Alan Ball Spills 'True Blood' Season 3

September 12, 2009 03:16:48 GMT

Maryann ends her eccentricities in season 2, Sookie is not pure human, and a bad news character is coming to season 3.

Alan Ball
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Alan Ball spared sometime talking about his show "True Blood" which will wrap up its second season on Sunday, September 13. Among the things that he discussed in an interview with TV Squad are the facts that a few members will no longer be seen in season three while some are getting more screen time.

Asked whether Eric, who already became a big part of season 2, will finally get together with Sookie, Ball said, "I can't tell you if they're going to get together, because that's going to ruin the anticipation." He added, "But, if you've been following season two, he's definitely been doing things to make her more vulnerable and more susceptible to him. And he does want her, he's just not sure why. I think it's deeper than just, 'I want her because Bill Compton has her'. Although that's part of it, because Eric is a total alpha-dog."

The third season is loosely based on Charlaine Harris' third novel from the "Sookie Stackhouse" series, "Club Dead". Ball spilled, "...I'm not giving anything away when I say that we'll meet the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. And we'll encounter werewolves for the first time in the flesh; we've heard about them, but we'll meet them. I'm very excited about the character of Debbie Pelt. She's bad news."

Ball went further in revealing what season 3 would be like, saying "Everybody is struggling with identity in season three - What am I? Who am I? What is my life? ...And some people are like, 'Am I human? I always thought I was, but maybe I was wrong'. In one particular case, its like, 'Yes, honey, you were wrong'." Pressed further by TV Squad, Ball admitted that Sookie is not 100 percent human and that she is aware of it.

Those who will not be back for the third season next summer would be Godric, who is "really dead", and second season's villain, Maryann.


