Tracklisting and Promo Pics for Leona Lewis' 'Echo'

October 07, 2009 03:04:04 GMT

Leona Lewis, who looks sizzling in 'Echo' promotional pictures, joins forces with OneRepublic in a song titled 'Lost Then Found'.

Tracklisting and Promo Pics for Leona Lewis' 'Echo'
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A day after cover art for her new album "Echo" was revealed, Leona Lewis comes out bringing official tracklisting for the upcoming effort. Thirteen tracks appear on the list with one of them having Leona hooking up with OneRepublic.

Along with the arrival of the album's tracklisting, five promotional photos for the record have also been found. Like the cover art, these new snaps also feature sizzling and seductive Leona, only this time dressed in a glam long dress and mini black outfit matched with fishnet stockings.

A follow up to Leona's debut album "Spirit", "Echo" is set to be put out in U.S. on November 17. "I titled my album 'ECHO', since an echo describes a big, organic sound. I'm in the midst of the recording process, working with incredible songwriters and producers, and my music has really evolved. It's so exciting to create something new," Leona said.

The lead single off the album is titled "Happy". Written by OneRepublic's vocalist Ryan Tedder, the song was unveiled on BBC's "The Radio 1 Chart Show" on September 6 and performed live in U.S. for the first time on the finale of "America's Got Talent" season 4.

"Echo" tracklisting:

  1. "Happy"
  2. "I Got You"
  3. "Can't Breathe"
  4. "Brave"
  5. "Outta My Head"
  6. "My Hands"
  7. "Love Letter"
  8. "Broken"
  9. "Naked"
  10. "Stop Crying Your Heart Out"
  11. "Don't Let Me Down"
  12. "Alive"
  13. "Lost Then Found" featuring OneRepublic
"Echo" promo pics:


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posted by cazz on Jan 20, 2010
love leonas new album love the track cant breathe she is truley amazing
posted by soul on Nov 06, 2009
mario leona is by far better than crazy mariah stupid celine and crack head whitney... boy please i dnt think so
posted by jojo on Oct 27, 2009
you cant compare them they are different artists but leona is better than mariah by far and i like them both the same
posted by semi girl on Oct 26, 2009
u know wat?Leona lewis is the most astonishing talented girl ever even more than mariah,celion and more she is a big Diamond wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Mario on Oct 26, 2009
You don't know what you're talking about. How dare you compare Leona to Mariah, Celine or Even Whitney Houston. Are you nuts?

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