Adam Lambert Shooting 'Time for Miracles' Music Video

October 05, 2009 07:15:22 GMT

What is claimed as an on-set picture of Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles' music video has been found on Twitter.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Adam Lambert tweeted about shooting a music video for his new single "Time for Miracles" on October 3. "Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage," he wrote.

There is no word on when the video will be debuted and what it will be dealing with, but a fan by the name Laura Sun whose grandparents live near the shooting location claims to have an on-set picture and recently shared it on her Twitter. The snap shows a crashed car.

Described as "classic rock ballad. Earthy and catchy", "Time for Miracles" is a soundtrack for upcoming movie "2012 (2009)". Queen's guitarist Brian May who got the privilege to hear the song back in August said, "It's truly sensational. In fact it's so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. ... Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. It's an awesome performance."

Beside filming "Time for Miracles" music video, Adam Lambert is also prepping to release his first studio album since graduating from "American Idol". He works with Greg Wells, Kevin Rudolf, OneRepublic's vocalist Ryan Tedder, Sam Sparro, Kara DioGuardi, Linda Perry and RedOne. He will drop the effort in U.S. on November 24.


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posted by Emmanemma on Oct 14, 2009
Any Adam fans, just ignore allnof the haters. That want to generate a negative response, and if you do respond you are giving them what they want. If they want to be immature, let them, but if you respond rudely, you'll be just as bad. Ignore them and post positiv commnts about Adam, because after all that's why you were reading the articles right? J'adore Adam and can't wait for his single, album, and music video!! <3
posted by anon on Oct 09, 2009
God created Adam. Adam creates wonderful music. We like wonderful music. end of story. that's is plain to all you senseless haters
posted by mheart on Oct 08, 2009
You sound as ugly as you speak, Belinda. Adam is a fresh new voice in the singing world. And you can't spell either. Go back to school.
posted by jillie on Oct 08, 2009
Adam is everything that lolita/misery wants to be and never will be. Super hot, super talented and super nice.
posted by Pasha on Oct 08, 2009
To Misery and Lolita, I'll bet you are losers. Those that are haters and need to critisize are usually miserable with themselves. So go back to your filthy hovel and let us enjoy the beautiful, talented person known as Adam Lambert.
posted by Laurel on Oct 07, 2009
its good that these idiots come on to criticize Adam,think about it--the haters keep him grounded so he doesn't get a big head like Gene Simmons. Can't wait for his music to come out,best voice I've heard in a long time. You go Adam!!!!!!!
posted by Angel on Oct 07, 2009
Belinda and John are again one and the same posters as Misery and Lolita spewing hate all over Adam's sites. this is all just one blogger posting one hate blog after another using different names. Just remember KARMA. It always goes around what comes around.
posted by Cres on Oct 07, 2009
Amongst all the 'crappy' things 'Misery' said about the Jonas Bro, Miley n Adam, 'Misery' did admit that Adam '...can at least sing.' That goes to show that the Adam haters themselves cannot deny that he is a good singer. Hah!
posted by sandra on Oct 06, 2009
Misery, i feel bad for pathetic people like you. Adam Lambert is the new super star that world hasn't heard and seen in decades.i love you Adam
posted by sandra on Oct 06, 2009
Adam is brilliant, brilliant singer, can i say the Best singer alive, unlike some singers that suppostley <<they are famous>> and they sing like they are talking, ANNOYING, Adam has beautiful and powerfu voice, no one can top Adam Lambert, i love you Adam
posted by Twilight on Oct 06, 2009
All the haters and bashers are nothing but poor fat old pigs with acne, and BO, you all suck and will end up in hell, bless you all, it sucks to be you
posted by Omaha Reader on Oct 06, 2009
For me, Adam Lambert is a bright shining star! I can't wait to buy his CD and the '2012' soundtrack. Go Adam!!
posted by terie on Oct 06, 2009
This comment is directed to all you BASHERS. Google David Foster Adam Lambert and read the REAL TRUTH about ADAM'S TALENT! Case Closed!!!
posted by JLM on Oct 06, 2009
From Rock Star Weekly: In other Adam Lambert news: The radio industry website, which usually posts information directly from record companies to radio stations for consideration for airplay, has posted that Adam Lambert's debut single will be released to radio on Oct. 12. FMQB is a reliable source for radio related information. However, the popular American Idol website MJSBIGBLOG has posted that that information is incorrect. The FMQB listing does not have a song title, however it is strongly favorable that it will be either a song called Strut, (written with American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi) or Time For Miracles, written for the upcoming movie 2012. Adamís debut album is scheduled to be released by 19R/RCA on Nov. 24 and pre-orders have shot the release to the #1 position at Amazon.
