Official Cover Art for Norah Jones' 'The Fall'

September 12, 2009 04:24:21 GMT

Norah Jones appears alongside a St. Bernard for the cover art of her November 17 release 'The Fall'.

Official Cover Art for Norah Jones' 'The Fall'
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Norah Jones has put out an artwork which will be featured in the front cover of her new album titled "The Fall". Appearing alongside a St. Bernard, she is captured donning a white strapless long dress and black top hat.

A follow-up to Jones' second album "Not Too Late", "The Fall" is plotted to be made available for purchase across United States on November 17. This record will witness her "experimenting with different sounds and a new set of collaborators, including Jacquire King, a noted producer and engineer who has worked with Kings of Leon, Tom Waits and Modest Mouse among others."

"I knew I wanted to try some different things on this album," Jones commented on the new direction she takes for the new album. "I'd been playing with the same musicians for a long time. We're all still friendly and I hope we play together again, but it felt like a good time to work with new people and experiment with different sounds."


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posted by gayla sanchez on Sep 24, 2009
i think norah jones is awesome she's my first cousin. i'm a huge fan. can't wait to hear the new cd. awesome!!
posted by Jason Thomas on Sep 14, 2009
We're all talking about Leona because "Happy" is simply the most amazing song ever!!
posted by Jessica Mathews on Sep 14, 2009
Ok...let's stick to the subject...Norah. Who cares if Leona is more successful/will be... Norah's album will rock.
posted by PriyaChopra on Sep 12, 2009
Correction. Leona is the one who is a legend in the making. Norah is going to just be the backdrop to her success...
posted by HilaryDuff on Sep 12, 2009
BenjaminFrank, i think you mean spammer below. The first poster is a spammer. But I think Norah's career is so huge. So many grammys and sales. She's unstoppable! Leona has no chance against a legend in the making! :)
posted by Norahhh on Sep 12, 2009
Ok. I know Norah can't get Number One in the UK w/ Leona the same week. Everyone knows that! We're not stupid! But at least Norah has a chance in the US!
posted by NORAHJONES4ever on Sep 12, 2009
i love it! so cute! cant wait to get it!
posted by BoysAreNotMen on Sep 12, 2009
I think it has to be Leona. She has the best voice in today's industry. I am surprised with her lead single though. Happy is to down tempo to capture today's audiences. She should have released Happy as a follow up to an uptempo song, like Christina or Mariah does. I don't like Norah's cover. She looks so plump and creepy! But I am a HUGE fan..just being honest. Love the old material better :/
posted by JadaKill on Sep 12, 2009
Can we stop talking about charts? Norah is not one of those artists worried about that. It is her artistry that is important. I love the cover...very artistic. I just saw her live at the Apple 'It's Only Rock and Roll' iPod event in San Francisco, California!! It was the new material! YOU ROCK NORAH!
posted by BenjaminFrank on Sep 12, 2009
(spammer above) nice point leToyar, as they are all releasing on the same day... but i think it cant be my beloved Norah or Mayer. They have the same type of soul would divide first week sales...kris allen is a new artist...and onerepublic is just a singles leaves your darn stinkin Leona...she does have a nice voice though
posted by leToyar on Sep 12, 2009
I wonder who will top the chart. Her, Kris Allen, Leona Lewis, John Mayer, or OneRepbulic I think it will be Leona...

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