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posted by Jessi on Jul 01, 2010
Hope that Eric and Sookie are going to be together! I not really a "fan" of Bill/Sookie.
posted by mark on Jun 02, 2010
i dont like eric!!!!!! kill him bill!!!! sookie i love u!!! more hot girls and more tits!!! cant weight for number 3 looks MAD !!!!!
posted by pdwyer08 on Apr 29, 2010
well i have a few things to say.. for one i've read the books!! all of them!! and i still like bill although that'll nvr happen unless some miracle comes for the last book but i love eric too and i definately agree that the eric their portraying in the show is not as good as in the book but by looking at the spoilers and previews to season 3 it looks like he'll get better bc at 1st in the books he wasn't that great either so i think it'll change i also agree that that the person playing alcide better be good bc i was a huge alcide fan untill well whoever read the books will know.. last but not least.. i really hope these people will go along w/ what's in the book i know there'll be some changes but man the book is awesome it'll suck to ruin that!!
posted by NEDA on Feb 26, 2010
PLEASE keep BILL and SOOKE together
posted by chris on Feb 13, 2010
I'm. A big. Fan. Of. The. Show
posted by dreilly on Jan 26, 2010
husband also got me hooked ons show. Read all books since. Like book characters has a hit show to deal with..hope they get it right !! good luck . can't wait for season 3.
posted by alicia on Jan 14, 2010
Did you all not read the loosley part when it came to the books llmao ilovebill
posted by rebegirlhottie on Jan 10, 2010
First off, bill was not kidnapped by Eric! So quit hatin on Eric. K thanks!! and #2 if uve read the books Eric Is awesome and much better portrayed then on the tv show. My only complaint of true blood would be that the writers really fail when it comes to writing Erics part, he deserves a lot better play then he's getting. #3 This guy that they've cast to play Alcide in Season 3 (Joe Mantiegello)....I hope he plays the character well cus by looking at his bio and pics online I'm super disappointed so far. I hope he embodies the character the way Andy Ball thinks he will. I'm open minded...but I had my heart set on Dominic Purcell playing Alcide so Joe is gonna have to woo me. And I hope they cast Quinn soon I'm dying in anticipation, for all u ppl who think Vin Diesal is a poor choice for the character, Charlaine Harris herself said in an interview that when she wrote the character of Quinn she wrote him with Vin Diesel in mind so I think he would be perfect but I don't think he'll do TV. But whoever they get to play Quinn better be friggin awesome cus next to Eric, Quinn is my favorite sookie-hookup :) And FYI for all u bill lovers, read the books u won't like him anymore either lol CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 WOOHOO! Hmmm I guess that was more than one complaint but dammit I'm getting bitchy waiting on Season 3 lmao
posted by Natrod25 on Jan 08, 2010
God, I can't wait for season 3. I read Club Dead and I hope AB stays true to it. I love that Joe Manganiello is playing Alcide. Plus, [spoiler] it was Lorena, not Eric who kidnapped Bill. Thank goodness, I like Bill, but I prefer Sookie with Eric. I'm only up to Dead as a Doornail and I want to learn about Quinn, whom everyone seems to like a lot. I also like that Godric is coming back for season 3 as flashbacks with Eric. Please don't bring back Marianne, I couldn't stand her and she only had a tiny part in the book. I'm just anticipating for season 4. [spoiler] Eric hooks up with Sookie and AB should stay true to that. It was the main thing in Dead to the World.
posted by Ivereadthebooks on Dec 30, 2009
Hope to see Alcide..maybe see Sam turn into a cool animal.. that collie is lame. Also glad Sookie is going to learn she is part fairy. A goblin bouncer and some witches should round out this season.
posted by Ivereadthebooks on Dec 30, 2009
For those of you asking about the "true blood" books, they are all called different things..there are 10 now, but one of the 10 is a collection of short stories. The books are - Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, Definately Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead to Worse, Dead and Gone, and a Touch of Dead. Also an 11th book will be out in May. The show loosely follows the books, but not exactly in order..if you are trying to just read to find out what happens in the next season you should read them from the beginning but you are really looking for book 3 - Club Dead. Also a Touch of Dead has 5 short stories that fit in at various points..each short story takes place at a different point in between different books. Really if you like the show you should just read them all..they are cheap and quick reads.
posted by casey on Dec 29, 2009
i miss amy she was the best
posted by Taylor on Dec 15, 2009
posted by Isabela on Dec 14, 2009
I too wish that Godric could return. He was a unique soul. We all understand why Godric have to die. Godric died because he wanted to. He lived for 2.000 years and he felt there wasn’t anything else for him in this world. Godric didn’t think like a vampire anymore. He completely changed for a stone cold killer vampire to a noble, humble creature with so much wisdom and compassion for humans.Godric had so much potential, so many stories to tell and because the Godric/Eric relationships make the show to something more…. They make True Blood something special. It was a huge disappointment that their storyline was over so quickly. It was honestly the best history from True Blood. Their dynamic was amazing and all their scenes were so fascinating to watch. When Godric turned Eric around 1.000 years back he told Eric “I will be your Father, Brother, Son”, when Godric died, Eric losing that entire people at once.
posted by wildiri5 on Dec 08, 2009
