2009 CMA Awards Nominations Outed, Brad Paisley Gets Most Nods

September 10, 2009 02:49:36 GMT

Brad Paisley receives six nominations, while Keith Urban, Jamey Johnson, George Strait, Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band get four each.

2009 CMA Awards Nominations Outed, Brad Paisley Gets Most Nods
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Nomination recipients for this year's CMA Awards have been revealed at ABC's "Good Morning America" and CMT's studio in Nashville on September 9. Coming to GMA announcing the nominees were Darius Rucker and Lee Ann Womack. Meanwhile, the press conference in Nashville was hosted by Cody Alan and Alecia Davis with Randy Houser as its announcer.

Leading the nominations list was Brad Paisley who took home six kudos. He will compete in such categories as Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist, Single of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Music Video. Following Brad's domination were Keith Urban, Jamey Johnson, George Strait, Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band with four nods each. Other country musicians who grabbed multiple nods include Kenny Chesney and Randy.

In regard of being nominated in four categories, Taylor shared her excitement through Twitter. "I am jumping up and down surrounded by dogs and my mom and screaming like it's Christmas morning. I'll never forget this," she wrote.

In the same tone, Keith also said he was thankful for the nods he got. "This is absolutely awe inspiring. I've never loved playing music as much as I have this year. The response to the new album has been divine and, given the crazy times we're in, the celebratory atmosphere and positive energy night after night on this particular tour has been nothing short of a miracle ... and we're not even done yet," he stated.

Kenny also offered his comment. "The more you do this, the more those nominations mean," he gushed. "You realize what it takes to receive an honor like this -- especially from your peers who make it happen and know the work and commitment it takes. You've got to be humbled knowing what you do is recognized."

New singer Randy is grateful with the nominations he got this year at the CMA Awards. "It pretty much freaked me out. All of them are buddies of mine. There's a lot of mutual respect going on. ... It's a really tight category, and I don't know what kind of shot I have. There's a lot of those guys that had big, big years, and I'm kind of just getting started," he said.

The 43rd Annual Country Music Association Awards will be aired live from Nashville on November 11 on ABC. Multiple CMA-winning artists Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have been billed to host the event. As for its musical guests and presenters, announcement is expected to be made sometime soon.

2009 CMA Awards Nominations:

Entertainer of the Year

Female Vocalist Male Vocalist New Artist Vocal Group Vocal Duo Single of the Year Album of the Year Song of the Year
  • "Chicken Fried" written by Zac Brown Band and Wyatt Durette
  • "I Told You So" written by Randy Travis
  • "In Color" written by Jamey Johnson, Lee Thomas Miller and James Otto
  • "People Are Crazy" written by Bobby Braddock and Troy Jones
  • "Then" written by Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley
Musical Event Music Video Musician of the Year
  • Eddie Bayers - drums
  • Paul Franklin - steel guitar
  • Dann Huff - guitar
  • Brent Mason - guitar
  • Mac McAnally - guitar


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posted by Unknown on Nov 13, 2009
I second that. yea she hasnt been "famous" for a long time like the others but she has an amazing voice and she deserved every award she won. And you people who are dissing her obviously have no respect. dont get your panties in a twist just becasue your pick didnt win. theres always next year. Any who Great job Taylor!
posted by taylorswiftlover on Nov 11, 2009
Taylor swift is awesome
posted by joe on Oct 06, 2009
Someone is really putting a lot of money promoting Taylor.Shes everywhere.T.v. shows,commercials ect. She still cannot sing. Carrie has one of the best voices of any female country singer EVER!!
posted by Hank on Oct 06, 2009
Taylor sounds ok on a recorded cd,but she cannot sing in person,period!Carrie can sing like a songbird in person,live,without all the electronic help from a recording studio!She's no.1
posted by carriebetter on Sep 21, 2009
having her in the “Female Vocalist” category is an insult to the other women in the category. Taylor Swift is nowhere near the vocalist that Martina McBride or Carrie Underwood are. Taylor swift DOES NOT deserve to be up for entertainer of the year. 1) she can’t sing 2) this is what, her 2nd year being famous! 3) Carrie Underwood won EOY becuase she is an amazing vocalist and person, Carrie Underwood derserved it, Taylor Swift DOES NOT!! CARRIE UNDERWOOD IS THE BEST! Carrie beat Kenny hands down on all of it. He played 57 shows she played 137 and both played to 1million+ people. They shouldn’t even be nominating Taylor for female vocalist because the title says “VOCALIST”.
posted by santinokia on Sep 18, 2009
Come on Kenny is good but Carrie Underwood is so much better artist and voice.Carrie perform 3times more concerts than Kenny and Carrie Tour is a real Tour for all EEUU . And the point here is Taylor nominee for EOTY ???? She sing horrible come on !
posted by kenny fan on Sep 17, 2009
Oh last year in 08 Carrie did 127 dates for 1.2 million fans. Kenny did 42 dates to 1.2 million fans according to Billboard boxscore. They don't come pair- kenny is better.
posted by kenny fan on Sep 17, 2009
Underwood??? Carrie a Real performer??? Haha Kenny Chesney is waaaaay better than Her. She didn't go on tour this year and hasn't had a new album out yet... why should she be nominated??? And the ACMs she only won cause kenny didn't but vote for me at the ACMs all over the internet. Kenny can sing, actually so can Taylor and Carrie, but carrie only focuses on her vocals and has no beat. Her for ETOY? NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
posted by nicholle on Sep 11, 2009
Carrie Underwood is very talented and has accomplished so much in a short time and she knows she is a good entertainer,but you don't have to belittle the other entertainers out there.
posted by santinokia on Sep 10, 2009
Whats? Taylor nominee for EOTY? This is a joke? I don´t believe . She sing horrible and not have a awasome year , the only good is that she sold 3 millons albums and nothinh else important.And she not won a grammy , she not ismember of Grand Ole Opry and perform only 50 concerts. And she really sing bad please someone tell me that think the same!!! The CMA Awards lost so much prestige with this! And Carrie Underwood is not nominee???? Carrie sold 11 millon albums , is 6 times winner of Female Vocalist , won 4 Grammy Awards , was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry , is the first country artist to notch 10 N1 singles from first tw albums , she win 3 People Choise Awards including Favorite Star 35 and Under, and perform 137 live concerts , and in 2008 on 9 awards and in this period of 2009 won 10 awards !!!. Carrie Underwood is a real EOTY , areal talent , amazing singer and amazing person!!! CARRIE UNDERWOOD THE BEST EVER !!!!!
posted by santinokia on Sep 10, 2009

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