Adam Lambert Pens 'Strut' With Kara DioGuardi

September 18, 2009 04:23:17 GMT

Adam Lambert has 'a Depeche Mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem' for upcoming album, and a song called 'Time for Miracles' for '2012' soundtrack.

Adam Lambert
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Rumor suggesting that Adam Lambert will get help from "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi is proven true. On the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, it is confirmed that the runner-up of Idol season 8 writes a song called "Strut" with her.

"I love that stuff that makes you feel sexy, puts you in a good mood," Lambert told the publication. "The song is supposed to be a confidence booster. The message is 'be yourself. Let it all hang out'."

No release date has been shared by the magazine in regard of the new song. Instead, it teases that the track will be "a Depeche Mode - meets - Queen self-empowerment anthem that highlights Lambert's range."

In another news, it has been uncovered that Adam Lambert's song which will serve as a theme song for upcoming movie "2012 (2009)" is called "Time for Miracles". The working title for the so-called "classic rock ballad" song is attached to the film's latest poster.

Lambert will drop his post-Idol album across U.S. on November 24. Beside working with Kara DioGuardi, he also enters studio with Kevin Rudolf, OneRepublic's vocalist Ryan Tedder, Sam Sparro as well as top-notch producers Linda Perry and RedOne.


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posted by ClaireBear on Nov 09, 2009
Adam Lamberts album comes out November 23 not 24 but i dont care buying his and Kris cd
posted by sharonzee on Oct 12, 2009
yeah im sure philippines loves adam lambert! and people will buy his cd.he is an integral kind of a talent fresh and original. nobody would dare to buy kris' yaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk
posted by nik111 on Oct 10, 2009
It will be my first and only download for 2009. I agree, Adam is in with Lady Gaga and Madonna, as pushing the envelope. Very inspiring.
posted by woogie on Oct 03, 2009
i will be the very very first on line to buy Adam's album.
posted by reneestpat on Sep 30, 2009
Don't the Cheetah Girls have a song called Strut?
posted by lady_indo on Sep 29, 2009
he's da real winne' f american idol s i'v seen
posted by Jan on Sep 28, 2009
I am another baby boomer who wants to say that I believe Adam Lambert is one of if not "the" most exciting new performer to arrive on the scene since Elvis. I wonder if there are a lot of other boomers out there who feel the same way. I love watching American Idol, but I must say I think they will never find another singer as exciting,talented,edgy, charismatic, intelligent and well-spoken all adding up to the"IT" factor!
posted by terie on Sep 27, 2009
I watched FLASH FORWARD too hoping to hear MAD WORLD. I contacted ABC about it but I guess that's up to TPTB ... anyway I gave them my opinion about it ... hope it helped. I kind of liked the show too so I'll keep watching in spite of no MAD WORLD. Maybe if enough people contact them they'll consider using it in the future episodes ... it's worth a try.
posted by Esperance on Sep 24, 2009
Watched Fast Forward tonight. Think I could get into the show but did not hear Mad World by Adam and was hoping I would...anyone know what gives?
posted by terie on Sep 24, 2009
RockStar Weekly has an article about ADAM being in an upcoming MOVIE ... "the Zodiak Show: Metamorphosis". Also another article I Googled says ADAM'S single is due to be released 10/12 ... no title given ... but ADAM said Time For Miracles is made for the movie not the album. Check out Google for some of his recent interviews ... that's where I heard it.
posted by janesams on Sep 23, 2009
even for us older boomers, Adam lambert is a musical genius, innovative, fresh and edgy. We haven't had a lot of that since queen, police, laupert, thriller.... He is a sound for hungry ears
posted by joceffvan on Sep 21, 2009
Oh Adam. His song will definitely be number one here in the Philippines and elsewhere.
posted by Anneika on Sep 19, 2009
I'm glad Adam is co-writing the song with Kara. means he has a say how i should go. 'No Boundaries' is not bad at all but it should not have been given as the Winner's Song because it is a very challenging song to sing. Only a good singer with range would do it justice. First time I heard it I just said that it's such a difficult hurried wordy song. Too many words to memorize, very challenging high notes and difficult phrasing. You have to catch your breath to sing it and belt it out. It is a song for belters not like Kris. And it sounds better for a girl, maybe like Kelly. I didn't like the song at first but listening to Adam's version, it is such a beautiful song, a beautiful rendition.
posted by becky on Sep 19, 2009
I really can't seeing them release Time For Miracles so soon since the movie isn't coming out until Nov.13. If the song is already out there that will take away ticket sales for the movie, since many people who wouldn't normally go see a disaster flick, would likely go just to hear Adam's song!
posted by jen on Sep 19, 2009
@DMARTIN82 Adam doesn't know Kevin Griffin! Get yo facts straight! Anyway can't wait to hear Adam's music. Working with Kara won't be so bad because he is working WITH her, so he has alot more say in it other than Kara penning a song and making Adam sing it! At least he is co-writing with her:)
posted by Mary on Sep 19, 2009
