Kris Allen Working With Alex Band of The Calling

September 08, 2009 02:18:46 GMT

Kris Allen and The Calling's frontman Alex Band are working on two killer songs together.

Kris Allen
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Another musician being involved in the making of Kris Allen's debut album is revealed. Breaking the news to public is the champion of "American Idol" season 8 himself who wrote on his Twitter about hitting studio with The Calling's vocalist, Alex Band.

In reply to Kris' tweet, Alex posted a short message on his own page, "Writing session with @KrisAllen4Real Is going great, lots of coffee being drank, getting two killer songs together." Prior to that post, the vocalist admitted he hadn't met Kris just yet. Though so, he was sure that "It'll be great to work with him!"

Kris Allen's first studio album is confirmed to be released in United Stated on November 17, one week before his Idol pal Adam Lambert brings his out. Other contributors to the studio project are The Fray's guitarist Joe King and acclaimed producers Salaam Remi (Nas, Amy Winehouse) and Claude Kelly (Leona Lewis, Akon).


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posted by Ladonna on Sep 26, 2009
Does this go on after every Idol season? And just to clarify to you conspiracy theorists. A few phones were handed out at a party in Arkansas by some AT&T employees. The Idol results were not even close. Where did you people go to school? Because any idiot with basic math concepts would understand that a few phones at a part is not going to affect the results of 100 million votes. Get an education people.
posted by Johnnie on Sep 16, 2009
Adam has some of the most nasty fans and now they are crying boo hoo! Go home bitter ones and dont turn on the radio because Kris Allen will be Blazing! I cant wait for Kris Allen's release to come out since Im going to buy his products. Go Kris! Later you losers who claim Adam won and by the way, join the real world! Kris Allen is the Winner You Losers!
posted by Mike on Sep 14, 2009
Another thing... Power texting was done by both Kris AND Adam fans. Anyone that is tech savvy knows how to do this. Gee whiz, a handful of people were show how to power text. Big deal! My kids know how to do this and we don't live in Arkansas. Some people will never accept TRUE FACTS because they are bitter lunatics!
posted by Mike on Sep 14, 2009
Jackson: Your are correct. There was NO cheating involved by Arkansas. After the voting, false info was leaked to the media that 38 million votes were cast from Arkansas which was NOT TRUE. Of course the media ran with it and some people believe everything they read in the media even if it's B.S.. AT&T made a statement that they DO NOT disclose how many votes are cast from each state. Idol also made a statement that the votes are strictly monitored and absolutely NO cheating took place, Kris Allen won the competition fair and square. Unfortunately some people just can't accept TRUE FACTS. Another thing, several entertainment shows commented that the reason Ryan didn't announce what the vote count was because it wasn't even close. Kris won by a huge margin. Why can't these evil hard headed people just accept it and move on? I just don't understand such childish antics from some of these crazy people. I think they need to grow up and move on!
posted by jackson on Sep 13, 2009
For the last time, jillson, I want to make it clear to you that I do not post under alias', I'm telling you for the last time that I am "jackson" on all posts I make and only "jackson". Why is the other bitterberts on here just backing you but the posts made by the other Kris fans are not backing me but you say is me. I have no need to post under different names. Why do insist on being so stupid. I have never posted negative things about Adam, I only comment on his bitter fans. Such a hypocrite, Jillson. If you are not one of them then leave me alone. I have just as much right to post as you do, and Arkansas did not cheat. They did not do anything different than Adam fans could and did do. AT&T disqualifies illegal voting. What part of that do you and the bitterberts not understand? I think the shame is on Adams fans who cannot accept his loss and move on. I see you retired the "jillson" screen name, which name are you keeping, or will you just create a new name the next time you attack.
posted by mai on Sep 13, 2009
Arkansas cheated "fair and square". Poor Kris! I hope his CD sales will soar over Adam's so that he can prove us wrong. But in the meantime...Kris won because Arkansas cheated. Shame shame shame!
posted by Jillson (now retired on Sep 13, 2009
