Video: Kanye West Apologizing on 'Jay Leno Show'

September 15, 2009 07:37:36 GMT

'It was wrong. It wasn't a spectacle. It was someone's emotion that I stepped on,' a gloomy-looking Kanye West told Jay Leno.

Video: Kanye West Apologizing on 'Jay Leno Show'
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Kanye West provided Jay Leno a last-minute topic to discuss on the series premiere of "The Jay Leno Show" Monday, September 14. The rapper infamously cut off Taylor Swift's acceptance speech of Best Female Video at MTV Video Music Awards and he was on the talk show to apologize for the umpteenth time.

West was actually booked to be a musical guest there and Leno himself noted that the interview was unplanned. Welcomed with applause, West showed no smile at all when delivering his apology and even paused for quite a moment in one question.

Leno first of all asked "How was your day?", to which West immediately responded with "It's been really difficult. I'm just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away from a talented artist or from anywhere." He continued with the bigger picture, saying "I only wanted to help people. All my life I only wanted to give and do something that I felt was right."

"It was just very rude, period," West added. "I'd like to apologize to her in person." He admitted to have realized that it was wrong after he handed Swift back the mic and she didn't say anything.

Leno brought back the subject of West's late mother and asked him what she would have thought about the incident. West gave a good 20 seconds of pause before saying "Obviously, I deal with hurt, and so many celebrities, they never take the time off, and I never took the time off, really. I've really never taken the time off. It's been music after music and tour after tour. And I'm just ashamed my hurt caused someone else hurt."

The short interview was ended with a handshake and West preparing to sing "Run This Town" with Jay-Z and Rihanna.