I listened to Kara's version of the song and she should be the one to sing it as it fits her. I do not know what the cd's of the idols will be like, but some of the past idols are doing great and I expect some of season 8 will. I like both Adam and Kris. Both are different artist that appeal to different audience. All will be happy.
posted by lizziegs on Sep 19, 2009
I think the song sounds great. Can't wait for the whole album!
posted by mikasho on Sep 18, 2009
Love, love, love Adam. Ugh, going through serious withdrawal now that the idol tour is over (no more concerts, Youtube vids of Adam singing!!). Adam has been a huge inspiration to all his fans, and I am waiting breathlessly for the release of his first single. To hear his beautiful voice soar is to experience a piece of heaven.
posted by lover girl!!! on Sep 18, 2009
Can't hardly wait!!!! Thank you GOD for ADAM!!!!
posted by Dorena on Sep 18, 2009
Me too!! Leak Time for Miracles now!
posted by cayman on Sep 18, 2009
Can hardly wait for his music to start hitting the shelves, I am buying everything, he is an amazing talent and can sing anything! Hope there are many years of music and videos!!!!!
posted by SCat on Sep 18, 2009
Can't wait - Rumour mill is saying that the Time For Miracles song will be released next week along with a video - YES!!!
posted by mick on Sep 18, 2009
Oh, God. I hope Kara is a good songwriter because "No Boundaries" was such a flop. Adam is so amazingly talented and I hope he doesn't get stuck working with her because of his IDOL contract. Well, he can make any song phenomenal, and there will be at least a dozen on the cd. So, I can't wait!
posted by terie on Sep 18, 2009
I am also anticipating all of ADAM'S forthcoming music as well as watching the ABC fall series FLASH FORWARD which featured ADAM'S MAD WORLD in it's promo ... wonder if they'll be using it as the theme song for the program ... HOPE SO!!!
posted by Lisa on Sep 18, 2009
I will be waiting to buy his album as soon as I possibly can! Love him!
posted by Adam Fan in Californ on Sep 18, 2009
I cannot wait for Adam's album! . . Dear November 24, hurry the hell up and get here already! ADAM ROCKS!
posted by Sandra on Sep 18, 2009
It's very telling, I think, that Rolling Stone writes that it is anticipating 48 fall albums, but the magazine chose to publish one on-line photo with this short item - that of Adam Lambert. Surely this indicates that major critics find his album is the most anticipated. Can't wait to hear it!
posted by grace on Sep 18, 2009
I didn't vote for Adam but I'd be interested in hearing his music. Then I'll decide if I want to buy it. I wish him well because he seems a likeable young man.
posted by DMARTIN82 on Sep 18, 2009
posted by adamslave on Sep 18, 2009
I agree "vogliobeneAdam" - one song a day. He could open the dang newspaper each day and sing and article for all I care. I just want to HEAR that VOICE hit those NOTES!!
posted by Kevin on Sep 18, 2009
American Idol always picks those No Boundries songs that have no boundries of bordom. The way it looks, the biggies in the music and film world are calling Adam because they want the best with no boundries.
posted by Mona on Sep 18, 2009
Now that the tour is over, the idols will be standing on different ground. They will not have a planned tour but will have to make itwith the talent they have in hopes of sales. Really that is what it is all about, sales..I read a post where someone thought it was unfair that Kris Allen the winner did not get the opportunity to sing the song for 2012. It is the big leagues that pick who they want that have nothing to do with the competition. Kris is good, but sounds so much like every other praise band leader and even so, that genre has many who over shadow him like Big Daddy Weave. I am so glad each of the idols are going into different genres that will boost their career and that they will be noticed beyond the Idol show. I do believe that Adam Lambert is going to have opportunities due to the fact that he is multi talented and original. I believe this about Allison Ireheta. You can recognize their voices on the radio, Megan, has a voice that stands out because it is always off key, the others including Kris Allen sound like many and will be having to fight harder to have the originality it will take to make it in the industry. When Elvis appeared on the scene, many were shocked and would only show him from the waist up. I do not think he would have won American Idol next to Pat Boone, but Elivis became the king Adam is alot like Elvis a show stopper. Even the judges of American Idol knew Adam is the show stopper and will go international and that is what the judges were looking for, an international star that had to be original.
posted by emm on Sep 18, 2009
posted by Angel on Sep 18, 2009
I'm just so happy there will be this CD I will be listening to Nov 24th onwards. ADAM gives joy to my heart.
posted by vogliobeneAdam on Sep 18, 2009
wish he'd release one song EVERYDAY!!! would it really matter what kind of song he sings?? for me whatever he sings, it's heaven!!! man!!! it's Adam Lambert the god given voice!!! XD i'm going nuts!! serious withdrawal ever!!!
posted by JLM on Sep 18, 2009
Kara is actually a very sought after song writer so I am sure Adam wouldn't go with it if it wasn't good. No Boundries was not their choice. I am definately having withdrawls now that the tour ended so I just can't wait till his stuff starts coming out!!!
posted by JB on Sep 18, 2009
No Boundaries actually had some good parts. They should take it apart and rewrite it. Some of the melody is sticking in my head. Maybe Adam will help Kara put it together into a total package.

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