Charlie Sheen Hints 'Two and a Half Men' Retirement

September 22, 2009 08:24:48 GMT

This running seventh season may be the last one for the actor who portrays Jack's cool uncle because he wants to concentrate on family.

Charlie Sheen Hints 'Two and a Half Men' Retirement
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While attending Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20, Charlie Sheen stopped for a quick word with Extra, to whom he hints a retirement. The actor said cryptically that his days as Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men" maybe over after his contract with the studio reaches the end.

"I got five kids, I've got amazing wife. There is life outside of show business," Sheen said on the red carpet. He added further, "It's been a great run. This is my last contract year, so maybe it's up to CBS and Warner Bros." The half-hour comedy show is airing its seventh season and thus it would be the final season for Sheen if he indeed quits.

Charlie Sheen is married to Brooke Mueller who gave birth to their twin sons last year. He also has two daughters from his failed marriage to Denise Richards and another one from girlfriend Paula Profit.

"Two and a Half Men" was one of the winners at the Emmys. Jon Cryer, who plays the other Harper brother, won Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy. Sheen, however, lost to Alec Baldwin from "30 Rock" in nabbing the Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy.


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posted by BigFan on May 30, 2010
Don't Leave Charlie!!Two and a Half Men is my favorite Tv Show and it is the show I always watch.Without Charlie in the show is just not right cause your the star.PLS dont leave.
posted by Tracey on Apr 14, 2010
Charlie Sheen...if you retire, what is the ENTIRE WORLD going to watch. Your show has the very best cast of any show that I have seen. PLEASE, you can't retire yet!!!!!!!
posted by bill bataa on Mar 25, 2010
this is one of the best tv show. i hope you stay at least a few more years no matter what you do you are still charlie harper to us. i wish you the best and you are the best!
posted by jabby on Mar 01, 2010
just so you know I dont think michael j fox will be able to fill in for you. No offence mjf :) bttf ftw
posted by epaq on Feb 21, 2010
Me my cousin and my brother have been watching the show for years now, and we love it. We always rounded ourselves to be characters, and I was Charlie, my brother wa\s Alan, and my cousin is usually rose. I am only 13 years old and want the show to stay on air, but still also want Charlie to keep n=his role as Charlie Harper. I hope he does what his fans want the most, because ive always watched you in movies and shows. If you leave, we will miss you Charlie.
posted by edna on Jan 24, 2010
i think that charlie should get back to who the real charlie harper.charlie i am a 48year woman whose been watching you on tv and in movies,see it's like we grown up please leave the show i won't have nothing to watch if you leave,my boyfriend and i look forward to monday nights because of you,berta,jake, viv,allen,rose,but not chelsea can't stand her.if you all do end the show,end it where jake is 21 and the three of yous finally get to go to vegas and win really big.please,give us fans a few more years with you guys,your like family/judith&bert too.\ please!!!!
posted by Jarian Williams on Oct 20, 2009
Since Charlie Sheen is leaving Two and a half men after this season, I think the show should end after this season.
posted by MickaTheMan on Oct 03, 2009
hey Charlie, theres always a way. let cbs understand that if they want to continue with you they'll have to accomodate your family. me and my 80year old mum love the show. you all are great actors. it is a special formula u all have. I am sure if you go about it the right way you will have heaps of time for your family and little time for the show. mabye do an episode per month. better than no u. cheers mate
posted by spanky on Sep 29, 2009
charlie the show is great but bring back the womanizer charlie harper and jake and berta the new chicks gotta go
posted by anniefan93 on Sep 25, 2009
Charlie DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!! You are the greatest part on this show! Two and a half Men is my favorite show on television and it would be absolutely NOTHING without you. Stay the Woman eating, drinking man, jingle-writing character you are!!! We love you Charlie Sheen/Charlie Harper!
posted by sammy on Sep 24, 2009
please dont go charlie.we love the show and its got so much more left!you could do so much with it
posted by tito13 on Sep 24, 2009
posted by just me on Sep 24, 2009
Great show! I hope it does not end anytime soon!!!! I love two and a half men!!!!! Don't leave the show Charlie Sheen!!! Please!
posted by roses2paint on Sep 23, 2009
Charlie Sheen and the cast have captured a unique side of humor close to reality in a lot of ways. Sure will miss this show if it doesn't continue. Balancing family can be really tough with x's to deal my eyes he really did look smashing on the red carpet. Loved the mauve. Judges can be so mean. They don't get the parenting thing. Hope you all can hang in there for one more year. Perhaps get some more domestic help...good luck and LOVE YOU ALL on the cast of Two and a Half Men!
posted by Rosella on Sep 22, 2009
Actually, Charlie Sheen portrays Jake's uncle, not Jack's. I hope this isn't the last season of Two and a Half Men. It's my favorite show on television, and I would miss it too much. I know it can't be on forever, but I was hoping for at least two or three more seasons.

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