David Archuleta Submitted for Best New Artist Contender at Grammys

October 01, 2009 07:22:57 GMT

Beside appearing on the Best New Artist list, David Archuleta is also among the contenders for next year's Grammys nominees of Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

David Archuleta
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Grammys submissions for its 52nd annual event have been leaked. And, David Archuleta's name appears on Best New Artist list along with other "American Idol" alumni; David Cook, Melinda Doolittle, Michael Johns and Brooke White among others.

In addition, David is also listed on the submissions of Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. Nominations for the 2010 Grammys will be announced on December 2.

As for its winners, they will be revealed at a gala ceremony which will take place on January 31 next year at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Two nights before the event is kicked off, Neil Young will be honored as MusiCares Person of the Year.

Some of "American Idol" alumni on 2010 Grammys submissions:

Best New Artist: (360 entries)

Record of the Year: (721 entries) Album of the Year: (565 entries) Song of the Year: (730 entrie)
  • "A Little Too Not Over You" - David Archuleta, Matthew Gerrard, Mike Krompass and Robbie Nevil
  • "Already Gone" - Kelly Clarkson and Ryan Tedder
  • "Blessings" - Tatiana Nicole (Del Toro)
  • "Here Comes Goodbye" - Clint Lagerberg and Chris Sligh
  • "Life After You" - Chris Daughtry, Brett James, Chad Kroeger and Joey Moi
  • "Sad Song" - Sam Hollander, Dave Katz and Blake Lewis
Best Pop Vocal Album: (220 entries) Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: (123 entries)


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posted by romzkychantiaco on Jan 29, 2011
he must have a grammy award
posted by joelyne on Oct 11, 2009
david deserves the award... he is always doing his best.. :)!!!!!!!
posted by LucindaAlice on Oct 11, 2009
I am so happy for David Archuleta! Even if he doesn't win a single award, being nominated so many times is such an honor and knowing him, he must be so humbled and appreciative. I love to think about how excited he must be! God bless, David! We love you!
posted by mara08 on Oct 09, 2009
Sorry Vicky!!! Relax!!!!The lists are only submissions yet. On December 2 we will know who will be nominated for the awards. Who knows "your Fave" will be nominated.....then you can sing along, happy and bla, bla, bla about that. OK?
posted by mara08 on Oct 09, 2009
Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, Your "Fave" is nominated less than "the other"?? I'm so sorry, I can understand how you feel. But please don't try to rationalize your opinion because it doesn't make sense at all. The committee of the Grammy or who ever they are know what to do, maybe you don't. So relax ,be nice and be happy for others. If I were you, I'll be happy that "your fave" is also nominated for "best new artist"!!!
posted by Reality on Oct 07, 2009
The title of the article shows it's about David Archuleta. If someone doesn't want to read about David Archuleta, they shouldn't click on the link to articles with his name in them. There are probably articles about Cook and all others on the internet so people wanting to read about his nominations should google it and remember not to click on the ones with David Archuleta in the title.
posted by chenise manns on Oct 07, 2009
I hope DAVID ARCHULETA wins all the categories he's nominated for!! Without a doubt his debut album was GREAT!!, no matter what those DAVID ARCHULETA's haters (DAVID COOK's fans) says. I'm sure his 2009 x-mas album & 2nd pop album will be GREAT!! as well 10/07/09
posted by Peter Pan on Oct 06, 2009
posted by pio09 on Oct 04, 2009
David archuleta is the best. I wish he will get the "Best New Artist!!!!
posted by good luck david arch on Oct 04, 2009
it won't be the end of the world if he's not nominated, as he has plenty of time to continue honing his musical craft. it would be nice if he were. that's all the fans are trying to relay - that he is as deserving to be considered for a nomination as anyone else. the grammy's make these decisions based on more than fan opinion, album sales and airplay, so it makes most of these artists pretty much even going into the process. good luck to him.
posted by ec on Oct 04, 2009
David A is truly a gifted artist. He deserves all good things to come for him. I hope Grammy nominating committee would recognize his talent and hardwork.
posted by divine49 on Oct 04, 2009
David's time will come guys. Even if he doesn't win this time. He has been blessed with such a voice that only comforts the soul. He is medicine to mine and others. Only god knows what is in store for him. Have faith.