There is also a book of short stories with Sookie Stackhouse called a Touch of Dead, but it is not technically part of the series. You will be busy all winter, Lizz!!! I have read them all twice since June!!!
posted by wildiri5 on Dec 08, 2009
Sookie Stackhouse novels or Southern Vampire Novels by Charlaine Harris. They are at Walmart. Eight in paperback and ninth hardcover. Enjoy the steamy scenes between Sookie and Bill, also between Sookie and Eric so so so steamy!
posted by Lizz on Dec 06, 2009
I love to watch true blood and cant wait to the summer, when season 3 comes out. but what scall I do the hole winter if I cant watch season 3???
posted by Lizz on Dec 06, 2009
I want to read the books... Is it aslo called "true blood", or is it called something else? Please... can someone that read this comment just write a commet with the answer, PLEASE!!! i cant wait to the summer to know who that kipnaped Bil or what is goona happend between Sookie and Eric. So please answer me.
posted by BRITNI on Dec 06, 2009
posted by BRITNI on Dec 06, 2009
posted by Lizz on Dec 06, 2009
PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE answer me... Can someone please just write a comment with what the true blood books i called:)
posted by Babe27 on Nov 28, 2009
WE NEED true blood to come out before the summer or I'm gonna have to drop somebody all the guys are really sexy:P
posted by Under on Nov 27, 2009
omg i love true blood!!! i think im going to die if i have to wait untill summer (grr) i defenetly need to see it sooner (im begging you)omg eric soo hott!!! need more of him and i absolutly love what you have going with sookie,bill and eric soo dramatic!!! i agree that true blood should be a all year round thing but i do under stand that you have to film it and edit it so im not going to bugg but i would be alright with half the year (plz) i love how you make everyone be so funny like i can think of something everyone has said thats funny, my all time favorit characters are:laffyett, jason, eric and andy!!! even though he4s not like a main character i love andy soo much he is hilarious!!! (this is really funny because im not even close to being old enough to watch true blood but i love it) anyway im going to stop talking so plz air season 3 sooner!!!
posted by PeterNorth on Nov 15, 2009
u take too long coming out with new seasons we lose interest
posted by :) on Nov 15, 2009
pleaas make erik and sookie and erik together , i want bill to figth for sookie and sookie to fall i love with erik :) i love alexander skarsgård (erik) <333
posted by CYPRUS on Nov 07, 2009
posted by ericislubblyjubbly on Nov 04, 2009
mmmmmmmmmm i agree with u all that eric is fit, who the hell kidnapped bill. i miss him.....
posted by toronto_chick on Nov 04, 2009
It's been soooo long since a tv series caught my attention. I am so happy to find true blood! I love it's raw tv-watching. I dont think ive ever seen so many naked body parts of men and women on a show and it is awesome! lolol Thanx for Alan 4 the gr8 tv watching pleasure :)
posted by AldoRain on Nov 04, 2009
Nice serial i'm rdy for season 3 i love Eric . Bill . and Laffayete
posted by trueFAN on Nov 03, 2009
godric's character was very strong, contrary, his part was so short! i want more of godric.. he is my favorite vampire.. soft-spoken yet the strongest and fastest vampire..
posted by aestheticsblh on Oct 29, 2009
So glad the over-long thing with MaryAnne is over....Too much of a bad thing!
posted by True Blood on Oct 26, 2009
I am just hoping they would show more ERIC!!!! Plus, why are they making him so bad? he is awesome in the books.Eric and Sookie - mm mm mmmm ;)I want to see them together...Eric with his 1000 years of kissing practices and Sookie, with Bill's teachings. Lets face it, Sookie is still a There is so much action in book 3.I hope they won't change much.if they going to bring up Jason's training at the Fellowship of the Sun again...I'll sue them :) lol
posted by gdotstar on Oct 25, 2009
i sow the first series on tv and i just loved it so much, i act as well and the emotions and characters just got me hooked on the program so much so streight away i whent on line and dint sleep all night and wached the whole two seasons and i cant wait to see season 3 :D if i lived in america i would go to every audition tobe in that film :D if any1 knows any audtions taking place could people please letr me know : true blood Rocks but i think season 3 is gona shock a lot of people ~:D
posted by suzimccann on Oct 20, 2009
hey ~ im just after finishing watching series 1&2 online .. can anyone pleeease tell me what book will take up from where Bill went missing at the end of Series 2 ??? no way can i wait until next year to find out what happened or what is going to happen = )
posted by rebillious4u on Oct 19, 2009
I am needing a tru blood fix. I can't wait a year for the show.
posted by kerry on Oct 16, 2009
i love bill and sookie.......bill should come back....i don't take too long for sookie to realise that eric is behind it all...please bring bill back...eric should die.,bill should kill him and take over as the leader.....we like happy endings
posted by vamper on Oct 13, 2009
ahahahah i can't wait that long 4 season3 i need 2 see it NOW!!!! i've already read the whole book set its great
posted by r on Oct 09, 2009
pz can u tell true blood earlier den june
posted by The True #1 TB on Oct 08, 2009
This show is the most amazing show i have ever watched! Is Alcide going to be in this next season? OH and i was reading and some people want Vin Diesel as Quinn. Please don't use him. I mean he's good lookin and fits the part. But i think it would ruin the show. No one else in the show is a big time Celebrity and i think it would be best to get someone that's not such a hot shot. Plus i really hope that sookie and pam become friends like they sorta do in the books. That would be neat. Plus i really want Eric and Sookie to get together not for a long time but just for a bit. Because i really like Sookie with Bill! Eric is so damn sexy and i know that having Eric and Sookie be together a couple times would make the show sooo sexy!!!
