'Friday the 13th Part 2' Secures a 2010 Date

October 02, 2009 09:08:17 GMT

The thirteenth installment of the series and a follow-up to the February-released 'Friday the 13th' will head into theaters late summer 2010.

'Friday the 13th Part 2' Secures a 2010 Date
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New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have announced that they are moving forward with the sequel to 2009's "Friday the 13th" by setting up a release date. On Thursday, October 1, the studios revealed that they are aiming to bring "Friday the 13th Part 2" into theaters across America in summer of 2010.

The exact schedule for the release of this thirteenth installment in the series will be on August 13, 2010. On that particular date, "Part 2" will be up against Screen Gems' horror "Priest", which deals with a warrior priest who disobeys church law by teaming with a young sheriff and a priestess to track down a band of renegade vampires and get his kidnapped niece back.

The date has been teased by producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form earlier. "If it does get greenlit, and we are able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we will have the film opening on August 13th of 2010," they told MovieWeb at the time.

As for what this sequel will offer, the producers shared, "Jason is going to have a snowball fight. Look, for Friday the 13th II, which is a totally different film than A Nightmare on Elm Street, it needs to look different. It has a totally different feeling. We want to have fun." They added, "We want to present something that audiences haven't seen before. One of the things they haven't seen before is Jason in the snow. They haven't seen that before. Our goal is to bring them things they haven't seen."