posted by Robin711 on Oct 03, 2009
David Archuleta is a true musical prodigy and deserves to be nominated in several categories. He is a phenomenal singer and I wish him the best of luck!
posted by still bitter after o on Oct 03, 2009
vicky is a cook fan scared witless that archuleta just may get a nomination. archuleta still causes them heartburn, because as long as he is still on the scene, getting recognition and notice for his talent, without the propping up and ass kissing of 19e and the idol machine, it makes more people wonder how in the heck he lost to cook. and the comparison isn't good. they can use album sales all they want - cook should have sold 2 or 3x the amount he has with all the promo he's had, so archuleta has really done a fine job holding his own his first year out. and you know what - cook can have the title of ai winner. but in the end, as archuleta continues maturing as an artist, he will be the one to garner more industry cred and awards. he still has room to grow. what new does cook have to offer...''crickets''... i say he deserves a nom.
posted by oh really on Oct 03, 2009
tsk, tsk vicky. i'll take that one hit, the one that is on the cusp of 2x platinum over no hits - like many new artists strive for and never have. i'll take that gold album at 720k sold so far over those more established artists who are struggling to sell half that amount now...and how do you know how the industry views david archuleta - you're just like everyone else - you have an opinion. an opinion. the grammy committee has the last word. adele won best new arist last year after selling considerably less than archuleta, and having no hit at all, so don't tell me it's out of the realm of possibility. and you can go elsewhere with the tired claymates reference. it's the refuge of those haters who have nothing else they can use to try and disparage archuleta and his fans. fans have good reason to love this young man - 18 years old, stellar vocals, amazing versatility, no ego, humble, caring. he is who he is - he isn't trying to portray or be something he is not. all he's doing is letting his talent speak for him, and if folks like yourself don't get it - your loss. he's here to stay, so get used to it.
posted by Vicky on Oct 03, 2009
Reading the comments here about David Archuleta & his fans "reverence" of him only reminds me of the Claymates. David is talented yes, but right now he is a one hit wonder & is viewed as such by the industry. His radio airplay has dropped considerably & is almost non-existant because there's only so many times you can play "Crush" & "A Little Too Not Over You" never really got off the ground. Many artists touch people by their music & they never received Grammys. That is not a good reason to get nominated. These are only submissions & labels throw as much as they can & see if anything sticks. Regarding the "Demi Lovato" tour, many concerts had to be cancelled due to poor sales & even at highly discounted rates. He is a nice young man but I can't see him as a Grammy winner this time around. Even Daughtry never got a grammy. I can't even see him as a nominee in any category this season.
posted by To Vicky on Oct 03, 2009
To clarify that the last 3 concerts were cancelled last minute by Demi's management. Only DEMI. David was notified 3 days before the concerts. People who travel from all ALL OVER THE WORLD to just to see David were crushed. The fans and David have suffered huge financial loss because of sudden cancelations. All the plane tickets, hotels reservations, plans to meet with friends were gone in minute. It was done as I said a the last minute and David was not even able to schedule a make up concert at those date. He however kept his responsibilities and appeared on the radio shows in those towns. The other dates when Demi had to cancel her concerts David scheduled his own solo concerts in those cities and they were ALL SOLD OUT. The they were large venues. All his tour performances got amazing reviews from critics. David had a solo tour in early spring and it was SOLD OUT literally in 5 min. ECenter in SLC was the fastest sell out in many years. I live in VA and I went to SLC to meet with my friends who traveled from all cities in US as well as Europe, Latin America, Canada and Asia. When Two David went to Manila,Philippines they performed in front of 50,000 people sold out seated venue. The total amount of people were present a the concert were counted up to 100,000. Can anybody top that? David won 5 TCAs and the Male Rising Star award at ALMA. If you have never heard his performance at the ALMA I highly recommend it. He deserves every single Grammy nomination. David is an amazing talent and incredible human being.
posted by Davide on Oct 03, 2009
needed here
posted by Clau on Oct 03, 2009
David has been work very hard for this. He was a wonderful voice. There are some singer that they not have that kind of voice and they win some Grammy's why dont give the opportunity to a real talent to win.
