Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff No Longer Friends

October 07, 2009 04:49:24 GMT

Maksim says he and former fiancee Karina are no longer friends and he feels uncomfortable of having to see her very often due to their involvement in "Dancing with the Stars".

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Karina Smirnoff
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Calling off their engagement earlier last month, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff are no longer friends. When asked by Life and Style magazine at the LA County Fair back on September 27 if he and Karina are still friends, Maksim replied "no", detailing "She's a lot better at hiding her feelings apparently than I am. I just need to drop the sad person act and move on."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff began dating in the summer of 2008 and announced their engagement on December 31 the same year. They initially planned a June 2010 wedding, but in September Karina had her representative announcing their separation. Reason behind the break-up was not disclosed though.

Speaking of having to see Karina very often due to their participation in the season 9 of hit dancing show "Dancing with the Stars", Maksim claims, "I hate the situation with Karina because it's really gotten blown out of proportion. It's done. It's over with." Maksim and his actress partner Debi Mazar have been eliminated from the ABC's show, whereas Karina and her partner, singer Aaron Carter, are still competing.


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posted by remy51 on Oct 18, 2009
and imperfection in the imperfect u do make a great couple....that is of course that there is still love behind the mask....good luck
posted by remy51 on Oct 18, 2009
maks i do hope u can still work things out that is what relationships are about .. to find understanding in misunderstandings...
posted by jz on Oct 14, 2009
alisha... looks like you're trying to "hook-up" with Max here. Ssseriously... do you really think he's going to #1 read this site? #2 go out with someone who isn't in the business? Keep it real.
posted by pharmd925 on Oct 08, 2009
Its so hard to have your business all public....You are gorgeous and talented and times heals all can and will do better!
posted by teresa on Oct 08, 2009
from the way you and cherryl danced together on monday you too would make a cute couple that is if she is single to.butsorry to hear about your split.
posted by Sarah on Oct 07, 2009
Maks, I can't imagine the kind of pain you're going through. I had hoped your friendship with Karina would be able to survive this drama, but I see this isn't the case. Ah, well. She's missing out, and I know you will find that perfect woman for you someday in time.
posted by Alisa on Oct 07, 2009
No wonder I like you so much, I'm a Capricorn too. In all seriousness, I too, came here at the age of ten and had to learn the English language from the ground up. I am an Israeli by birth and you know what they say about us gorgeous Sabras. I think you're very handsome, funny and best of all, one hell of a dancer. Be happy.
posted by Alisa on Oct 07, 2009
I am so very sorry to hear of your break-up and can imagine how painful it must be. I have been through two similarly hurtful partings and I understand how little you want to see that person after such a situation, especially when you are so highly visible two nights a week. Even though I think you're a terrific dancer, you might be better off at this point by your being voted off. I thought Debbi was a nice person but you weren't the same Maks that you had been in the past. I must confess that I voted for you just to see you again. Please forgive.
posted by alisha on Oct 07, 2009
Maks you won't have any problems moving on from Karina -- and Karina just seems to love to get involved with her dance partners, although she is robbing the cradle with Aaron Carter
posted by penny on Oct 07, 2009
Karina is not as hot and desirable as she makes herself out to be, I actuallly thought she was more attractive with the old nose. Maks there are a zillion women that would be interested in you - you sexy thing!

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