'Dollhouse' 2.03 Preview: Belle Chose

October 03, 2009 06:28:24 GMT

Topher accidentally crosses Echo and Victor's imprints while they are on different assignments.

'Dollhouse' 2.03 Preview: Belle Chose
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In the third week of "Dollhouse", one small mistake causes a switch between the imprints of Echo and Victor. Echo is sent on an assignment as a fun-loving, seductive college student and Victor is imprinted as a psychotic killer. However, Echo is being imprinted with a male persona and vice versa.

The spotlight next week will be given to Victor. A Dollhouse shareholder comes to Adelle for a help with a psychotic family member. Adelle suggests that they can imprint Victor with his nephew who is out on a killing spree. Titled "Belle Chose", the episode airs on Friday, October 9.

Meanwhile, fans of the show can virtually bring Echo to life on their desktop through a new application set up by FOX. "Virtual Echo", which can be downloaded at, turns any computer screen into Echo's playground. She can walk onto the desktop, switch between her different personas and display her skill.


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