posted by VJ on Oct 03, 2009
Chachi- Yes, David is definitely still recording! He's got a Christmas CD coming out Oct 13, and is working on his next pop album. He's also been touring non-stop (both a solo tour, and opening for McFly and Demi Lovato), performed for the Womens US Open and ALMA Awards, and won an award for Year in Music at the ALMAs...and after a year finally had time off to get his wisdom teeth removed. He's a busy little beaver.
posted by Jane (Philippines) on Oct 03, 2009
Yey! I'm sooo happy for David. :)
posted by maxine on Oct 03, 2009
truth be told, well said! David Archuleta is more than just a gifted singer/artist, his music is therapy for me and better than spa treatment!
posted by truth be told... on Oct 02, 2009
truth be told cook fans posting here, the number of albums sold, or submissions tallied has no bearing on the reason archuleta is more deserving of the bna nomination. this is the reson... archuleta is indeed an a r t i s t. he is an a r t i s t on a level unseen in this business, for decades. artists, true artists, are never readily appreciated nor readily accepted when they come on the scene. pop music has strayed so far from its roots that it's taking the culture a while to readjust their sensibilities to a real, bona fide, masterclass musical artist in their realm. david is all that - and more. he is already on a level vocally singers 2x his age and experience would kill for. and his youth gives him more years to refine his special genius. disagree all you want, but there is a gulf dividing david from the majority of performers in pop music today, and through no fault of his own, he will always be a cut above, artistically. archuleta for the nomination. archuleta for best new a r t i s t.
posted by BD on Oct 02, 2009
Good luck to David Archuleta!!
posted by cool on Oct 02, 2009
why are some people sounds so bitter?geez?be happy with what you've got with your fav...just saying! DAVID ARCHULETA deserves the recognitions for the grammy awards.i pray that he gets nominated for THE BEST NEW ARTIST and BEST MALE POP VOCAL awards.we archies are very happy that jive submitted his name for the clearly shows how confident they are with david's talent. based on the grammys criteria on voting ,this is not abt the sales or airplay of a certain songs, it's abt the talent and the accomplishments the artist has achieved in the past years in order to be eligible for the in this regards, david archuleta surely fits for the nomination....i am just so proud of david archuleta!
posted by :) on Oct 02, 2009
yey!! archie's the best!
posted by jana on Oct 02, 2009
So happy that David Archuleta is getting the recognition he so richly deserves. All the submissions are hugely talented..and seem to be great people I might add. David A. has the edge on them for the simple reason that he is so unique and so dang talented vocally..there just isn't anybody quite like him out there..he is very unique from an "image" standpoint also, just a real STAR..with staying power. That being said..good luck to ALL, but David A. is my choice!
posted by fireflies on Oct 02, 2009
Go David Archuleta!! Yes is is still very much around and doing great! Hopefully more of his music will be played on the radio in the near future. He really can sing anything and sing it with class!!!
posted by yolanda on Oct 02, 2009
David is a positive musical force that cannot be ignored. His artistry is beyond brilliant. He truly deserves to be recognized. Music is David.
posted by Sparkles on Oct 02, 2009
David Archuleta is so deserving of all his submissions. I hope he is nominated in some of the categories noted. David is the best vocal talent to come on the scene in decades. His voice is so pure and rich. You can understand the words when he sings. His singing touches your heart and lets your spirit soars.
posted by lct on Oct 02, 2009
David Archuleta has worked very hard as well! He hasn't had a break since he left AI. Solo tour, touring in Singapore, Malaysia, Phillapines, UK, and touring with Demi Lovato. With no promotion from Jive or AI or even a million dollar contract - he's managed to pull off 3 teen choice awards and an ALMA award. Not too shabby!
posted by lct on Oct 02, 2009
David Archuleta has worked very hard as well! He hasn't had a break since he left AI. Solo tour, touring in Singapore, Malaysia, Phillapines, UK, and touring with Demi Lovato. With no promotion from Jive or AI or even a million dollar contract - he's managed to pull off 3 teen choice awards and an ALMA award. Not too shabby!
posted by Kathy on Oct 02, 2009
David Archuleta's voice is very special and it draws you in. He stands out from all other performers in the business today. His performance on the Alma Awards was perfection. He deserves best new artist, he's so unique and has the voice that reaches into your soul.
