Zev and Justin Disqualified From 'Amazing Race' 15

October 12, 2009 04:43:07 GMT

Losing one of the passports, the friends team could not advance to the next round and thus was eliminated in the fourth leg.

Zev and Justin Disqualified From 'Amazing Race' 15
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One more team was eliminated last night on "The Amazing Race", all due to one crucial mistake, losing the passport. Friends Zev and Justin got the irony when they were leading the race at number one and went straight to the last place after Zev lost his passport along the way. The document is one important factor to commence with the race and without it, the team has to be disqualified.

The nine remaining teams made their flight from Vietnam to Cambodia this week with all of them getting on the same plane. The first clue was given in the form of a photo of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Teams must find a hotel suite named after the celebrity whom many surprisingly didn't recognize. Then came the Detour, Cover and Wrap. In the former they could sell helmets on the street while in the latter they could go to a market and find a woman wearing a silk scarf. Only Lance and Keri picked the Cover.

Zev and Justin were in the lead after the Detour but Zev stumbled in the Roadblock. Basically it was a challenge of putting on a monkey suit and doing a Classical Khmer monkey dance maneuvers to the satisfaction of the monkey dancer. Maria and Tifanny, the poker players, were also having difficulty in this.

Nevertheless, Zev and Justin were the first to arrive at the pit stop, Wat Phnom temple. Zev then found out that his passport had gone. Justin thought that it was left in the cab on the way to the pit stop. Fortunately, they had a business card of the driver and quickly called him. They had to find the passport before the last team arrived or else it would be disqualification.

Sam & Dan reached the pit stop as the first team, followed by Flight Time & Big Easy, Brian & Ericka, Gary & Matt, Meghan & Cheyne, Lance & Keri, Mika & Canaan and Maria & Tiffany. Meanwhile, Zev & Justin did not find the passport until Maria & Tifanny checked in.


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posted by justme on Oct 26, 2009
What channel is airing reruns? When? (YAY!)
posted by route53 on Oct 13, 2009
If you watch the rerun, its on the ground when they get in the taxi
posted by ABQgal on Oct 12, 2009
What does one do when they lose their passport in Cambodia? Did Zev ever find it? Will we ever know?
posted by dmatthew on Oct 12, 2009
I would like to know if Zev ever found his passport. I think he left it at the airport.
posted by Lynn on Oct 12, 2009
Can they, give them one more chance?
posted by twovinings on Oct 12, 2009
To bad for Zev and Justin, I really enjoyed them, and was pulling for them to make it. I am very sorry for the loss.
posted by Terizz on Oct 12, 2009
Thanks for the information wendytails. I was wondering if they found it. If you lose your passport in another country you have to go the US Embassy in that country to request another one. That's why it is always best to carry a copy of your passport information also when traveling.
posted by wendytails on Oct 12, 2009
I found the story in the los angeles times
posted by wendytails on Oct 12, 2009
They found the passport later that day. Somebody turned it in at the embasy. They had left in near the monkey roadblock

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