Alan Ball Confirms Death on 'True Blood' Season 3

October 12, 2009 02:53:54 GMT

One person fans of the show may not fancy will be gone for good next year, the showrunner confirmed.

Alan Ball Confirms Death on 'True Blood' Season 3
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Perhaps not too surprising, there will be another death on "True Blood" next season. The creator and executive producer of the vampire series, Alan Ball, spilled to TV Guide that at least one character won't survive in the third season when the show returns in summer 2010.

"Somebody is going to bite the dust and it's going to be really good to see them get what they deserve," Ball said. This can only mean that the lead characters like Sookie, Bill, Jason and Tara are out of the list. Making it clearer, Ball added that it would be "a person we'll be happy to see go."

The second season ended this September with at least three cliffhangers. Sookie finds out that she is not susceptible to Maryann's power and thus she may not be mere human after all. Sam is in his quest to find his birth parents while Bill is kidnapped with a silver chain by unknown being.

The third season will be based on Charlaine Harris' third book, "Club Dead".


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posted by rhonda900 on Nov 04, 2009
Who is going to play Alcide?
posted by Norah on Nov 03, 2009
One way to kill this series for the average viewer is to go Gay. Can't believe Ball would make so many characters Gay and expect that his series will have the same audience appeal. What is he trying to achieve? I love the character of Lafayette but to have another Gay coupling as is being suggested is a bit much. I hope Maryanne will be around I like her character and the problems she brings to the main characters.
posted by dylan on Oct 19, 2009
I would not longer watch if sookie and bill break up!!
posted by banana217 on Oct 18, 2009
who gets killed in the book?
posted by Luvthateric on Oct 15, 2009
Lorena would be the logical choice based on the book, but I kind of feel sorry for her. Now, Reverend Newland, he even gives religous zelots a bad name.
posted by decadent-reverie on Oct 15, 2009
so...since the 3rd Season is based on the book "Club Dead," does this mean Sookie and Bill breaks up like in the book? Cuz that would make me lose interest altogether in watching the remaining series.
posted by alsdkjf;lk on Oct 14, 2009
maybe hoyts mom?
posted by S on Oct 12, 2009
Please give us a plot twist and let Eric behead the Queen.
posted by isajaimie on Oct 12, 2009
Its got to be either Lorena or Reverend Newland. I can't wait for next season. truebloodnet
posted by Gdjica on Oct 12, 2009
That's who it is in the book at least.
posted by gtasmy on Oct 12, 2009
and its sookie that kills her with a stake
posted by gtasmy on Oct 12, 2009
bills sire
posted by gtasmy on Oct 12, 2009
its lorena

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