Aaron Eckhart Is Open to Return for 'Batman 3'

Aaron Eckhart Is Open to Return for 'Batman 3'

'If Chris [Nolan] called me, I would certainly do it,' the actor who plays Harvey 'Two Face' Dent in 'The Dark Knight' says of his willingness to return for another 'Batman' movie.

While the end of "The Dark Knight" suggested that Harvey "Two Face" Dent is pretty much dead, Aaron Eckhart apparently hasn't closed the door for any possibility of him reprising the villainous character in "Batman 3". In an interview with Larry Carroll of MTV, the 41-year-old revealed he is up for another "Batman" movie.

"I've sort of just gone on with my life. I don't have any expectations of being in the next 'Dark Knight,' if there is a 'Dark Knight.' I have no knowledge of one," Eckhart responded to Carroll's question of whether or not he will return. "If Chris called me, I would certainly do it," he stated, before then adding that his character is dead as far as he knows.

Pressed further about the possibility, the Jennifer Aniston's co-star in "Love Happens" revealed how far he would go for it. "I would do anything for Chris," he said. "If Chris wanted me to ... I don't know, bring his tea or something like that, I would do it. I had such a good time making that movie, and he's such a great filmmaker."

So far, nothing has been set in stone for the follow-up film to the 2008 blockbuster "The Dark Knight". Director Christopher Nolan is yet to commit to the possible project despite thoughts that he will return to his helming position after finishing his work on "Inception". There were speculations that the new film is set to start filming in 2010.

Earlier, Warner Bros. was forced to slam down rumor suggesting that Megan Fox has been signed to portray Catwoman in "Batman 3". Responding to the rumor sparked by The Sun, a representative for the studio told People, "It's rumor. It's not true." The rep then added, "There is no script. There is no project to be cast in."

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    Jul 16, 2010

    Anyone who reads comics knows that people "die" and return all the time.

    Feb 05, 2010

    ... he's dead. Two face is dead. joker plyed his part... he said he'd be UP to it. UP to it... doesnt mean he will or be allowed to... they had a memorial for cring out loud... Hi I'm a batman Fan!

    Oct 22, 2009

    i think that johnny depp should play the riddler he's great in any role and they should bring the joker back who is better to play the joker than daniel day lewis who admired heath ledger performance in brokeback mountain and dedicated his BAFTA Screen Actors Guild for his performance in there will be blood to heath ledger daniel day lewis would be perfect for the role because he is a method actor he would get in to the role so deep that it would probably be the closes performance to heath ledger IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE THE JOKER BACK ON SCREEN!! or johnny depp could play the joker because he has a dark side in him like in sweeney todd one of the best performance i ever seen! and philip seymour hoffman would be awesome as the penguin he like daniel day lewis or johnny depp can get in to the role he is one of the best actors out there! i also read that seymour hoffman doesnt want to play the penguin but he should reconsider! they should make him a good deal so he would take that role if he still doesnt take the role than i think ray winstone should be the penguin because he his the tough guy look and his performance in king arthur, proposition and departed is some of his best actoring he would be a perfect penguin if the next batman cast has these actors in it who wouldnt want to see it! and with those actors including of couse christian bale still as batman also the director chris nolan this movie would have ocars written all over it!!!!

    Oct 19, 2009

    I think it would be great idea to have 2face come back in the next film. They could make it where he does die and he seeks revenge on Gordon and Batman. Also it would be cool if the Joker would escape from the cops in Dark Knight and 2face and the Joker joins forces againts Batman and Gordon. I think the person who should play the Joker is Johnny Depp he is I think the close actor who could even play a character like the Joker a dark character. Johnny Depp I think is the close actor like Heath Ledger.

    Sep 16, 2009

    That would be sensation and fantastic idea to bring Two-Face back Gordon would lie to everybody that Harvey is dead and truly he would lock him somewhere for example in Arkham.He would do vengeance and his dark side will be much bigger than before.Chris Nolan can do Two-Face because this is not fully realistic movie.And The Joker will do vengeance in later Batman parts when he will be older and The Joker will be someone who liked Heath or someone who Heath liked or someone who have done something good for Heath.Heath Ledger was The Best Joker ever and no one will beat him Im sure for 100%.

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