'Vampire Diaries' 1.05 Preview: You're Undead to Me

October 02, 2009 09:03:39 GMT

Elena begins to question Stefan and she takes the matter into her own hands by searching through the archives that consist news about him.

'Vampire Diaries' 1.05 Preview: You're Undead to Me
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In the October 8 episode of "The Vampire Diaries", Elena begins to suspect that something is not right with Stefan. The vampire, uncomfortable with the fact that he keeps the truth from Elena, eventually decides to reveal several parts of his past to her.

In another development, Stefan is hopeful that his plan to get rid of Damon is working while Elena and Jenna are concerned about Jeremy's relationship with Vicki. At a fund-raising car wash, Bonnie is surprised by abilities she didn't know she possessed, and seeks advice from her grandmother. Finally, Elena hears a disturbing story about the Salvatore family from a stranger.

Jasmine Guy guest stars as Bonnie's grandmother in the episode called "You're Undead to Me".

On another news, a new addition to the show will soon be introduced in the form of Arielle Kebbel. The Lindsay Forester of "Gilmore Girls" will appear as Stefan's "oldest and best vampire friend" named Lexie in the seventh episode airing October 22.

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posted by angel7170 on Oct 02, 2009
I rated it 5 stars!
posted by angel7170 on Oct 02, 2009
Cool! I watch the episodes now! The Vampire Diaries is a cool show! Plus its show the inner vampire secrets! PLUS A MESSAGE FOR THOSE TEEN MAGAZINES! The Vampire Diaries is not copying Twilight! Besides Vampire Diaries was written before Twilght! SEE YA!

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