Serena Williams Poses Naked for ESPN The Magazine

October 07, 2009 06:19:44 GMT

The tennis star is photographed covering her breasts with one of her hands and hiding her private part from the lens with her legs.

Serena Williams
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Photo credit: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Professional tennis player Serena Williams takes her clothes off, striking nude pose for ESPN The Magazine's first-ever "Body Issue". Her shot for the publication sees her covering her breasts with her right hand while strategically crossing her legs to hide her private part from the lens.

Serena is one of the six athletes picked out to be featured on six different covers of ESPN magazine. The five other chosen sport stars are martial artist Gina Carano, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, and Dwight Howard of the NBA's Orlando Magic.

Those athletes are parts of ESPN magazine's "Bodies We Want" section, which editor-in-chief Gary Belsky described during a recent conference call as "essentially our version of the best bodies in sports." The section will feature top athletes either posing naked with their private parts strategically covered or with minimal clothing. Besides, there will be another section dubbed "Exposure," for which some famous figures in sport will pose in their birthday suits.

USA Today has a list of the athletes that will be posing in ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue", which will hit the newsstands this Friday, October 9. Meanwhile, photos of Serena, Gina, Carl, Sarah, Adrian, and Dwight are available to be seen at Celebrity Mania.


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posted by Serena\'s slave boi on Mar 09, 2011
Legions of males would do anything She wanted. She could rule the world if She realized how much power She has. She can do anything She wants - be grateful that She chose to share Her incredible beauty.
posted by kotkot on Sep 05, 2010
i want be ur footboy goddess serena lick ur feet toes shose worship ur ass be ur slave feet
posted by ms tells it like it on Aug 09, 2010
i dont incourge it but if u look good in it and u got the confidence go for it she is a pretty woman and she looks good with clothes on laets see how she looks good without but it doesnt matter long as she loves it she all good and alla u haters need to stop
posted by robin on Aug 05, 2010
wat the fucking thigs are doing this basteds
posted by cool sam on Jun 30, 2010
serena u r 2222222 hot...... plzzzzz show ur sexy black pussy............ohhhhhhhhhhh
posted by Joe on Jun 13, 2010
She was pulled to do it, nevertheless, she should have not forgotten womanhood......hwever, if she is ok doing it.... i think its a pleasure.....
posted by chris on Jun 02, 2010
serena, you are gorgeous, sexy, and beutiful, i love you so madly, i would like to get in touch with you cheers. your number one fan in nigeria.cheers, chris.
posted by Hunis (A B U- Zaria, on Apr 03, 2010
My dear Serena, why did you exposed your body? Well, I'm still your fan.
posted by benangy on Jan 27, 2010
damn ur soo hot!!! my dream girl
posted by robin on Nov 01, 2009
ur black and hot im black and hot we should get together and shag and torture eachother baby dam your one hot mama
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posted by ronson on Nov 01, 2009
very hot i wanna tickle ur feet and lick ur boobs ur sexy and hot
posted by Jossy- Nigeria on Oct 27, 2009
Celebrities should learn to be decent. They are role models and should enthrone morality. Am really dissappointed.
posted by Vito on Oct 20, 2009
If we had a nude negro law in this country this would be no big deal.
posted by common man on Oct 18, 2009
we were following her as a benchmarks for achievements in life. She has lost everything by exposing herself.
posted by ricks on Oct 16, 2009
you look hot!wish i could have a chance with you in time try to expose everything,i mean the tits and the sweet pussy...
posted by ghostridervbm on Oct 14, 2009
i like your breast
posted by mdy on Oct 14, 2009
you are tremendous with your game but honestly not in photo shoot, its shamefull
posted by Emeka Chris Azubuike on Oct 14, 2009
I never knew you were morally bankrupt and irresponsible to this magnitude .SERENA,you are a big disappointment and disgrace to your fans globally .I cease to be your fan.By expoing your God given body publicly,you have fallen from grace to grass unless you repent and accept JESUS CHRIST as your lord and personal saviour.
posted by Kriszubby on Oct 14, 2009
Serena ,watch out,this marks the genesis of your downfall .GOD blessed u & made u a tennis star known globally.What else are u looking for?U are going to fall from grace to grass like Nebuchadnezzer.U are a disgrace to yourself,your family,Americans,black race,womanhood and Christian faith.shame on u,u are very unpopular.
posted by catherine(Nigeria) on Oct 13, 2009
I'm really dissappointed. you just lost a big fan
posted by Big Boy on Oct 13, 2009
we see body parts exposed daily.half naked women everywhere.she did not expose anything as far as I am concerned.
posted by Mr whales on Oct 12, 2009
She did it 4 money n 2 b mre famous
posted by nn kerala on Oct 11, 2009
its so shame for a famous athlet
posted by hoga on Oct 11, 2009
hi,money is not greater than honour.
posted by cheter bal on Oct 11, 2009
its not a activity of a great athlet.its a shame for sports world.
posted by hedarbag on Oct 11, 2009
hi black,u can't change you tradition,anyway, u looks nice with ur clothes off.
posted by rahul on Oct 09, 2009
u r looking so sexy
posted by Dirk on Oct 09, 2009
Wow! what is Hef waiting for let's see all the goods please! She must be amazing in bed. This white surfer dude wants some of that!
posted by Kmuru on Oct 09, 2009
It is really unbecoming of a great personality like Serena Williams
posted by shaky on Oct 09, 2009
shame on you, i guess u a disgrace to ur christian faith
posted by DEM on Oct 09, 2009
posted by DEM on Oct 09, 2009
posted by good on Oct 09, 2009
what a pics
posted by suhasuha on Oct 08, 2009
Quite a challenge to the viewers,who should be given a prior warning.
posted by gzf on Oct 08, 2009
u looking sexy & hot
posted by Girya on Oct 08, 2009
serena I hate ur hands& legs!
posted by Girya on Oct 08, 2009
serena I hate ur hands& legs!
posted by museums.... on Oct 08, 2009
You know how many folks stroll through them looking at their historical figures Helen of Troy, and all greek goddeses...why not you .. a nubian goddess formed from queens and kings.....keep doin you....
posted by windowguys on Oct 08, 2009
We love all you do, haters don't look as good as you...
posted by ewwwwww on Oct 08, 2009
who wants to see that?? a huge sterioded up baboon NUDE!?! yuck and since she did that screaming scandal she has been tryingto become more of a celebrity rather than the ahlete she was. blahhh
posted by reality check on Oct 07, 2009
what a nice way to cheapen your status as a hard working athlete
posted by shutterbug on Oct 07, 2009
She is gorgeous, with or without clothes. It's all up to yor imagination
posted by fonzo on Oct 07, 2009
Only Americans fail to see artistry in Nudity.The reclining female form is depicted as art WORLDWIDE Beautiful, curvacious!!!

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