posted by ArcheyFan on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta so deserves Best Pop Album & Best Male Pop Vocal Performance ... and he is definitely my Best New Artist. I'm so hooked on David Archuleta's music! I've been to a lot of his concerts because he is just amazing and talented -- especially on a stage. Give that guy a microphone and WHOA the music he produces is just amazing for someone his age. I just love him! I would definitely tune in to the Awards show if David was going to win an award -- even should have him perform also -- you will be amazed too!
posted by mandi on Oct 01, 2009
So glad David was nominated for Best New Artist.He really has been working hard in his post idol days and has grown sooo much as an artist.His performance at ALMA... Contigo An La Distancia was flawless.Good luck to him!!
posted by Mhel on Oct 01, 2009
David archuleta deserves the noms for best new Artists and best male pop vocal cats...he is beyond amazing and i hope the judges will recognize that! Go david archuleta! You deserve to get nominated and win the grammys!!!!! We are so very proud of you and kudos to jive, finally!!!
posted by melanie on Oct 01, 2009
really would like to see archuleta get a best new artist nod. the guy has had a great year for a new artist, and we know how tough it is for a guy in the pop music realm to get any props. david has the mad vocals, the good looks, charisma and great musical instincts to be one of the best we've seen. good luck to him - hope he is nominated.
posted by JR on Oct 01, 2009
To think that these nominations are based on what David Archuleta has accomplished earlier this year, or actually last year. With his Christmas album almost here, his performances on the Alma awards and the U.S. Tennis Open, this is only a peek at what is yet to come. Would love to see him win best new artist. Amazing artist and human being. Bravo David.
posted by joelhss on Oct 01, 2009
Best New Artist has David Archuleta's name on it. He has been all over the place this year. I have seen him live twice and he is the best live performer I have ever seen. That is because he can actually sing and he can sing anything. He will definitely be around for many years to come. He is only 18 and getting better and better. I like him for all categories he is nominated in.
posted by Amy (in VA) on Oct 01, 2009
My heart is racing at the sheer possibility of David winning a Grammy! He is the most deserving artist in the business. David's voice is beyond incredible, but when you add his musicality, his work ethic, his self-respect, his connection to his fans, his generosity, his.....well, you get the picture. David is the type of person our world needs to celebrate! Someone with strong values, but a gentle way of getting them across. I love the way he role models - he takes that responsibility seriously. I have been and will always been an avid supporter of David and his music! So glad the world is starting to really notice the most amazing talent of our time!
posted by pam05 on Oct 01, 2009
I would love to see David win all categories, however we know he has alot of competition. I would love for him to at least win Best New Artist. His voice is like a fine tuned instrument, and when he sings he has a connection to his audience. You can feel his emotion, not many artist's can do that like he doe's. I wish him the best of luck.
posted by riuriu on Oct 01, 2009
'me' thats because its only 'some' of the list.
posted by Me on Oct 01, 2009
It is interesting that you left David Cooks name off many of the categories that he was submitted for. Why is that?
posted by casey on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta is an amazing talent. How that's recognized is a story that's just now being told.
posted by gramma on Oct 01, 2009
I too think that david totally should be recognized as best new artist because that's what he is. And even though I'm "gramma" and not of the teen and tween population, I love David. But would someone please answer a question for me which I don't understand. To me, his album has songs that are my favorites. The album has been out for a nearly a year, and those songs aren't getting played on radio. My favorites are "To Be With You", "You Can", "Angels", and "Your Eyes Don't Lie". Everyone who has his album can, of course, play these songs at will, but why don't they introduce them to others sooner rather than later?
posted by RiuRiu on Oct 01, 2009
Good Luck to him!
posted by shayla on Oct 01, 2009
All I want for Christmas is for David to be nominated in even one category! He's amazing in talent and character and really deserves the recogniton.
posted by pam05 on Oct 01, 2009
Best of luck to David Archuleta. A brilliant performer he is, I am so amazed at the maturity of his voice when he sings. I hope he wins in all categories!!!
posted by Music Lover on Oct 01, 2009
Hmmm, it's interesting that the only time David Cook is mentioned in this article is in the Best New Artist Category. Apparently the writer of this article isn't too thorough with research. Here are David Cook's other submission categories. Album of the Year (DCTR) Record of the Year (LO and CBTM) Song of the Year (LO and CBTM) Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance (LO and CBTM) Best Rock Song (LO and CBTM) Best Rock Album (DCTR) Best Short-Form Music Video (LO and CBTM)
posted by FG on Oct 01, 2009
gahhhhhh Go David! Some call us David fans crazy, but we are just in love with the sweetest, most awesomely talented and kind-hearted guy in the business! LOVE YOU David!
