'Camp Rock 2' Invites Fans to Join the Filming

September 29, 2009 03:01:20 GMT

Be a part of 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' as the enthusiastic crowd in a concert by registering before October 1.

'Camp Rock 2' Invites Fans to Join the Filming
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Fans of Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers can actually meet them in person and be a part of their TV movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam". A registration is opened for boys and girls aged 12 to 22 who are willing to participate as the audience in the performance scenes. The shooting will be held in Toronto over the course of six days starting October 1.

The scene is taking place at an undisclosed outdoor theater but it is emphasized that it won't be a real concert. Thus, fans will have to be quiet when they are needed to and cheer when asked. "There will be some performances, but they may be fragmented. You will be playing the part of an enthusiastic crowd," part of the information is read. Participants will not be paid but will be provided with warm meal.

Registration and other informations are available at Coin Flip. As of news time, registration is temporarily disabled due to high demand.

A sequel to "Camp Rock", "The Final Jam" will see the characters played by Demi Lovato, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas returning to the camp, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star. Disney Channel schedules the TV movie to premiere summer 2010.


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posted by DONNA ROSARIO on Mar 06, 2011
posted by camprock :) on Feb 28, 2011
Hey Im 15 And I would love to join this :) you guys are awesome
posted by michelle on Nov 01, 2010
l want join camp rock
posted by Dylan Connery on Oct 02, 2010
Hi im 10 and i would love to be in camp rock. I love your show. I would Really Like To join. Demi I love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by jvfdijsizjg on Sep 07, 2010
hey guys camp rocks
posted by campstarfan on Aug 28, 2010
i luz 2 work w/ dajobros & demilovato but i wanna c if i can be in campstar 4 now.
posted by miah morris <3 campr on Jul 17, 2010
i would love to be on the premires of my camp rock 2 with demi lavato she is awsome i want this badly so please pick meee ...<3
posted by maryamlovesjonas on Mar 03, 2010
yeah i was an extra on wednesday october 14th. :D it was so fun. the producers sat me first row. met all the cast and crew. :D i miss that day so bad. joe talked to me :D !
posted by camprrock2babe 23 on Oct 23, 2009
my dream is to be famous and to go on camp rock and I can be the best gril ever it is beause I want to it is always my dream to be famous and to be on tv and I do want to meet the jonas brothers but also to follow my dreams .
posted by Joeee<3 on Oct 15, 2009
joes mineee. back off.
posted by x.Cs.x on Oct 15, 2009
ha. warm. the meals were groos. it was fun tho
posted by dudewhoknows on Oct 08, 2009
Registration is over. If you didn't register, too bad!
posted by Mrs.Joe Jonas Wife on Oct 06, 2009
JOE i love u with all my heart honestley sometimes in my room i pretend im rocking out on stage with you! you rock
posted by prncss92 on Oct 06, 2009
does anyone know when they finish filming and the jonas brothers leave toronto?
posted by lola on Oct 06, 2009
i love them so much joe ur my everthing!!!!i hope i go
posted by tammy on Oct 05, 2009
does anyone know where i can take my 5 yr old daughter to get close to jonas brothers???
posted by Mrs.JoeJonas on Oct 04, 2009
I love jb espically joe.!xxxxxxxx<3
posted by Mrs.JoeJonas on Oct 04, 2009
Omj.! Is there another site because I love in espically JOE .!!!!<33 Im from the UK but I would fly over justto be in it.!
posted by Davide on Oct 03, 2009
needed here
posted by stfujonashaters! on Oct 03, 2009
me & my friends got in, and we've been on set for 2 nights. met nick & kevin. going back all next week.
posted by willian on Sep 30, 2009
I love Demi lovato and jonas brother they are cutie together aslo i love Demi and Nick Or Joe should be together 4. Demi looks great with Both one of them should meriad to Miss Demi lovato Beautiful name and nice hair
posted by halibutron on Sep 30, 2009
jonas brothers are fucking gay them dumb fucks fimled that shity ass movie in my town at the inestone not the fucking toronto most of the people in hat movie are from my school FUCK JONas BROTHERS
posted by actress on Sep 30, 2009
so ... the site's not working anymore . what does this mean ? is registration finished or are they gonna have a new site ?
posted by nothing on Sep 30, 2009
they opened registration up for a couple hours yesterday night. they will probably keep doing that so have hope!
posted by eliza on Sep 30, 2009
i wish you came to malta i relly like camp rock and i can't wait for camp rock 2
posted by crissyjonas on Sep 29, 2009
ok does anyone know if the registration is going to open back up? cause it says its only temporarily disabled, so when will it open back up? cause i really wanna do it! i live right under toronto so getting there would be a breeze!
posted by demi and jb lover on Sep 29, 2009
i so want to be there but i live so far away.
posted by demi lovato on Sep 29, 2009
hey guys
posted by MRSJOEJONAS! on Sep 29, 2009
oh my jonas i so want to be in this but i can't get to toronto considering the fact that i live in the UK. i am a HUGE JoBro fan, shown by the fact that i flew to Texas to do the iWin Joe Jonas Fun Run and see them in concert. i even met Honor Society!
posted by orlandoxoxox on Sep 29, 2009
it would accually make my whole life if i could be in camp rock 2, i live very very close to toronto, and this is the only chance people around here get to be in a big TV movie unlike people that live in L.A, its my dream to be be in this movie :( PLEASE PLEASE open the site back up, i would give anything to register :(
posted by MRS. NICK JONAS on Sep 29, 2009
I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS <3 <3 i praying that they put the registeration back up PLEASE TELL ME if there is another site to go on
posted by MRS. NICK JONAS on Sep 29, 2009
I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS <3 <3 i praying that they put the registeration back up PLEASE TELL ME if there is another site to go on
posted by mrs. nick jonas on Sep 29, 2009
do u know when its going to go back up
posted by Beavers on Sep 29, 2009
I love the Jonas Brothers and I also love the Downsview Beavers! :)
posted by JONASFOREVER on Sep 29, 2009
This is awesome. I really want to be in this movie but I wont be able to get to Toronto. :( Even though I can't be there I at least wanted to register just to see if I would get picked but registration is closed because so many people want to do it.
posted by fan on Sep 29, 2009
Yesterday i REgistered but I THOUGHT no one would come with me so i back out and now my other friend was like it would make her day if she went so i try to register again but now its DISABLED!!
posted by Julissa rdz on Sep 29, 2009
love you Nick JoNaS..!!! *HoT*
posted by camprock2babe on Sep 29, 2009
posted by camprock2babe on Sep 29, 2009
and what if we can't register again omj soo many ppl registserd and they already took september 30th and oct 1st down ohh no im freakin out im dumb i had the best oppurtunity to register early i didn;t cuz i didn't see the register link plz someone tell me i have a chance and that the link will be enabled again
posted by camprock2babe on Sep 29, 2009
i have to do this if they pur back up the registration i will luv them i will do anything to do this they have to put it back up i should have regitsered right away but idk why i didn;t im dumb
posted by camprrock2babe on Sep 29, 2009
i have to do this is it too late i would have registered sooner i could have its my own fault i was too excited i have too do this will they put it back up or are they checkin all thr registers and not doin more regitsers that would suck i will die plz put it back upp

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