Snippet of Allison Iraheta's New Single 'Friday I'll Be Over U'

October 03, 2009 06:11:31 GMT

Allison Iraheta's first single from her December 1 release will arrive in full on October 5.

Snippet of Allison Iraheta's New Single 'Friday I'll Be Over U'
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Allison Iraheta has a brand new single called "Friday I'll Be Over U". She recently invited fans to call her line at 323-982-8897 to get a sneak peek into the new track which will be debuted Monday, October 5 on AOL Music.

"Friday I'll Be Over U" is confirmed to serve as the lead single from Allison's first studio album. "Start requesting it on your favorite radio station next week and dedicate it to that former-special-someone in your life," it was announced on her official website.

Allison Iraheta is yet to reveal working title for the upcoming album which is expected to come out across U.S. on December 1. Though so, several names have been unveiled as the ones who will be involved in the making of the effort. They are "Let It Rock" hitmaker Kevin Rudolf, who also works on Kris Allen and Adam Lambert's albums, and Evanescence's ex-member David Hodges among others.


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posted by money lover on Oct 10, 2009
i HATE it
posted by Emily on Oct 08, 2009
The song sucks! This is not what I expected her first single to sound like. Yeah she is a great singer, but I don't think this song is for her.
posted by chris on Oct 05, 2009
Mari, you must be high. She is no way as great as Kelly Clarkson. She has a very long way to go. Kelly is an extremely creative artist and songwriter.
posted by Silvio again on Oct 05, 2009
i just heard the full version. it's like Pink meets J-Pop meets Green Day
posted by Silvio on Oct 05, 2009
it's awesome, something that has been missing from the charts for a long time.
posted by Sabrina on Oct 04, 2009
WOW thats good.
posted by David archuleta\'s g on Oct 04, 2009
sounds GREAT!
posted by rory on Oct 04, 2009
posted by Mari on Oct 04, 2009
Thank God she ain't Kelly Clarkson, she's Allison Iraheta and damn proud of it and she's as good as Kelly.
posted by Jenna on Oct 04, 2009
Not enough in the clip to tell too much-- but Allison is great!
posted by Alan on Oct 04, 2009
Really talented authentic rock singer. Are they gonna over produce and autotune her as teen pop. I really hope not.
posted by nicole on Oct 04, 2009
i could barely hear anything in the clip..not a very good one. luckily its being released tomorrow so .. yayyyyy ;D lmao. but i would like to say how come kris and allison have come out with a single and adam hasen't yet .. we know the name of one of his songs which is for the movie 2012 but thats it and supposedly it wont be on his actual album so whats up with that ppl?!?!? lol wanting some adamtastic music lmao
posted by solchu on Oct 04, 2009
I LOVED IT!!!! I just can't wait
posted by Josh on Oct 03, 2009
How stuppid can you be to base your judgements on the sound by listening to a 15 sec song on the phone!!! Off course it's not gonna sound perfect!!! I love how it sounds
posted by mirrors on Oct 03, 2009
sounds like another Kelly Clarkson's break up songs.
posted by Ellie on Oct 03, 2009
I guess it's OK I mean I want to hear it when it goes on the radio.
posted by Brady on Oct 03, 2009
I love her to pieces, but I was praying that she would take more of an alternative rock idea than a Kelly Clarkson/ Pink pop-rock idea, so not thrilled with song so far.
posted by David on Oct 03, 2009
Oh...Her voice likes Kelly Clarkson who sang 'I DO NOT HOOK UP'. I'm waiting her Album!!!
posted by staciegirlie on Oct 03, 2009
Isn'teverything overproduced these days? That's the problem. People should get back to using real instruments in their recordings and minimum synths unless your name is Nick Rhodes who is the god of keyboards and synthesisers. Anyway, the snippet is too difficult to hear to make a judgment, but at least it doesn't sound like Britany or GaGa.
posted by Nubiaeck on Oct 03, 2009
I already pre-ordered several copies of her album. The snip is too short, but I know she is an amazing talent and the entire CD will be sensational! Allison ROCKS!
posted by J.C. on Oct 03, 2009
Going to buy it no doubt!
posted by CamilleOO3 on Oct 03, 2009
Love Allison and can't wait!
posted by Sam on Oct 03, 2009
Sounds way over produced to me. I can hardly hear her "voice".
posted by OB1 on Oct 03, 2009
Allison is super talented
posted by Silvia on Oct 03, 2009
Allison has the best voice even when she talks . I will buy it even if the songs are bad . Her voice is the bomb
posted by terie on Oct 03, 2009
Not much for me to draw any conclusions. Will have to wait for the album before I decide whether or not to buy it.
posted by chris on Oct 03, 2009
It didnt sound good, but maybe it was too short to judge. Kelly Clarkson she aint.

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