posted by Karen on Oct 01, 2009
'Best New Artist' category fits David Archuleta like a glove! He should be nominated in this category and win, no question. I'd love to see him win in the other categories, as well, coz he so deserves the accolades. David is a once in a generation talent and is endearing beyond words. I've never been a fan of anyone but am over the world for this amazing young guy. Have traveled better than 10,000 miles to see David sing seven times and am holding my breath in anticipation for the next opportunity. Along with a zillion other people, I love him to distraction.
posted by Keith on Oct 01, 2009
Well, David deserves to win Best New Artist not only cuz he has been working hard but also he is mad talented.
posted by heidjoy on Oct 01, 2009
David is definitely the best new artist which he has won @ Teen Choice awards and Alma 9Latin artist) Now up for Grammy nominations. I deinitely wish that for him as he has given so much in music and charities.
posted by georgia on Oct 01, 2009
Go david you are awesome!! You deserve EVERYTHING you've got......
posted by Carol on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta deserves to be nominated and win a Grammy. He is so talented and works so hard to please his fans. His voice and character says it all. I believe just like David that everything happens for a reason. Go David Archuleta
posted by Kathy on Oct 01, 2009
Yes, David deserves all of those nominations but BEST NEW ARTIST says it all. I so hope he wins this recognition, he is one of the best vocalist that has come around in a long time. Shine on David!
posted by Sally on Oct 01, 2009
Crush was not submitted this year because it was last year. Can't be submitted twice.
posted by Sally on Oct 01, 2009
Is this a Archie fan site or what. Do some research next time. DA was submitted in 7 catagories while Season 7 AI winner David Cook was submitted in 9. David Cook should get the nomination and win. He is the hardest working artist from S7 (125 plus concerts) with 2 platinum singles and a platinum album. At least give the impression that you do your research.
posted by TrudyFOD on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta is amazing! I love his music and am a huge fan! I think David is an amazing singer / songwriter and love his pop / soulful music. Would love to see him win in all the categories he's been nominated for! David has been working so hard this past year since his self-titled album came out. I still listen to his album every day!
posted by christine on Oct 01, 2009
Wow! That would be so neat to see David Archuleta's name for some nomination! He's is growing leaps and bounds this past year! Best New Artist sounds really perfect match for him. We'll wait and see I guess!
posted by malia08 on Oct 01, 2009
I'm so happy for David A. He deserves to be reqognized as amazing singer, amazing person. He is nominated for "ALTNOY", I wonder why not for "Crush"?
posted by RISTYNC on Oct 01, 2009
posted by weeds48 on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta has a VOICE for all ages. His personality is genuine, loyal, and best of all, REAL. I don't see that in young people so much...
posted by Sammie on Oct 01, 2009
At least you could get your lists right. Is this a DA blog or what. David Cook is also submitted for BNA and if SALES had anything to do with it, he would win hands down over DA. Sorry but 2 platinum singles and a platinum album top what DA has done. Next time try and get you facts straight. Better go check the lists again.
posted by nana on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta deserves to be nominated as Best New Artist and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - hopes he wins both. Hopes Grammy Comm. recognizes his tremendous talent.
posted by nana on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta deserves tobe nominated as Best New Artist and ◦Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - hopes he wins both. Hopes Grammy Comm. recognizes his tremendous talent.
posted by Marylee on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta deserves a nomination & a WIN for Best New Artist...he has worked tirelessly since the very beginning of Idol. He is beyond dedicated to his career, not to mention his personal integrity! His recent appearance on the ALMA Awards was absolutely stunning and proves his versatility as an artist. I hope that the nominating committee will recognize his tremendous efforts. He is truly deserving of a WIN! SHINE ON DAVID!!
posted by anonymous on Oct 01, 2009
david archuleta for best new artist - yes :) i hope he is nominated by the committee, and i hope that nomination leads to a win. congratulations on the submission, and good luck david !
posted by Nancy on Oct 01, 2009
If they do research on David A. they will see how hard the boy works to accomplish his success and what a great and talented person he is...He so deserves Best New Artist!