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posted by Naz on Sep 21, 2009
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Note to Iris. It is a shame isn't it that for all the civil rights legislation thats been passed in this country that people can say such hurtful things on here...and that people can have the audacity to think they can just jump up on a stage on national TV, grab the mic out of someones hand like they own the stage and that it would be ok? Was he raised in a barn? Yeah that is pretty hurtful too don't you think. Don't forget about the statement Kanye made by jumping up in front of a non-black person and acting like the street trash he is. People would be talking about kicking some white _ss if the tables were turned honey, so don't get all sanctimoneous on us. We saw in the 90s how a whole city was made to pay for the acts of a few. And Taylor didn't even do anything wrong. Hats off to Beyonce for showing that somone of color can act like they were born in this century and not the last.
posted by ... on Sep 15, 2009
And one more comment "?", have you never heard of the term "reverse discrimination"??? These are incorporated into government racial ethics hiring programs that require quotas to be placed on the number of "minorities" that are to be hired for a given department. The intent was to correct the problem of whites getting hired over other qualified people of colour. What this means is that it no longer matters who is MOST qualified for the job but whether a quota can be met to quiet claims of racism. I'm sorry but if I'm burning in a building, I want the most physically qualified PERSON to be rescuing me...make sense?
posted by Iris on Sep 15, 2009
Reading many of the words and tonality of the comments posted here are disturbing. Because they are just as hurtful and wrong as Kayne's actions. Funny how we can freely speak of our emotions and thoughts here on the post but don't view them as being on the same interpersonal level of Kayne's to Taylor.
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Here here "...". You point out an interesting trend. There are many sides of racism if you want to get down to it. The ugly side which is what we all know and have experienced and can get very emotional about. But the "positive" side of racism, and thats what it is folks, is what we call multi-culturalism. We now promote and allow communities to segragate themselves when there have been generations of laws, such as school busing, fighting that same thing. So now we just pick and choose the Civil Rights laws we want.....cause we can? If I am a Muslim. If I am Chinese. If I am a Somali. If I am a Kurd. If I am Mexican, I can congregate and make schools or businesses that no one else is allowed. But not for Caucasians. We all fought for decades to make that go away. So now, just because it comes from the black community, it makes it right? We aren't stupid crackers out here ya know!
posted by L Swaggn on Sep 15, 2009
Remember people, Jay Leno had West scheduled to perform DAYS BEFORE the VMA's. This was NOT a last minute deal to have him on the show. Question is, should Leno had let West on the show after the fact?!?
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Hey ?. I grew up on the south side of Detroit and yes I know what its like to be slammed for my color. I went to an elementary school where the black/white ratio was 90% to ten just after the race riots and I KNOW racism in its ugliest....and NOT from non-colors. As a non-black, you had to either become violent yourself or you got your _ss kicked on a regular basis. I point out the double standard and hypocrisy of the black community, like Bill Cosby would do. Our culture allows pathetic examples of humanity like Kanye to victimize people like Taylor and then try and write it off as just a drunk thug acting out. I'm talking about the implications BEHIND the act. Whatever. And you don't think I watch all the comedy shows with black comedians making all those RACIST cracker comments? DOUBLE STANDARDS. As long as you condone that and think its not noticed, you will always foster racism in this culture....and the black community will share the blame for that, not the rest of us.
posted by ... on Sep 15, 2009
"?", I find it hilarious that you say that this has nothing to do with race, yet your comments have only addressed race! And even WORSE, you imply that white people have an easier life than do coloured people. That is one of the most disgustingly disrespectful, bias and ignorant comments I've heard in a while, which is why I feel compelled to comment. What is truly sickening is that there was an afroamerican school that opened this month in Toronto...can anyone say segregation?!?! And this is NOT the same thing as a religious school. Anyone of virtually every colour can convert and join a religious school but if you're not black, you will not be attending THIS particular school...why? Because the black community has PUSHED to have it this way. And how did the rest of Toronto feel about the school: "The majority of Torontonians are against it," said school trustee Michael Coteau, who added that he had never seen such a strong reaction. I have to say, as a white female, I would never want to have my children attend an all-white school. Why a person of africanamerican descent would want their children segregated like it was the bloody 1900s again is beyond me. It PAINED me when this school actually opened and yet "?" thinks it's "easier" to be white....what a joke.
posted by gayle on Sep 15, 2009
He does need to disappear for a while and let this ride out. Out of site, out of mind. Right now everyone is still very heated about what happened. I do hope MVA does not make the mistake of inviting him back next year.
posted by chacklie on Sep 15, 2009
Why don't he do that to Fifty Cent, Pitbull or any gangsta rap artists? Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, or whatever color he could be, what he did was just wrong. Period.
posted by So What? on Sep 15, 2009
