Allison Iraheta's 'Friday I'll Be Over U' Arrives in Full

October 06, 2009 01:57:37 GMT

Allison Iraheta's newly-debuted single 'Friday I'll Be Over U' is produced by Max Martin and has rock edge on the hook.

Allison Iraheta's 'Friday I'll Be Over U' Arrives in Full
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"Friday I'll Be Over U", the first single from Allison Iraheta's upcoming studio album, has hit the web Monday, October 5. The fresh material has rock edge and comes from production hands of top-notch producer, Max Martin. It will get its debut on radios next week.

"I worked with Max Martin, and he pulled it out of his magic box," Allison told PopEater about the making of the song. "He came up with an awesome song and sent I to me and we cut it and it was just amazing. He definitely knows how to put himself in other people's shoes."

Allison Iraheta is yet to reveal working title for the album which is expected to come out across U.S. on December 1. Though so, several names have been unveiled as the ones who will be involved in the making of the effort. They are "Let It Rock" hitmaker Kevin Rudolf, who also works on Kris Allen and Adam Lambert's albums, and Evanescence's ex-member David Hodges among others.

Listen to "Friday I'll Be Over U" on PopEater.

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posted by glamgram on Oct 12, 2009
What happened to the Allison I loved on Idol Show? The style I loved is GONE and in its place is "bubble gum" pop.
posted by chriss on Oct 07, 2009
Allison will never be as talented as Kelly Clarkson. Kelly is creative and a true artist. Who gives a sh*t if she is not a skinny stick. KCFan you are NOT!
posted by KCFAN on Oct 07, 2009
She is the next kelly Clarkson that is why Jive/RCA is sending her to MAX Martin. Kelly has a great voice but she is fat now and her image as a pop star is gone.
posted by PEIGHTON on Oct 07, 2009
posted by Jeff on Oct 06, 2009
But i still want to support her! im tired of all these non talented singers. Allison is talented and has a voice. Miley no voice just a rich famous dad. American needs more real talent like ALlison.
posted by Jeff on Oct 06, 2009
sounds alot like Kelly Clarkson. I was expecting to hear more of the rockish husky voice? Did they switch her to Disney?
posted by mirrors on Oct 05, 2009
sounds like kelly clarkson's since u been gone. catchy, but nothing new.

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