Preview of 'One Tree Hill' 7.05: Your Cheatin' Heart

Preview of 'One Tree Hill' 7.05: Your Cheatin' Heart

Nathan's cheating scandal may finally get a way out although it comes from someone Nathan hates.

Next week, "One Tree Hill" will still be circling around the scandal involving Nathan but a solution is coming from one person. Dan makes a call to Nathan to tell him that he has come to knowledge about the problem he faces. Nathan, still unwilling to accept Dan, said "We don't know you and stay away from me and my family." Later on Dan takes the matter into his own hands by meeting Renee and giving her a proposition.

Meanwhile, Haley is thrust into the spotlight and storm of Nathan's growing scandal, and is seen in the preview getting arrested. Against her better judgment, Brooke allows Julian to continue working with Alex. Millicent gets a new job, which may cause trouble for Mouth. Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn grow closer.

The episode called "Your Cheatin' Heart" is going to air on Monday, October 12. Kate French guest stars as Renee.



    Oct 13, 2009

    I really loved that they opened the episode with the song “Houses” by Great Northern…such a good song, and it has that cool propulsive beat that is perfect for starting off an episode. I think the music on One Tree Hill has kind of been going downhill lately (and this show used to be my main source for new music), so I was glad to hear some good music on the show again.

    Oct 07, 2009

    This is the best show out there, it's so real. And you can relate to it.

    Oct 06, 2009

    I thought this was suppose to be a blog. Tell us something we don't already know my the commercial

    Oct 06, 2009

    Nathan actually responds "Save the help for the people who don't know you and stay away from me and my family."

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