Iím absolutely disgusted by some of the heartless comments made hereon. Some of the comments above are analogous to animal behavior. What does race have to do with Kanyeís behavior? (If youíre racist, you probably have an answer for this). I think we all agree that he was wrong but who are we to pass judgment on Kanye to the extent that weíre passing commands about what other people should do to him or how he should be treated? If Leno wants to have him on his show, let it be. Until you have your own show or own a television network, you have no say about who should be banned from a television network. And if someone wants to show how boorish and dissipated they are on national television, let them do so. The opprobrium and odium that person suffers as a result is punishment enough. If you donít think Kanye is a good artist, donít buy his music. If you donít want to see him on television, thereíre hundreds of other channels to watch. He apologized and if you donít accept his apology, thatís a personal problem. Again, what does Serena have to do with Kanye? ďWe got people doing time in the joint but STILL being paid millions to play football. We got people attacking fans in the stands in the NBA and still on the roster.Ē If someone did time for a crime they committed, what more do they owe you? Everyone has a talent; some are estimable entertainers, football or basketball players, etc., and therefore get paid for it. Some, unfortunately, are pessimistic and waste their time hating on those with talent.
posted by Stayover on Sep 15, 2009
He's full of crap. I'm sure someone else fed him that crap once he saw how people acted.
posted by ? on Sep 15, 2009
posted by breezy on Sep 15, 2009
he went up there thinking that everyone in the world listens to hip hop. the fans are the ones who voted. just took the shine away from one of the top artists in the "new" game. you can say racism had something to do with it. kanye probably never listened to country music before, he probably didn't even see taylor's video
posted by ? on Sep 15, 2009
Wrong is wrong. Disgusted I agree wrong is wrong. But, it's sooooo easy to point the finger. I want go that low I was raised much better. I was taught at an early age nothing will be given to you. You will work and earn every second of it. Again play the race card if that makes you so BIG. When was the last time you were attacked because of your race. More than likely NEVER. So you can't compare yourself. Remember the reality show where the whites were painted black and the blacks were painted white. Guess what the whites admitted they were dogged out and the blacks couldn't belive how easy life was for a short period of time. Guess what that show never play again after one season. Because it showed TRUTH. They stop airing it NOBODY wants to admit everyone makes messes.
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Lets all get back to loving one another? Then bar people like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan and all the rest of the black racists from the air waves and we can start. I'm sorry if the truth hurts. The black community lives in a bubble of a double standard. Get real and racism will go away. And quit throwing what happened in the 1900s and before up as an excuse for TODAY'S behaviour. You expect us to live to a higher standard. We've got a generation of laws passed to rectify the wrongs of the past. No excuses for it. But theres not excuses for how we treated Native Americans, or the Chinese or the Irish either. Do you hear them whining about how they were treated????
posted by SAD on Sep 15, 2009
This is sad. It seems as if people like to see others down. I'm glad Kanye had sense enough to aplogize. Let's get our troops home, let's try to help our President, let's do a better job of loving each other. No matter what the race is........
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
I'm sorry "?". Race IS a part of this. People of color MAKE race a part of EVERYTHING, so don't be shocked it comes back at you. People want to make you out to be a racist if you disagree in public with the new President. So don't lecture me about leaving race out of this. What are you smokin? Do you honestly think that if a person of non-color did something like that and the roles were reversed that people would just blow it off as bad behaviour? Like I said in my first post, there would have been a friggin riot or at the least a bunch of people up in their face on the spot with fists a flyin.
posted by hottie t on Sep 15, 2009
kanye west is a dumb n----r..where was your brian Kanye? ur an idiot and your career is ruined. enjoy!
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Oh Kum bayah. Tell that to Serena Williams huh. And TO and all the rest of the athletes or celebrities that feel they can act however they want when they want and no one is going to say anything. If you're gonna step in the lime light, you should be held accountable and not just wink at barnyard behaviour....or else the standard is dropped for everyone in the game. We got people doing time in the joint but STILL being paid millions to play football. We got people attacking fans in the stands in the NBA and still on the roster. WTF! Like I said, if you were raised in a barn, go back to it! Shame on the shameless promotors that find these people then shove them in our face! People like Kanye should be barred from the industry BY the black community to show that that kind of behaviour is not the example they want to set. Yet they look the other way. I hope Bill Cosby throws in on this!
posted by ? on Sep 15, 2009
Disgusted live race out of this. Taylor only got a small portion of what little black girls get daily. Unless she is size 3 and 6ft tall long hair she doesn't have a chance in this mean cruel world. What Kanye did was totally wrong but, so was it whn little black boys and girls were killed and hung in the early 1900's. Did anyone pay for that. It could never be a repayment. So find forgiveness some where because at the end of the day we all have something we are not proud of. Let Taylor handle Taylor and Kanye handle Kanye. Because calling each other names wont help this.
posted by What would Jesus do? on Sep 15, 2009
How can you speak about the speck in your brothers eye when you have a plank in your own. Let's pray for one another. God will give the final say. Kanye I hope and pray you find time with God he forgives. Taylor will forgive him because she's not the average young lady she knows she has to be the bigger person and an example to kids all across America. Now you both go record a world changing song Together. God Bless you All.
