Kristen Stewart In for 'An American Girl'

Kristen Stewart

Actor James Woods admits to have approached the 'Twilight saga' beauty 'before she was famous', for a lead role in the drama movie he will direct.

"Twilight Saga" star Kristen Stewart will be joining the Marines in "An American Girl". Revealing the matter was actor James Woods who will direct the drama project. To Coming Soon (CS), the 62-year-old revealed that he had approached the actress for the leading part "before she was famous".

Met while CS was visiting the set of "Straw Dogs" in Shreveport, Louisiana, Woods mentioned that Stewart "has been urgently wanting to get the movie made" ever since she read the script. The actor further noted that he has already spent a few days working with the 19-year-old beauty who was hoping he would play her on-screen father.

As for the plotlines, Woods explained that the movie will revolve around a young woman who is really destructive. She was the top swimmer and dive champion in high school, but a year later finds herself submerged in booze and drugs. After a drunken sex video ruined her reputation, she sobers up, enters the Linus Program in the Marines, learns Arabic and starts to find her own inner values.

"A tragedy happens and when she comes back to the town where she was a disaster, she rebuilds her life and finds through this tragedy a greater value in herself," Woods concluded on the story written by Tim Metcalfe and Sean McCarthy. "It's 'Coming Home,' 'Best Years of Our Lives,' it's part of that trilogy." He added, "It's a phenomenal story and a slam-dunk Oscar for [Stewart]."

Providing support to this Kristen Stewart casting news was the representative for the "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" actress. To Gossip Cop, the rep stated simply that the movie is a project Stewart loves.




    A Marine
    Feb 06, 2011

    i hate how every time there is a movie or show about a Marine or the Marine Corps they get it all wrong. unless u are a Marine im sure u wouldnt no the difference but its annoying when i watch a movie have something to do with the Marine Corps and they get everything all wrong. for instance the movie called the Marine 2, the movie starts right off the back with the so called Marine and his partner in Army, when u call a movie The Marine 2, u got to at least get the uniform right.... so with that being said, they need to get at least one person that is a Marine, sucks as me to at least be behind the scenes to basically tell everyone what is right and wrong as fare as the Marine ruins a movie when u aint got ur information right... i could teach this girl what everything she would need to no to be a Marine in a movie, it would make the movie soooo much better...

    Patricia X Inciong
    Sep 10, 2010

    Looks really great. I've been watching Stewart's performances every now and then... I like the way she acts and her movies as well. I know that she could pull this one off successfully.

    Apr 19, 2010

    she would be great for this movie, she would rock. There is something about the movies she does, so much variety and depth. GO girl, u rock!!!

    Dec 30, 2009

    I like her acting, there is a thing called individuality and most people dont get it. I like and get her way to express the story. I like her movies.

    Oct 13, 2009

    It is spelled "Lioness" program for female Marines. Should be interesting as to how they propose that she learns Arabic...

    Oct 10, 2009

    Wow, i think its really good for her to get a grip of other peoples personalities and roles in movie. What ii like about her is that she steps outside the box and not just stays in one place all at once.

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