Marc Cherry Developing New Show for ABC

Marc Cherry

Together with Alexandra Cunningham, the creator and executive producer of 'Desperate Housewives' is in negotiation stage with the Alphabet.

Now that "Desperate Housewives" has been running for five years, creator Marc Cherry is looking out to venture into another show. He has been in talks with ABC to develop a new series which previously was referred to as a spin-off to "Desperate".

The new series which is aimed for next season has since been granted a stand-alone status according to THR. Cherry is assisted in writing the project by "Desperate" executive producer, Alexandra Cunningham. Both of them will also be executive producing together with Sabrina Wind. There is still little detail about the project but it is said to have the same tone to "Desperate".

Regarding whether Cherry would leave his post on "Desperate", THR said that Cherry has committed himself to the very end of the show.

Back in May, there were reports circulating that Kathryn Joosten and Lily Tomlin from "Desperate" will get their own show. Their characters, Karen McCluskey and Roberta Simmons, reportedly would be snooping and solving crimes but not on Wisteria Lane. It received a warm response from fans and Cherry allegedly loved the idea of a mystery series.




    Cherry Picker
    Oct 10, 2009

    Why does the idea man who relies on others' idea not have a copyright for the show that made a name for him? (

    Cherry Picker
    Oct 10, 2009

    The cover of Season 6 DVD shows the women on top of a capless pyramid dressed in blue. That is definitely a Freemason theme. One might guess that Cherry is a Freemason. That cover is no coincidence. Marlon Brando said most of his hard-earned money was stolen by trickster agents who financed genocide on Palestinians. They forced the money out of him by having him sign contracts for three films when he only agreed to do one film. That's how they finance genocide, by robbing artists.

    Cherry Picker
    Oct 10, 2009

    Didn't Cherry say that his agents and Pratt gave him the idea for the murder mystery and that he was a "desperate" writer so he basically wrote what he was told to write even though he resented that his whole career was based on being told what to write by executives whom he called "stupid." Or their ideas were stupid, but yet he took more ideas. So, whose idea was the tone that he's copying from Desperate Housewives. He already said he hates doing the same thing over and over again. He's such a liar, he contradicts himself too often. He's not a real creator, others give him ideas that cause shows to be successful. They are using his name to sell another idea that more than likely doesn't belong to Cherry, but he's probably learned his lesson to not credit his agents and other executives for giving him ideas. What happened to Pratt who the THR said was a cowriter of the master script that co-writer Joey Murphy said they pulled scenes out of to build episodes around? Did Pratt take the money and run? Why? Is Cherry a Freemason? His father is in the oil business so one would guess that he is one. Who gave Cherry the idea for the tone, his agents? They are launching a new series based on the tone alone, that is quite unique. Where did this tone come from? Did it fall on his lap while he was sitting in his mother's house watching the trial of Andrea Yates? What was so hilarious about Andrea Yates murdering 5 very young children? Do Freemasons find that kind of story hilarious? Does that type of story inspire Emmy Awards in comedy? Apparently so. What's this next comedy show gong to be about, how a genocide is being committed on innocent Palestinians women and children? Oh, I can hear Cherry's priceless jokes coming already. What will he write? Something like, "What do you get when you cross Al-Qaeda with a Palestinian infant: I don't know but it sure makes me hungry. One can only imagine with his crass humor and philistine work.

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