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posted by Elder PREDATOR on Feb 19, 2011
They should just fuckin finally make a jason-vs-micheal movie that would kick sooo much ass put rob zombies micheal myers against the new jason voorhees and then lets c who would win!!!
posted by CRACKER HATER!!! on Feb 19, 2011
posted by cracker killa!!! on Feb 19, 2011
I like it when jason kills those fuckin red neck bologna smelling white pecker woods so fuck u n**** killer I,ll KILL U!!! BLACK POWER!!!
posted by rashadizzal on Feb 01, 2011
i hope jason run again in the scound friday the 13 like the first movie and i want to know what year will it come's out.
posted by lord of darkness on Sep 20, 2010
hey nigger hater be racist somewhere els man or u will be banned from this holy grayal , hey 'the black guy ' what u said about jason needing 2 kill more people thats true and i think they shud have maintained his looks and killing techniques from freddy vs jason
posted by nigger hater on Aug 28, 2010
I like when Jason kills those stinking fucking niggers...
posted by horror flick queen on Aug 23, 2010
I just realized something here, the remake part 2(if it happens)is going to be part 12 not the 13th installment. I keep reading everywhere that "part 2" is #13, but no, learn how to count ppl!!! Thanks
posted by horror flick queen on Aug 23, 2010
I saw both remakes of Friday and Nightmare. I think Friday wasn't all that great, but Nightmare was okay, but they totally needed Robert Englund to play his role!! Having Jason run or have a snow ball fight is the gayiest thing I've ever heard of!! We need Jason to kill more and not give a f@#k who it is!!!
posted by lord of darkness on Aug 18, 2010
well i agree with u dj trance when u put it that way but eventualy when he gets killed more in i hope 2 god future films he will be all dead like because the way u said he was more human in the 2009 1 he was also the very same in the origanall part 2 but as the films progressed thats when he got more dead walking no im not argueing with ur point but just correct me if im wrong ?
posted by Dj trance seabreez on Aug 12, 2010
i was thinking of a cosmic event bec. it's a 13th film but a "ParII" what r we doing rewrite the legend of Jason , but hey it's your project, don't upset the fans of the movie , but i do like the 2009 *Friday the 13th. makes Jason more human than a walking dead. of the past Fridays, Happy Friday the 13th tommow!!!
posted by lord of darkness on Jul 21, 2010
well 2 be honest i thaught there was 2 much change in jason in the remake but dont get me wrong they mmaintained alot of his original style so yea it would be a gud idea that they have jason in the snow but i hope there is much more killing in the next 1
posted by I\'ll suck a dick on Jul 20, 2010
I love all the remakes so far. I hope this one will be good. And h3 too. I love the 1st 2. And a nightmare on elm st better be good.
posted by i like this on May 24, 2010
it makes me sing like a gay boy in the shower :o oh the joy of this movie... WAIT SHIT THIS ISNT FAIRY PRINCESS MOVIE!! OMG NAH NUP NUP THIS MADE ME SHIT MY PANTS!
posted by KevRock52 on May 07, 2010
Vorhees for president
posted by taylor montgomery on May 06, 2010
the new nightmare was better than alllllllll the others way better than robert sorry rob but he is alout darker and scary all the others are like comedys
posted by whiterabbitearth on May 06, 2010
people dont know what ther saying jason is the best only one that sucked was jason x and even that was ok and its time for jason to start running agin kane had his dayand it was good but its time for a change like the new nightmare was alsome
posted by whiterabbitearth@gma on May 06, 2010
i love the new jason movie it was better then ever and i cant wait to see the next one part 2 i like the snow idea.
posted by robk1234 on Apr 24, 2010
i think jason shouldnt run. it makes it more terrifying if he doesn't coz it like even if you fun you can never get away from him. and i think he should be even more humanised, as people could think that it actually happens it makes it more terrifying.
posted by ace on Apr 13, 2010
whoooo!!!! yea holy crap the directors read my mind !!! hey make jason fight and kill a couple of marines cuz my friend thinks jst cuz marines are trained they can get him down bullcrap! oh and make him kill gangsters seriously they need to suck a dick! anyway yea and talk to the new director of halloween. kick rob zombie out. we want michael back! make michael wear the mask and dont eat omg michael and jason dont eat idc if theyre human or not that wuts seperates them. ooooo let jason flip over a car and him get shot in like the shoulder and then run up to the guy and kill him. hopefully they dont make him grunt or yell. ugh that wud b dumb. gosh im so excited !!!! yea if jason and michael fought it wud b a tie lol. it wud like never end. but freddy ha! hes dead in like the hour of the movie
posted by kl03jr04 on Mar 19, 2010
I've watched Jason since I was a little kid. I loved them back then and the new version was awesome! I think it is better when he runs and throwing the axe was definitly my favorite part of 2009 Jason Friday the 13. Its good that there is a refreshed version of Jason, I'll definitly be in the theater this summer! I can't wait
posted by jaredgore17 on Jan 17, 2010
i love the remake of jason and i got all the hot shit so im lookin forward to this sequel im lookin forward to jason in the snow i think that there might be a remake of freddy vs jason but if they do that they better put the new michael in it cause i wanna see these 3 scrap the top 3 boogeymen of horror go at it is awesome.
posted by erica on Jan 07, 2010
i do not give a fuk
posted by sade on Jan 07, 2010
ahhhhhhh i was scared to death watching this movie lord have mercy on me
posted by Ty on Nov 12, 2009
After this one, they need to get to work on a Freddy vs Jason vs Myers film. Robert Englund could be Freddy one last time. People have been wanting these three to go at it for a long LONG time. Freddy would use Myers similar to how he used Jason in FvsJ and all is going to plan until Jason crashes the party.
posted by xjoex94 on Nov 08, 2009
hey shut up sithlord they said its going to be differnent he's beter if he runs
posted by dondon on Oct 09, 2009
jason is better when he runs and they need to let him kill more with his hands. like ripping peoples jaws off and shit
posted by dick jared on Oct 03, 2009
dont call it part 2, it's the 13th film in the series, is has to capitalise on that in some way.
posted by sithlord on Oct 02, 2009
make sure jason dosn't run we want kane back !
posted by angel7170 on Oct 02, 2009
I hope its really scary! Cause the other scary movies I seen really are not good enough! I can't wait for the new horror adventure! SEE YA!

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