posted by Jason on Oct 06, 2009
Regardless of the nay-sayers, Adam is incredibly talented and is already headed for super stardom so get ready. I for one think he deserves it - that voice is remarkable.
posted by Angel on Oct 06, 2009
Lolita & Misery are one and the same and it's a couple of new monickers a glorified bitter fan of the other idol who has been found out so the need of new names. Notice how one hater's blog is followed by another or a couple more of hate blogs. It's because it's only one bitterfan spreading all the hate. May GOD bless his soul because he is a servant of Satan. All the hate that he spew will all come back to him and he will see it in the mirror - all the ugliness of those who serve Satan. GOD does not sleep. GOD is the avenger of those who pleases Him. And the more He makes them pleasing to the eye just like ADAM.
posted by Misery on Oct 05, 2009
Brian May lost his sense of music long ago. I also used to dig Robbie Williams, whose voice live is TERRIBLE. Some rockers just age badly. This guy is nothing more than a good singer like millions others. Without Idol, he would have kept being a nobody, which was more his size. Publicity can do so much. But after all USA worships shit like the CRappy Brothers and Miley Cyrus, so this one is in good company. He can at least sing.
posted by Lolita on Oct 05, 2009
The Fat Old singer wasn't dying for real in that fender bender (gotta tell to his retarded army of stupid fans.. they don't have brain). This guy is annoying. Another American Idiot promoted by giant machine, ready to annoy us all for a couple of years. Nobody knew about his "VOICE" before Idol brainwashing. It means it was not meant to annoy us. Lambert, try the drug diet: it works for your horrible acne and your fat belly. Your boyfriend on the other hand is quite good looking.
posted by revenge on Oct 05, 2009
posted by imrah on Oct 05, 2009
I preordered sountrack cd for 2012. I can't wait to hear it.Thank you for the article.
posted by virginia on Oct 05, 2009
I just can't wait to see the movie 2012 just to hear Adam's song and can't wait to get his album, which I preordered. Love this incredibly talented considerate young man!
posted by Belinda on Oct 05, 2009
This guy is truly a fag, I give him credit for trying to hid it in the show, but what can I say? You are what you are and he is more female than me ( and trust me I'm a very female one)... You all got obsessed with him for the fact that he is "different" I BET IN 2 YEARS YOU WOULDNT EVEN REMEMBER HIM... take care ya'll obssesed!!!! And get a life already!
posted by John on Oct 05, 2009
Is it a drag film? Than he's perfect for this lol.... He's so sooooo dramatic and theatrical!!!
posted by terie on Oct 05, 2009
Misery & Lolita ... one and the same? or two separate sad entities posting hateful comments about a very gentle, loving, caring human being who partnered himself with an organization founded to help our children in public schools who are interested in music and art appreciation. Too bad you can't see beauty from within when you are presented with it. ADAM is BEAUTIFUL!
posted by natalia on Oct 05, 2009
hi adam its the first time im taking to a did a good job on idel.we voted for you evry singil show you did good very good on the vinel show i like how you got up and did a good job and you sang your heart out and did your best pleas wite back your vevred van ever natalia ps how is evry thing going with you by.
posted by bejapol on Oct 05, 2009
"Love conquers hate" --Adam Lambert I love Adam... all you haters-- get a life, get a hobby, go pray, or meditate and then you will love yourself amen
posted by Jacki on Oct 05, 2009
So looking forward to the film, 2012, Time for Miracles & Adams new single & then his cd. He's the most exciting & talented singer to come around in a long time!
posted by sadie on Oct 05, 2009
I can't wait to hear this song. Lolita and Misery are the same person. Nothing better to do than read articles about someone you dislike. You are so pitiful.
posted by PlanetAdam on Oct 05, 2009
Beautiful. Talented. Adorable. Funny. Caring. Sweet. Gorgeous. Incredible Voice. Hot. Giving. I could go on and on. Ain't nothin' bad to say about my baby, Adam Lambert!!!
posted by facky on Oct 05, 2009
sound interesting,, love adam sooooooo much.. can't wait 4 that.
posted by elsi on Oct 05, 2009
As far as I'm concerned Adam Lambert is GOD.
posted by rock-a-holic on Oct 05, 2009
posted by Muzic2luv on Oct 05, 2009
Lolita & Misery - "anti-depressants?" Great response, Ariel! :) Can't wait for Adam's album and 2012 track! Saw Adam live in Atlanta (Duluth) - Ethereal voice that doesn't compare to anything I've heard on Itunes. Adam's voice and stage presence are surreal!
posted by Lizzy on Oct 05, 2009
That's an interesting shot. I can't wait to see this and whatever Adam does next. Unfortunately we have to wait a further week for his album here in the UK.
posted by dina on Oct 05, 2009
i absolutely love adam lambert. i am eager to hear his new songs, i also love the passion his fans have for him.
posted by B. on Oct 05, 2009
