Chris Brown Has Something to Prove on New Single, Swizz Beatz Says

September 17, 2009 03:31:59 GMT

According to Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown has got something to prove on the Lil Wayne-featuring single 'Transformer' which is expected to come out sometime soon.

Chris Brown
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Chris Brown indeed will make a duet with Lil Wayne on new single titled "Transformer", singer/producer Swizz Beatz confirmed. The song is promised to be brought to surface sometime soon with its accompanying music video going into production later on.

"He's got something to prove," Swizz told MTV about what to expect from Chris on the new track. "He worked on 60, 70 songs. He's just on fire. I told him, 'Listen, man, just stay focused on your music. They gonna throw shots at you. Time heals everything'."

"He has great support; his mother is amazing," Swizz continued making reference to the support Chris received following his altercation with Rihanna back in February. "I was really scoping out the situation, it could have been something I didn't want to be around, but I really got a great vibe. Honestly."

On Weezy's part meanwhile, Swizz said there is no doubt about the rap mogul's ability in making hit singles. "The Wayne part is just nothing to talk about. He really showed his a-- on this one. It's probably the best feature verse since the 'It's Me [Bi---es]' remix. He really went in on the 'Transformer' joint," the producer explained.


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posted by me on Oct 01, 2009
chris has nothing to prove. he is already a star with millions of fans world wide. we are sick of you in the media talking the same old shi+ about nothing..move on!
posted by sam :) x on Sep 22, 2009
chris brown i love you :) you are getting back into things please come on tour again you were great :) xxxxx
posted by kali2122 on Sep 17, 2009
yo chris apologized for that...get over it...quit holding it against him...keep doin your thing chris we love you

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