Kathy Griffin Vs. Kate Gosselin on Upcoming 'The View'

Kathy Griffin Vs. Kate Gosselin on Upcoming 'The View'

The two reality stars will finally meet each other since they both have been tapped to be the guest hosts of September 18 episode.

There could be a tension this coming Friday because "The View" is not only featuring Kathy Griffin as a co-host but also bringing back Kate Gosselin on the same day. Kathy, who notoriously puts the Gosselins as the objects of her jokes, will face off the divorced mother in person.

According to Chicago Sun-Times, Kate is welcomed back to the show although she just appeared on Tuesday. The sole purpose is to have her confronting the comedienne. Kate is to tape the segment, which would be her third in the show, on Thursday, September 17.

Kathy previously put on a wig that resembles Kate's iconic hairstyle for a skit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". In the parody, Kathy portrays a Kate who is so absorbed by the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that she is ignorant to her eight kids and cheating husband.

While signing for her new book back on September 8, Kathy also said "I would like to say that Jon Gosselin is right and Kate Gosselin abused me as well. That's a primetime exclusive." She added, "Jon Gosselin is a tool and he knows it, and everyone in Reading, Pennsylvania knows it."

For Kathy herself, this coming episode of "The View" is an important one because she was unceremoniously banned from it a couple of years ago.

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    Hi there
    Sep 19, 2009

    Griffin is an extremely ugly woman - even with all the plastic surgery she is still difficult to look at. No wonder she made fun of Kate - she is so jealous. Actually, she looked very good imitating Kate - that is the best she has ever looked.

    Kate Tas Trophy
    Sep 17, 2009

    Look forward to watching it tomorrow! Can't stand Kate Gosselin who appears to be smiling nervously or is just all smiles because she thinks she has 'arrived'.

    Karen Tester
    Sep 17, 2009

    Those big mouths on The View are all talk but gave Kate an easy pass. I have no respect for Kate because she trashes people while she is on TV and they have no way to state their side of the story. I really feel for the previous owers of her mansion. How humiliated they must feel. Refrigeratos get moldy when left closed and there in no electricity. Did she have to go on and on about that for the whole show. What a drama queen. Don't think they left their previous houses spic and span. There was crap in the garage as they closed the door and left. Shouldn't the new owners there go on TV and trash talk Jon and Kate about the condition of the house. KATE DOESN'T CARE WHO SHE TEARS APART ON TV. Poor Aunt Jodi and the chewing gum on the sock and toy that Kate was going to throw away. Could Kate not have said that gum stuff to Jodi in private and not on TV? She is just trash and doesn't care who she throws under the bus. Jon should have put her in the cage with the dogs and sent her off. Not that he isn't a punk himself.

    Karen Tester
    Sep 17, 2009

    OMG. Why don't those big mouth mamas on the View ask Kate some hard questions instead of dancing around her? Like - Why did she castrate Jon (the Punk) for 10 years? Why does she still complain she doesn't have enough money? Why did she embarrass the previous owners of the mansion about the frig when the mold probablyhappened becaust the electricirty was turned off. Why did she trash talk and embarrass people who worked for her, like the one day cleaning lady as she walked out the gararge side door and she could hardly understand English. Why did she show no repsect for those people?

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