Petition Started to Bring Back 'The Beautiful Life'

September 28, 2009 06:34:04 GMT

Star Corbin Bleu is in high spirit to keep the show alive by posting a link for fans to chip in their signatures.

Petition Started to Bring Back 'The Beautiful Life'
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While executive producer Ashton Kutcher prefers to remain mum about the cancellation of "The Beautiful Life: TBL", actor Corbin Bleu took it to his Twitter to express his disappointment toward the decision. To his fans, the 20-year-old even posted a link that accommodates signatures as a petition to keep the show alive.

"I want to say thanks to all who were fans of and supported The Beautiful Life," he wrote. "I had a wonderful experience with a talented crew & cast! I look forward to other challenging opportunities that lay ahead and that will help me to continue to grow as an artist. God bless & Gdnite."

A day later on September 26, he included a link to the petition from all the fans of "TBL" that don't want the series to be canceled. As of news time, the number has almost reached 9,000 signatures.

The CW officially pulled the plug on Friday, September 25 after only two episodes were aired. This week, the network will air the re-run of "Melrose Place" in place of the show.

In a phone interview with Teen Television, Bleu spilled what may come up if the series didn't get the ax. "I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'm sorry that you won't get a chance to continue to see who is the father of Sonia's baby! Isaac had some really, really cool stuff coming up. There is a whole other character that was going to show up but it's all good," he said.

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posted by Sam on Mar 24, 2010
The Beautiful Life needs to come back
posted by Jenny on Mar 24, 2010
me to i want it back
posted by Ann on Mar 24, 2010
My friend got me into this so now really bummed out cuz i really wanted to buy it on dvd but now cant cuz they cancelled it wasnt happy when my girl told me they cancelled it
posted by snowboarding girl on Mar 24, 2010
posted by Alyssa on Mar 24, 2010
i agree needs to come back me and my girls miss this show
posted by tvgirl on Mar 24, 2010
I love The Beautiful Life needs to come back i love this show and so bummed out that they cancelled it
posted by laughinggirl on Mar 24, 2010
Love this show and please bring it back want to watch more
posted by musicgirl1820 on Mar 24, 2010
want it to come back i love this show
posted by Kimmy on Dec 29, 2009
posted by marrr.ox on Nov 11, 2009
I loved this show! Please bring it back, I think there is potential there. Just look at the first few episodes of any other decent drama series, they improve and this one didn't even have a chance at making it. There were many great actors and a good story line was in the making.
posted by annon on Oct 22, 2009
posted by DeeDee on Oct 12, 2009
Thanks for spreading the word. This show deserved more than just 2 episodes to be aired. It's sad, & I hate the CW now... They suck! TBL rules!
posted by Zack on Oct 06, 2009
The beautiful life is far better than most shows. It just need time to build up. It was Brand Ne!
posted by Gabbe on Sep 30, 2009
Why do they cancel THIS and not like.. One tree hill of Melrose place.. That's really unfair.. After twi episodes?? Come on!!!
posted by disappointed on Sep 30, 2009
TBL was a great show, please bring it back or atleast release it online so we can watch it over the internet! I live in Australia so have to watch it online anyway...please!
posted by abbey on Sep 29, 2009
sorry, twenty seventh season**
posted by abbey on Sep 29, 2009
i agree with 'dissapointed'.. melrose place was terrible. and they stll have like the 27th episode of oth, but they cant add a new show? doesnt make sense..
posted by abbey on Sep 29, 2009
it was not terrible. farthest from terrible. it was very real. what really happens in hollywood, and the model world. something real, other than those fluffy annoying Tv shows like Gossip Girl that are a bunch of rich spoiled, typicals. bring back this show, i know alot of people that liked it, and want it back!
posted by disapointed on Sep 28, 2009
so they cancel a beautiful life, yet the most Cr*p show ever (melrose place) is still running?
posted by lois on Sep 28, 2009
Hope it has chance to come back.I don't like melrose place at all. Pleae like it come back or on another network it would be nice.
posted by Anonymous on Sep 28, 2009
If we are honest with ourselves, TBL was absolutely terrible which is why it lost over half a million viewers in its second show. I couldn't watch the first episode after 20 minutes.

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