November 17. For the effort, he has recruited The Calling's vocalist Alex Band, Kevin Rudolf and producer Eg White (Adele, Duffy). He is also said to work with The Fray's guitarist Joe King and acclaimed music makers Salaam Remi (Nas, Amy Winehouse) and Claude Kelly (Leona Lewis, Akon).

The first single from the album is called "Live Like We're Dying" and has been played on radios since September 21. It is a cover version of The Script's 2008 song which didn't make it to the band's debut album "The Script" but appeared in a b-side of their mini album "We Cry".


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posted by Jennifer on Oct 21, 2009
Isn't it cute how this little guy keeps trying to get the public to notice him? Maybe if he stood on his tippy toes... It's really nice that he doesn't let a little thing like (lack of) record sales get him down. I guess when it all comes down to it, Adam Lambert has 2 new singles, the theme from 2012, the cover of Details, Rolling Stone, etc., the American Music Awards, top ten on i-tunes AND amazon... but the "winner" of American Idol will always have his little tailgate party and other various free events. So happy for him! Rock on, Kris!
posted by lollie on Oct 15, 2009
posted by mo on Oct 15, 2009
mirrors, the necklace is one that Kris wore during the first half of the tour. The one on the string is a guitar pick in the shape of a peace sign, that a fan gave him. He's not copying anybody's style.
posted by john on Oct 15, 2009
Kris is AWESOME. I love his laid back personality, his looks, and especially his mad talent. It's a rare gift to take what is, on paper, just a song, and make it into something personal, emotional, and passionate. This guy is the real deal, all right. Totally awesome person. And all that you hater say about him rolls right off his back like water off a duck's butt. He's the best. Great role model and hell of a singer and musician.
posted by mirrors on Oct 14, 2009
is that Adam's jacket and necklace? sure looks like he is borrowing that glam look.
posted by amielee on Oct 14, 2009
Way to go Kris..we are all dying to buy your album..
posted by Rose on Oct 14, 2009
What are Adam Lambert's fans so afraid of that they feel the need to search out articles and blog posts about Kris Allen just so they can trash him? Pretty sad, if you ask me. I can't wait to buy Kris's album. He is a good looking guy, for sure, and this cover art shows that off. But, I love the guy's voice, his songwriting, and his musicality. Kris is a proven songwriter. His pre-idol album has great songs on it, and they are all written entirely by him. Kris doesn't think it's that good, which just shows how far from that (and it was already good) his songwriting has come. That's what I really can't wait for.
posted by Amy on Oct 14, 2009
The leather jacket looks like the same one that Kris wore in his idolatry videos back in early June. It would be funny, if it weren't so pathetic, how some Adam fans have to Google Kris' name to find articles to spit bile on. Kris is a talented, handsome, loveable guy, and it drives them nuts. Oh....wait, the nuts part probably came first.
posted by Leah on Oct 13, 2009
Kris is adorable!
posted by kradam fan on Oct 13, 2009
Love Kris and his everyman style. Will buy his cd and enjoy it for certain music listening moods and will buy Adam's for my over-the-top high energy moods. Haters need to get a life. I'm a proud Glambert, but would never dis Kris. Go Kradam!
posted by Vick on Oct 13, 2009
I think Kris looks cute on his cover. The problem is what is inside it. When you say he "plays instruments" you are right. He is playing he is not on a real professional level. Kris even says that he just started playing piano. Do you know how many years of training it takes to really to be professional? It is the silly statement you make like this that harm Kris. He is a nice guy with talent that is not extraordinay in the real world and when you escalate him beyond what he is you anger people and turn away people who just like him for what he is and not for the overblown hype about being a great musician.
posted by jose cuervo on Oct 13, 2009
I bet this little troll doll likes it in the pooper.
posted by Diane on Oct 13, 2009
Penn...did you mother not teach you any manners? If you dont have anything nice to say....then keep your pathetic blog chasing jealous mouth shut. If you had a brain in your head you would realize that peopl purchased the iTunes pass, which includes his single, causing the numbers to be low....not to mention because Kris is a beautiful human (most humans can relate too...married or not)they want his picture. They will purchase the just wait and see. It will be on every Christmas list for girls from 10-100. As for you...I feel sorry for you Penn. Apparently someone did a number on your heart. I respect Kris and Katy for their devotion to one another. Everything is not about sex. Your a sad individual. Go Kris! Keep making all of us proud. You are everything we want to have, want to be and want our daughters to marry. Bless you!
posted by You don\'t know do y on Oct 13, 2009 are a poor excuse for a humanbeing.
posted by Penn on Oct 13, 2009
It's so hysterical how every Kris fan tries to work so hard to defend him at every corner. Face it- that pathetic little ditty that he copied/croaked out is a massive flop- check itunes & his placement on Billboard this week if you don't believe it. Don't care about single sales? Go to Amazon, & check out how his numbers are BELOW 100. It's sad, really. The fans can only make up excuses for so long, and then it's bye-bye Kris, onto the next one. And maybe the next one will be smart enough not to get married in the prime of their life just so Jesus says it's okay to get some action. PS- That wedding ring on his hand, that he's flinging in your face as you plunk down your hard earned cash on his craptastic music? Yeah, that symbolizes the fact that he is NEVER going to sex you, no matter how much you may fantasize. Silly little girls and bois. haha
posted by Penn on Oct 13, 2009
It's so hysterical how ev
posted by lon on Oct 13, 2009
Great picture. I hope it's the CD cover. Kris is fantastic. Love his music.
posted by Greg on Oct 13, 2009
Amber, don't be a nasty skank. I love Kris and love the album cover. Kris is a very beautiful guy. I love Kris's song. Kris also can play the piano, guitar, both electric and acoustic, and the viola. So he is very talented.
posted by Amy on Oct 13, 2009
Kris is beautiful from the soul outward. He attracts classy fans, who just want to enjoy his music and personality. Glamberts reflect so badly on their favorite.
posted by Amber on Oct 13, 2009
Who cares about this no talent failure? When is Adam Lambert's single coming out??
posted by Udon\'tknowdou on Oct 13, 2009
Vick...I just want to say that you hit the nail on the head. He is a NORMAL everyday guy, that's what makes him so great. A REAL AMERICAN. Not trying to be something he's not...just good ole' KRIS. I respect him and his wife. It's ashame that their are so many people that want to down him for going after his dreams and succeeding. Lot of jealous people in the world. SO SAD!!! Go Kris and best of luck. I'll be 1 of many who will purchase your CD.
posted by Mrrs Darcy on Oct 13, 2009
Hey!What's going on America! KRIS ALLEN! KRIS, KRIS ALLEN!! Don't forget the rest of the world! When is it available in Asia? We'll defintely buy his CDs.
posted by wm on Oct 13, 2009
Wow Penn & Amber: You two are pathetic losers. Do you not have anything better to do with your time then post nasty, hateful comments about Kris? You sound like childish brats! Grow the hell up!!! I think the CD cover is great and can't wait for the release. Kris is the 'real deal'. He knows who he is and doesn't try to be anything but 'him'. Love ya Kris!
posted by Bro James on Oct 13, 2009
Great picture...great guy...perfect for this business ciz he does not care what you creeps say about him. He is sure of who he is and sure of his music. I think the album cover says that about him. Im a straight dude and I like it. Its real.

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