Four Clips From 'The Office' Season 6 Premiere

September 11, 2009 08:47:42 GMT

Michael calls Jim and Pam into his room to talk about the pregnancy gossip circulating around the office.

Four Clips From 'The Office' Season 6 Premiere
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Before "The Office" gets its season 6 premiere on September 17, NBC has unveiled four sneak peeks from the first episode. Titled "Gossip", it sees Michael feeling left out as the rest of the office gossips about the summer interns.

The first clip is about Michael telling Kevin something about Angela dating a very old man. Kevin also wants to know who's spreading rumors about him in the second clip. The third and fourth clip meanwhile, are about Michael talking to Jim and Pam about pregnancy, and Kelly talking to Erin the receptionist before Michael telling them to get back to work.

The season six opener jumps a few months after the May finale where Pam and Jim discover her pregnancy. The gossip indeed will circulate around one employee being pregnant, one cheating on his or her partner and one questioning his or her sexuality. Through the synopsis, it is found out that Andy is the one who struggles with heterosexuality.


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posted by gus on Jan 23, 2010
I agree what the hell did you have to throw that in there for? The whole show was about the rumors and you just spoiled all of them!! i hate you
posted by e on Sep 17, 2009
or ya'll could not be snooping around the internet...
posted by obvious on Sep 15, 2009
How oblivious are you if you couldn't see Andy being a homosexual from a mile away? The writers drop hints throughout the entire 5th season.
posted by sdafasdfasdf on Sep 15, 2009
posted by srb on Sep 15, 2009
you just ruined the first episode for me!
posted by Thanks. on Sep 14, 2009
Yeah... could've waited to find out about Andy until I watched the show. Why no spoiler alert?
posted by damnit on Sep 13, 2009
thats a pretty big fuckin spoiler u asshole
posted by ewisely on Sep 12, 2009
could have included a "spoiler alert" before giving away that bit about andy..

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