Frankie Jonas Is Miley Cyrus' Most Favorite Jonas Brother

September 18, 2009 06:54:38 GMT

"I'm going to go with Frankie, the little one," Miley tells Jay Leno when he asks her to name her favorite Jonas brother.

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus had no hesitation to mention the name of Frankie Jonas when Jay Leno asked her during a taping for "The Jay Leno Show" on Wednesday night, September 16 on who is her favorite Jonas brother. "I'm going to go with Frankie, the little one," said the Disney actress-singer without giving the reason why.

16-year-old Miley famously dated Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers in 2005. They broke up in 2007 and she then began dating underwear model Justin Gaston. Earlier this year, Miley was reported getting back together with Nick after her love relationship with Justin ended. Neither of the two young stars has ever confirmed or denied the story though.

In her further interview with Jay Leno, Miley Cyrus also opened up about her dream job should she isn't an entertainer. "I'd be a wedding planner," she noted. "I decided that the other day. I heard somebody putting their wedding together the other day and I was like, yikes, I need to take over."

She, moreover, took time to address nowadays' hot topic, Kanye West's rant at this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 13. Weighing in on the matter, she told Jay "I would've said, 'Rude, disrespectful,' but I think I just would've had to tell him to let me finish my speech. So I'm glad she got to do that" when referring to the hip-hop performer and his victim Taylor Swift.


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posted by nurcan on Mar 20, 2013
posted by hali on Oct 17, 2010
posted by HALI on Oct 17, 2010
posted by matt on Mar 26, 2010
hi miley cyrus i love you joe and kevin and nick jonas there little brother frankie jonas is your favoite jonas brother yor little sister noah cyrus is so cute
posted by FRANCIA on Jan 07, 2010
HI! MILEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mchm on Sep 28, 2009
ok, here's the deal, if you hate her soooo much, why do you even bother to comment? I think you're just jealous you'll never have half the talent miley has!!
posted by montana hannah on Sep 28, 2009
I read an interview where miley said that no matter how many tiems they asked her who was her fave jonas, she'd always say nick.... or in this case, at least think about it!
posted by Fuck you bitch on Sep 23, 2009
whoever "Miley cyrus is hot is", the fact that you have that username makes me want you to get shot. The JB aren't faggots you dumb fuck. And at least they aren't a 16 year old desperate cunt who still wishes she was in nick jonas's jeans. FUCK OFF you dumb shit. haha maybe you and miley should get together and make teeth-cursed, hill billy slut babies. Fucktard
posted by Miley Cyrus is hot on Sep 20, 2009
(no one likes her how is she still popular? she cant sing. jonas brothers selena and demi r all better and cooler then her.) who ever wrote that needs to be shot with there own shit JB are starting too lose there fans cause they keep singing kiddie and girl songs (Fucking Faggots), while Miley Cyrus (16) is moving on she wants and older audience and she knows whats she doing, Party in the USA is another hit, like the others 'The Climb, and Fly on the Wall' probably from 10 years from now new kids that will start listening and judging in there music won't even te Jonas Brothers existed, and sang out of tune.
posted by ? on Sep 19, 2009
who is she? dont only 10 year olds like her?
posted by blahh on Sep 19, 2009
no one likes her how is she still popular? she cant sing. jonas brothers selena and demi r all better and cooler then her.
posted by samantha on Sep 19, 2009
ew slut
posted by mileycyrusnumberonef on Sep 19, 2009
i love you miley bot you said that nick jonas was you favorite but is ok you said that frankie is i am ok with that but i wish you and nick got back together you look two look cute together....
posted by ashley on Sep 19, 2009
if she wants to be a wedding planner then why doesn't she? She sucks at singing anyways and is a horrible role-model. and puh-leez we know ur fave jonas is nick who u don't deserve
posted by jblover on Sep 19, 2009
posted by joejonasgurl32 on Sep 19, 2009
i love the jonas brothers more then miley........
posted by izzy on Sep 18, 2009
Of course she went with the safest answer and said Frankie. This really isn't news. The Jonas Brothers use the Frankie answer to avoid answering potentially controversial questions also.
posted by Mee on Sep 18, 2009
I love nick jonas!!!!
posted by v on Sep 18, 2009
of course she had to say that! i mean that would of being a big rumor if she said Nick! however, i know nick is her favorite she even said it a while back when she was interviewed on the view! i love her! she is great! i wish they would date again!
posted by lisa on Sep 18, 2009
miley we know that nick would have yelled at u if u said the was on tv so u made the right decision saying frankie we all know nick is your favorite
posted by Anastasia on Sep 18, 2009
hi miley,i know nick is yo fav but any way i like frankie too.please reply if you hav read this.
posted by HONNAH MONTANA on Sep 18, 2009
posted by HONNAH MONTANA on Sep 18, 2009

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