I'ts true! Misery does like company.And on this post,her name is Lolita! Leave Adam alone and go do something nice for someone.You'll feel better about yourselves when you redirect you issues towards a cause that doesn't involve trying do Adam-bash. He has done nothing to you except maybe make you feel inferior! Jealous much?
posted by alsj on Oct 05, 2009
It really irritates me that more than half the time press releases pair the least flattering pictures of Adam with their articles when the less photogenic shots represent no more than 10% of what's available. Adam is super cute to stunningly hot in virtually all the other photos. But to get a proper sense as to just how gorgeous & sexy Adam Lambert really is, the dynamic video captures on YT do far more justice than any still shot. Oh, and anybody who says Adam has a mediocre voice is just making a fool of themselves to the rest of us. Who do they think they're kidding ?!!!
posted by cbear on Oct 05, 2009
posted by zsuzsi on Oct 05, 2009
how sad that you take time to bash a gentle TALENTED soul who is helping unfortunate kids already Adam is an Artist and maybe he is not your cup of tea he is not fat his acne means nothig he is not auditioning for a skin cream commercial he is a tremendous talent and you have an accurate name misery but here we dont like your company and Lolitta get a life adam has numerous videos already and people knew him-so get alife and let us enjoy this extraordinary gift called adam lambert!!!!! i adre you to google adam lambert song of peace or his david foster songs you nitwits he is going to be ICONIC SO P.. OFF PLEASE, THANK YOU VICTORIA CANADA WE LOVE ADAM
posted by Super Sachiko on Oct 05, 2009
thanks for this article!! hey haters, guess what? I'm sorry that you have no lives, friends, or anything better to do then ruthlessly bash someone who does not deserve it... but you're unwanted here. please get lives and go far away. no one thinks you are important, no one cares what you have to say, and I don't know where you got the idea that they did.
posted by Shawn on Oct 05, 2009
this guy is pretty good I hope his album is good too
posted by notmisery on Oct 05, 2009
wtf is wrong with you loser miserable people??? Yes he can at least sing - and you know why he hasn't been "annoying" us with his voice - not because it wasn't meant to be - but because he is gay..that's're right about America worshipping garbage like Cyrus and the Jonas brothers - they are NOT talent...but they aren't gay either are they..and we wouldn't have a black president if it weren't for King - at one time people thought black people weren't meant to be heard grow up you twit...EFTARD is what you are.. this Lambert guy is better than Idol but I don't think he had much choice did he. If he were straight he wouldn't have had to do that - he even says that. you TARD
posted by Eve on Oct 05, 2009
Lolita & Misery: I am willing to bet you are both the epitome of your own insults. Jealous much?
posted by spinoc on Oct 05, 2009
Cannot wait to hear this song and see the video, I'm sure they are both amazing. Meanwhile Misery, I think your user name describes your own life. How sad to spend it reading about and commenting on someone you supposedly detest. Why don't you and your alter-ego Lolita go drown your miserable attitudes somewhere else so those of us who love Adam's voice and think he is beautiful inside and out can have a positive party here?
posted by Anne Barber on Oct 05, 2009
He has a wonderful voice. I am really looking forward to this movie. Plus, he is VERY easy on the eyes!
posted by MsSwwood on Oct 05, 2009
Screw anyone who doesn't like ADAM! There are enough of us who love to put him where he needs to be. Haters suck.
posted by Danny on Oct 05, 2009
Thanks for the article, I'm really looking forward to hearing what sound Adam is going to put out.
posted by iammiserable on Oct 05, 2009
Lolita-let me see how you look. I would like to be the judge of your appearance. I bet you are as ugly as they come, same with your buddy misery. Keep he/she company.
posted by Dave on Oct 05, 2009
I am looking forward to Adam's 2012 trac..He is the best AI has put out in a long time... AND for the haters, don't worry about them, they are just nasty kids saying what nasty kids say..they show up on ALL the articles, whether it be Miley, Britney etc. they hate everyone. They need help..SAD...
posted by Lolita & Misery on Oct 05, 2009
Adam will be laughing all the way to the bank with his talent and look at yourself in the mirror before you cast judgement on other people. Remember what goes around comes around in the end.
posted by free2love on Oct 05, 2009
Lolita, wow you can criticize somebody's singing but to criticize their appearance in such a horrible way is just sad if you dislike him so much why are you reading an article about him? i just dont get it.
posted by marg on Oct 05, 2009
Lolita & Misery...are you a couple? If not, should be... you're both depressed & negative, you could bounce your opinions off of each other instead of Adam's fans
posted by ariel on Oct 05, 2009
Wow, I think Misery is a good name for you. Have you considered anti-depressants?

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