Katy Perry and Russell Brand Said Hooking Up in Thailand and London

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Said Hooking Up in Thailand and London

Rumored having a fling after their joint performance at MTV Video Music Awards last month, they are said having a getaway to Thailand and have been photographed together in London.

Speculation that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are dating is escalating yet again after both of them tweeted about holidaying in Thailand. The story, which is brought forth by The Sun, adds fuel to endless rumors claiming they have a secret fling which first emerged following their on-stage performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards last month.

It was after the awards show that Russell was reported sending her a love poem with an accompanying note that read, "Please send me a poem back." Katy, in response, sent him a picture of her breasts, scrawling the word "poem" across it. Amazed by her, the British actor immediately whisked Katy on an exotic trip to Thailand.

On Sunday, September 27, Russell tweeted, "I'm in Thailand is it right for non Buddhists to visit temples? Is it ok to snog the statues? Or claim to be the reincarnated Sidartha?Help!" Three days later, Katy tweeted, "After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready 2 face the real world again. Been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde & Peter Sellers ... inspired."

And while there isn't picture evidence of Katy and Russell's alleged Thailand getaway, the rumored lovers were photographed walking side by side in London on Friday, October 2. No confirmation or denial has been made by both stars and their camp regarding the dating report.

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    GaGa-Katy fan
    Oct 24, 2009


    Katy Perry Fan!
    Oct 04, 2009

    Okay Yuck! Come on katy you could get a better guy then this! he is just a talent less idiot!

    Oct 03, 2009

    Katy is the dark haired version of Jessica Simpson: talentless, stupid, and with a gorgeous cleavage. Just Brand's type for the few weeks ahead. Abnd not surprisingly, also John Manwhore Mayer hit that cage, just before Russell did. Katy Perry is very annoying, but I bet she can be good for a shag or two. Not more, though. Her voice after a couple of times might hurt.

    Oct 03, 2009

    Katy Perry is never relevant. Her breasts are. End of the story. Russell must be a good shagger. So ugly and always on the run... he definitely has to have something under his pants to catch ladies. Though Perry isn't a lady at all.

    Oct 03, 2009

    Katy Perry has horrible taste. He's looking like a caveman. She's got just one big talent: TITS. He must have another one, hence the hookin up: a BIG best friend in his trousers? Just sayin. Katy Perry has just learnt from her best Whore Friend Rihanna how to shag with the worst diseases and being chirping about it. Lame.

    Double gross
    Oct 03, 2009

    Ewww. He's a bipolar depressed addict (see his wikipedia page: you never recover from SO many addictions) and she's a talentless whore. Perfect match. He just wants to frisk her and she likes his peen. She's gross and he's grosser. Both have already a number of diseases anyway. Uninteresting news, really. Her 15 minutes of glory have already been past, his 1.5 minutes never came. But MTV shows love these two losers, so they can keep goin on wasting their lives for a while more. Ewww.

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