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
Wake up and smell the roses Irishmommie. You think anything close to this that happens by people of the opposite color gets dropped???? You are naive, or an idiot or been in a coma for the last 30 years. There are some behaviours you don't just shrug off and say, oh well he's learning from life. What about Taylor? He ruined a career defining moment for her??? And you think an apology is good enough? She SHOULD sue his _ss. All people want is to be able to act racist whenever THEY want, but rub it in everyones face when its the other way. Street behaviour is NOT acceptable!!!
posted by india on Sep 15, 2009
people aren't perfect...i'm sure we all have made mistakes in life. he f'd up but he apologized now lets move on!
posted by Bo dangles 305 on Sep 15, 2009
It was wrong and out of place. That's that all the rest of comments concerning it being reversed is what opens the door for it being a race thing. Wrong is wrong for color or non color people. Hurt people - hurt people . Lets bring help to humanity rather than us being judgemental. He needs help with his deamons and we need to reach out to a young lady who has been scared.
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
So you think this is a publicity stunt? Sorry. NO EXCUSES even if its for the dolla. MTV should have made the boy stand up and make his apology on the spot or never come back THEN kick his _ss out! Why do we pull people out of the streets and blindly promote them just so the music companies can make money? We are paying the price for promoting any piece of skank for the sake of profits.
posted by irishmommie on Sep 15, 2009
as far as the comment from (disgusted) above in these comments goes it has nothing to do with color. You around ridiculous it was as (its musical genious stated i think he hit it right on the tip as this is trials and tribulations your learn from your mistakes and you cannot hold someone to there actions for ever it happened he apologized whether it was sincere or not he suffered the embarrassment move on there are more things in this world to worry about than someones comment its an everyday thing that happens.
posted by sweetivylyn on Sep 15, 2009, if I were going to be on a new show after the VMA's and I wanted the ratings to POP for the "new" show,hmmm, what could I do that would guarantee high ratings, what would I do???? Hmmmmmm
posted by Hater on Sep 15, 2009
Kanye is a douche...he has no remorse of what he did except for how it will hurt his career .
posted by real talk on Sep 15, 2009
Real talk, West was jst on one. He is still one of the best in the game right now. Hate that a good kid got put on the spot thou. Both artists are hot right now.
posted by mj72rn on Sep 15, 2009
kanye west is a walking publicity stunt...and his mom should have taught him some manners! you do need a break...
posted by Jules on Sep 15, 2009
Taylor Swift should sue Kayne West. Mr. Leno, you are ethinics are in the toliet by having West on your show. Mr. Leno you disgust me. I wont watch your show anymore.
posted by its musical genius on Sep 15, 2009
humanity is a life long development, trials & tribulations, etc. give someone a chance, do not hold them to their last action, look at a person as yourself & you will not all is bad. No one regardless of who it is deserves ridiculed for poor judgement, especially when their making an attempt to notice it thereself.
posted by Disgusted on Sep 15, 2009
West is pathetic and falls in to one of the worst stereo types of people of color possible. I am going to look at this through colored glasses just like other communities do when similar offenses occur by people of non-color. We all are trying to take the high road and talk about how classless he is, how much of a jerk he is, blah blah. But we ALL know there would have been a friggin riot on the spot if what happened was reversed in their colors. Lets all be honest with ourselves. And look at Serena Williams' behaviour on the court! I am so sick and tired of people bringing the "street" and "disrespect" to mainstream America. If you want to participate in the successes of this culture and receive its rewards, then act like you didn't grow up in a barn!!!!
posted by steelers2116 on Sep 15, 2009
WTF? His hurt caused someone else's hurt? Why not turn this around back to you?
posted by Thursty on Sep 15, 2009
West is an irresponsible joke. He serves as a reminder of one important truism: A leopard doesn't change his spots.
posted by Iris on Sep 15, 2009
In response to the "reverse discrimination" - I don't disagree that it is wrong. The root of the issue to me is that we remove the indivual responsibility from the "person" and make it a race issue or a legislation issue as a whole. People have to be held accountable for their actions especially those that manipulate the system. Legislation as you have stated was put in place for a specific reason. Fault is not in the legislation - fault is in the person(s) who are manipulating the system to meet marks for the gain of fed grant money, etc. Those persons who make the decisions to not higher the qualified candidate in light of the legislation, that was placed, should be held accountable by law. What we have as a result is a lot of internal warfare going on and no resolutions.
posted by Iris on Sep 15, 2009
Hi Disgusted, it is a pleasure to meet you. I think that West's actions are wrong -regardless of color - it was a disrespectful action. My comment was not about race or civile rights. I find it interesting that you responded to me in the manner that you did. It is an example of what I was I was trying to express. I was not trying to being sanctimonius. It is not about civil rights or Kanye's mother; it is about us having true dialogue. True dialogue requires that we have interpersonal responsibilty in our conversation, which means we have a restraint on our differences/emotions in order to see resolutions and growth.
posted by jussayin\' on Sep 15, 2009
Jay should have confronted him with the bottle of booze he was seen swigging from before the show. I'm surprised KW even remembered what happened the next day.

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