posted by Cyn on Oct 01, 2009
Funny his records have not gone platinum or stayed on the charts very long. David Cook was also nominated for several areas, where is your coverage on that? Is all this attention because he was #2 on AI?
posted by Chickee on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta is so deserving of a Grammy. His voice has captivated me since his first days on Idol time and time again. His presence on the stage is unprecedented; just electrifying. I can think of no other artist who is as deserving of this award as David Archuleta.
posted by dafan on Oct 01, 2009
yes - david deserves both a nomination, and a win for best new artist.... i hope the grammy's do right by him, as he is deserving.
posted by dafan on Oct 01, 2009
yes - david deserves both a nomination, and a win for best new artist.... i hope the grammy's do right by him, as he is deserving.
posted by ME!! on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta deserves all the great recognition the world can offer; he is an incredibly amazing artist and a beautiful human being. I would love for him to be nominated and win BEST NEW ARTIST; well, I would love for him to be nominated and win all Grammys :) I'm sure he will be winning a lot of Grammys and other awards in the future. David has an incredible successful music career ahead of him.
posted by CHACHI on Oct 01, 2009
Is Archie still recording? Haven't even heard him on the radio in 6 to 8 months, when Crush went away. Glad he's still around. Good kid.
posted by boyet on Oct 01, 2009
yes, i do hope that david will get the final rounds of nominations. it would be nice to hear his name mentioned at the grammy's. even better if he wins the best new artist! he so derserves this one. his album is okay but i'm not going to count on him winning the best album. it was so rushed and the songs were too middle-of-the-road for me. if his voice wasn't heavenly, the album would definitely flop. but his voice was the saving grace and of course the best song in the album crush.
posted by JassBLow on Oct 01, 2009
I <3 David A!
posted by indyarchieluvr on Oct 01, 2009
David so deserves to be nominated and win!!! He is such an amazing singer and performer. He never ceases to amaze me. Hope he wins!!!
posted by indyarchieluvr on Oct 01, 2009
David is so deserving to be nominated. He never ceases to amaze me. He is such an amazing singer and performer. Hope he wins!!
posted by congrats Archie! on Oct 01, 2009
guys preorder David's new album on amazon and remember buy it on 10/9/09 on Amazon, but if you wanna a copy from Waltmart, buy it too!!
posted by kim on Oct 01, 2009
Oh wouldn't it be just wonderful if he was nominated?! eeek!
posted by Maria Seattle on Oct 01, 2009
David Deserve each one of them. He is amazing!!!
posted by booger on Oct 01, 2009
He's not been nominated yet, just "submitted". Along with hundreds of others. It's nice, but doesn't yet mean anything, really.
posted by imrose on Oct 01, 2009
After seeing David Archuleta perform Contigo en la Distancia and having heard David A. in concert for American Idol and the his performances solo and with the Demi Lovato tour and having heard his album all year long since last November and having heard the rest of the nominees, yes David Archuleta is genius and mindblowingly beautiful.
posted by Mary on Oct 01, 2009
yes, at least post your facts right about who is nominated for what. This is so obvious a DA promo it's blatant.
posted by nana on Oct 01, 2009
David Archuleta for Best New Artist. I adore this young man. He has tremendous talent
posted by Ingrid on Oct 01, 2009
I Hope He get nominated and win, I love his album He deserve Good luck **
posted by Vivian on Oct 01, 2009
I am happy that Jive sumitted David for these various Grammy categories. He is more than qualified and even more deserving. I hope the Grammy nominating committee give David a nod especially for BEST NEW ARTIST, BEST MALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE, and BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM.
posted by caitlin on Oct 01, 2009
OMG! David Archuleta soooo deserves all the awards! His talent is unbelievable! His live performances are electric! YAY DAVID!!
posted by WOW on Oct 01, 2009
I am not an AI fan but I do have to say after seeing a young man perform on the ALMA awards I had to do a search to find out everything about him! I won't miss the next season of AI!
posted by Alynne on Oct 01, 2009
David has touched so many people in a positive way through his music! He's a best new artist if there ever was a best new artist, the best new artist ever imo. His album is great. I love every song, and then his performance talent, oh my stars, will blow you away. So happy he's been submitted. Hope he gets nominated and wins!!

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