posted by bloody vamp on Oct 04, 2009
to the producers go and read the other comments everyone just about wants more true blood n they want it asap so think of it this way if you had it running all year round do you know how much money you guys will be getting i mean i think its pretty safe to say true blood is the number one show on television you will have billions think about it and plus you do owe it to the fans give them what they want when they want and your gauranteed to get paid keep this in mind
posted by True Virgin on Oct 01, 2009
June 2010?????!!!You must be kidding me!!!That's so long! I might have forgotten by that time!! Season 2 ending is so cliff hanger(like each episode) and I was like 'Uggh!!!' Oh, please air it at least January 2010... Thank God Maryann is not coming back! LOL although the new villain might be very annoying too. I LOVE TRUE BLOOD and I am so curious how Hoyt and Jessica's relationship will be!!
posted by someone on Oct 01, 2009
ok. i watch it. i like it. i wanna see more.. but please - im over 18, 20 and 30, just more true life - bill cannot be such a sugarboy, eric is no omen, sookie likes also to drink some beers with friends on saturdays and sometimes she also pooks. thanx ps - i like the vampire queen - she s fantastic :) should be an extra episode guide on running titles split screen - "the queen said" or so. hehehe
posted by trubloodfang on Sep 28, 2009
i love Bill!!!!!!!!!!! more of him!!!!!!11111111
posted by sara on Sep 26, 2009
Im not patient ha I want to watch True Blood season 3 right away not want to postpone or wait till next June 2010
posted by miss bad A$$ on Sep 24, 2009
i am a true blood fan plz make them better get some more aaction in it case yall is geting paid big time
posted by LaBoom on Sep 22, 2009
Critics that don't like this show are being screwed balls deep by their own egos . . Also: Bring Godric back, He has much more to contribute in terms of intrigue and entertainment . . Eric is fantastic, but in all honesty, a tad cheesy, and he needs to be controlled by Godric . . One more thing: you had a good thing going with Maryanne . . Do NOT go all mainstream with conventional monsters unless you want to have the pre-teen Twilight crowd paying your bills . . I'd offer to write this for you, but then I'd miss out on enjoying the show . .
posted by mal on Sep 17, 2009
true blood is awsome my friend got me watching it then i got 3 of my friendswe keep on laughing at some of the parts we rewind it and then watch it again
posted by angelina on Sep 16, 2009
i love true blood i love i so much i lock everyone out my room when im watching it ...omg eric is sooo hot i would do eric and bill sookie beeta get with it. call me eric
posted by didi on Sep 15, 2009
watched show once, hooked in one show, caught up (on demand). love it, love it, love it. wish it was on once a week!!!!!
posted by ang121 on Sep 15, 2009
pls make eric edgy and hip again like in season one, he is just ordinary like bill now, still love him tho!
posted by love on Sep 15, 2009
orr and vin shud defo be on true blood..hes so amazing n gawjus.
posted by love on Sep 15, 2009
i really think they shud of kept godric hes gawjus n a good carecter.I hope soochie gets wid eric hes sooo much better and gawjus...n is just me or does true blood is like twilight with the story of the vampires luvin humans n that.Please bring season 3 on sooner..
posted by curlyq527 on Sep 14, 2009
I think True Blood should be on every week of the year. I agree with the prior commenter, the series should be a whole lot longer than what it is. I love the fact that this show keeps you guessing and keeps you hooked from the start. Start filming earlier, we are all impatient and want the 3rd season as soon as possible. Can we get the 3rd season to start next week? All the true fans will wait as long as it takes to start the next season. We all just ask for season 3 to start a whole lot sooner than next spring or fall. Give True Blood's fans what they want!!!!!
posted by xheatherrx on Sep 14, 2009
I think that the perfect person that should play Quinn should be Vin Diesel, just give him some violet eyes and BAM perfect.
posted by Bubba on Sep 14, 2009
^ It's about quality, not quantity.
posted by templar7 on Sep 14, 2009
Pretty happy with everything. Personally I like the show better than the novels. Book 3 was good though, as long as Bubba doesn't show up, I'll be happy, that was so cheezy in the book.
posted by templar7 on Sep 14, 2009
Pretty happy with everything. Personally I like the show better than the novels. Book 3 was good though, as long as Bubba doesn't show up, I'll be happy, that was so cheezy in the book.
posted by Peaches3 on Sep 14, 2009
I know you guys have read the book but i think with Bill being sooo kind hearted, Alan ball should make Bill out of a force to be dealt with. It seems as though everyone takes Bill for granted. Please please please make Bill a bad *ss.
posted by Michelle on Sep 14, 2009
*SPOILERS* Heather, excellent call on Quinn being played by Vin Diesel. When I read the books, that is who I pictures as the character. It sounds like the third season will follow the books a lot more now, given that Bill has been kidnapped (probably by Lorena, if the books are to be clues), and it will play out at Russel Edgington's Mississippi ante-bellum mansion.
posted by Michelle on Sep 14, 2009
*SPOILERS* Curlyq, excellent call on Quinn being played by Vin Diesel. When I read the books, that is who I pictures as the character. It sounds like the third season will follow the books a lot more now, given that Bill has been kidnapped (probably by Lorena, if the books are to be clues), and it will play out at Russel Edgington's Mississippi ante-bellum mansion.
