'Big Brother' Crowns Jordan Lloyd as Winner

September 16, 2009 04:56:02 GMT

The 22-year-old was separated from Natalie Martinez by 3 votes on the eleventh season's finale.

'Big Brother' Crowns Jordan Lloyd as Winner
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After 73 days shield from the outside world, Jordan Lloyd came out of the "Big Brother" house $500,000 richer. The 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, N.C. beat 24-year-old student Natalie Martinez on the season finale airing Tuesday, September 15.

Jordan first beat Kevin Campbell during the tiebreaker and evicted him. Kevin and the last six evictees on the show except for Chima Simone then became the members of Jury who will determine who should be crowned the winner. The panel interrogated Jordan and Natalie separately regarding their games before casting in their votes.

Jordan won by five votes with Russell Kairouz and Kevin favoring Natalie. Making use of the prize, Jordan said she would put a down payment on a house for her mother and brother, give money to her cousins for college and buy herself a new car.

31-year-old salesman Jeff Schroeder meanwhile, won the America's Favorite player title and went home with $25,000 in cash. "It wasn't even close," host Julie Chen said about the votes from audience.

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posted by SLAYERinOKC on Sep 16, 2009
I know it's Jordan's money to do with what she wants but come on. This waitress from North Caronlina plans on getting a house for her mom and free loading brothers, and then has an Aunt with some kids she's gonna send to college. Hey Jordan, do you have any aspirations of your own? Ever plan on having kids someday? Ever wanna leave waitressing and go to college yourself? Geez...why not just burn the 500K...
posted by lyannah on Sep 16, 2009
jordan is so lucky big brother africa is better ande more interesting
posted by mpesky1 on Sep 16, 2009
I am thrilled that jordan won...I would like to know if her and jeff are an item...she seemed kind of cold to him last night

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