posted by julie on Sep 14, 2009
i love true blood too. I'm addicted to it and i spread it around to my friends about this drama, its funny, unpredicatble, adultish, romantic, sacasm. I love how all that actress and actors suits and act their character sooo well, that i forget its a drama. I do agree with the others that ep 12 season 2 was abit disspointing, maybe i felt it should be a bit more and longer and leave a real, cliff hanging for season 3 but it was very weak. I do agree season 3 should be showing sooner cos i'm sooo anticiating to watch it but i guess quality is important but i do think season 3 should be showing in january or something... june is too lonngggg. I'm starting to read the books.
posted by lovely on Sep 14, 2009
Please bring season 3 soon as possible.I can not wait any longer.
posted by nymph224 on Sep 14, 2009
Why did you make eric look like a total gay over godric? Who was not his maker in the books, that was extremely disappointing! And you went waaaaay to far with the maryann/maenad thing. Ah, you gota get the story in somehow. I think vin would make a terrible quinn. He is too small. The only similarity, is that he's bald. Haha. And I loved bubba.
posted by Miss_Marilyn69 love\ on Sep 14, 2009
I love this show, and I've spread it around my friends like a cold, and I definitely can't wait until next season (it feels like it just started damn it!). But I'm a little upset with liberties they are taking with Eric. I started with trueblood, but got impatient for more first season so I read the books. The more I read the more I liked Eric over Bill. Its all mixed up AH!! don't make Eric the bad guy PLEASE! that's all I want to say, cause if I go on I'll just be giving it all away.
posted by ericslover on Sep 14, 2009
I am so obsessed with this show, to tell u how bad it is i have read all the books ahead, and i can tell u it is great. of course some small bits of the book is different but all the main characters are all the same. I just wish that we wouldnt have to wait so long for the next season.
posted by tlmac on Sep 14, 2009
I'm having withdrawal already, mother of 2, housewife. I need a therapist. My husband begged me when the show started to watch it with him. OMG is he sorry, I'm a junkie. I don't know if I'll survive the 9 months without it. Gotta say this is the best TV I've watched in ages. Unpredictable, funny, romantic, it's got it all and I absolutely love it. Thank God for something other than reality TV. See you in 9 months.
posted by stephmake on Sep 14, 2009
I only have HBO to watch True Blood. Please make it longer, more episodes. 12 and 13 just don't do it. Thats a real rip off. I need season 3 to start now not in June or July. Please help.
posted by CAP on Sep 14, 2009
Bring on Vin Diesel as Quinn, his strong, sexy, and has a deep voice. Like they said violets will really set him off!
posted by truluv1 on Sep 14, 2009
love the show! would like it to be back sooner than later! would like to see Bill be tougher, Eric-just more of him would be ok. Bring back the show this year! It is one of the best shows on tv.
posted by josalynne69 on Sep 14, 2009
I just want to know when the start of season 3 will be??? I realy want to know what happened to bill!!!
posted by alyska15 on Sep 13, 2009
i agree that alen ball has done really great i hope the show stays on with all the suprises we excpect i never get in to shows like this they always lose me but this one keeps me wanting more. thank you!
posted by alyska15 on Sep 13, 2009
Please i cant wait for season three! i douted this show at first but after finally watchin them ondamand i just couldnt get enough, its very exciting just when you think nothing else can go wrong..... BAM!
posted by nncon on Sep 13, 2009
cant make everyone happy and if you try too you'll fail anyways..
posted by nncon on Sep 13, 2009
godrick was a little to homo erotic for my taste but good show over all for sure i look forwards to the quaint details connecting the nature of things together make sure you dont neglect the details.
posted by vamplover on Sep 13, 2009
I agree with BellPeretz...True blood should be on every week. It's the best show on tv. Please don't make us wait 10months for season 3
posted by jl25 on Sep 13, 2009
werewolves really i like this show its not cheesy its funny i hope it stays that way lots of things i have seen with werewolves has been cheesy and why dont u bring godric back come on he was th granddaddy of vampires he was the best im so sad to hear he is not coming back
posted by deekie123 on Sep 13, 2009
so you said that maryann and godric wouldnt be back for season 3.. does that mean eggs will be??? i love true blood i cant wait for season 3
posted by deekie123 on Sep 13, 2009
so you said that maryann and godric wouldnt be back for season 3.. does that mean eggs will be??? i love true blood i cant wait for season 3
posted by bring back godric on Sep 12, 2009
loved him 2 much
posted by Pam\'s Girl on Sep 12, 2009
Gee thanks Alan Ball! As if I wasn't already impatient enough for Season 3, lol. ;) This interview just makes me want it that much more. It sounds to me like we'll hopefully be getting lots more Eric and I am psyched about that. Also hoping that Pam gets more show time as well! Also have to agree with the other two commenters...I would watch True Blood all year long (and will as soon as I get the DVD sets) and I too wish that Godric could return. He was definitely one of the most phenomenal characters ever! Alan Ball has certainly done a wonderful job keeping us hooked on this amazing show!
posted by BellPeretz on Sep 12, 2009
Man why cant they make the season longer like in regular shows. It seems like for ever that we have to wait to watch it. They should have it during the fall, winter and spring like the rest of the shows. It would be the number one show i would watch.

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