@Kate, I re-read the posts and I have to agree with you. I am dropping out of these discussions. The competition is over and this is getting pointless. The truth about Arkansas is out and that's all I cared about. "Jillson" has officially retired. Best of luck to all the idols! Best of luck to all their fans!
posted by Jillson on Sep 13, 2009
Oh, by the way Jackson. I have only one screen name and that is Jillson. The other posters are backing me because they believe in what I am saying. They have seen the same things I have seen on the many other boards. Once again - I hope Mr. Allen is a success and that his fans enjoy his CD. But, if you'll read our posts a bit more carefully - you will see that our one complaint is Arkansas and the way the voting was mishandled. And, note - that my posts always been well thought out and respectful. Arkansas - not Mr. Allen himself - has always been the issue.
posted by SN91608 on Sep 13, 2009
Adam has some most nasty fans. they were part of the reason he didn't win the idol and they're still keeping hurting his carrier. everything they do him is a disservice. they should realize not everyone likes Adam Lmabert and his voice. I'm from Studio City CA, and I voted for Kris. btw, that night Kris's phone lines were busy!
posted by mai on Sep 13, 2009
I am an Adam fan, but I love to listen to Kris sing AinNoSunshine and Heartless. However, just like Jillson, I too, will stand by my belief that Arkansas cheated and the people who participated in the sham should be very, very ashamed of themselves.
posted by Jillson on Sep 13, 2009
I stand by what I say. The hateful posts on various message boards that one poster (Jackson/QueenRedRose, etc)are making with multiple names are damaging Mr. Allen's career. I never said anyone should "wake up" and NOT like Kris. I don't care "who likes who" in music. I have absolutely nothing against Mr. Allen and I would be the first one to congratulate him if his album sales are successful. Everybody has different tastes in music - that has never been the issue. I just think it is sad for a supposed "fan" like you to purposely damage his career. Actually, as far as spreading the hate - I am the one standing up for Kris! I have in every post! It is shameful to see him attacked like this. However, I will stand by my belief that Arkansas cheated and the people who participated in the sham should be ashamed of themselves.
posted by Kareen on Sep 12, 2009
I have never heard anything from Kris that is exiting. He will do good at country fairs, while Adam will become a world Star.
posted by MGP on Sep 11, 2009
@WAKE UP, so you're saying that we are not allowed to give preference to something we like simply because the majority feels differently? Why dnt we all just put on monkey suits and work 9-5, because that's what majority does. @Jillson, you call me ignorant and tell me I should wake up for not hating Kris Allen. What you along with all of your friends intruding here need to get into ur thick skulls is that Kris is not Arkansas. The only thing that Kris did wrong in the finale was perhaps a few notes on the no boundaries song. Even if Arkansas "cheated" (can't say it with a straight face) how is hating gonna solve anything (its such a wasted emotion anyway), and it is for this reason that I feel you are indeed the ignorant one. And what do you expect to get when you spread your hate all around the internet, what goes around comes around, if you're gonna spread hate you're gonna receive hate in return! You say I've damaged Kris's career, I say You've indeed done that to Adam, b'cz all the hatred show to Kris by Adam fans, will result in Kris fans refusing to buy anything Adam as the Adam fans have done with Kris.
posted by j9bt on Sep 11, 2009
Should have added that I'm a NY metro person, and me along with everyone I know voted like mad for Kris the old fashioned way, but dialing the telephone!
posted by j9bt on Sep 11, 2009
Thanks for the article on Kris. I can't wait for his single to be released and then for the album! All of my family members, work colleagues and friends are excited too!
posted by jameson on Sep 11, 2009
You haters really suck. Kris is so sick with fever he couldn't even perform in Bridgeport last night, and all you folks care about is your own feelings. Can you Adam fans who wish to spew hate about Kris please get your own website and stop spamming every article about Kris? If you want to be disturbed and sick, do it away from those of us who love Kris.
posted by WAKE UP on Sep 11, 2009
@MGP . . . You know what, @Jillson is right to say you are ignorant, No one is saying you can't say your preference. But if one has to start being nasty and get into a debate, you must lay down statistics, facts, reliable sources and information of authority rather than being subjective. No one argues with one's taste!!!
posted by TurquoiseAquarius on Sep 10, 2009
Wow, Vicki. You have a terrible attitude. I'm not a big Megan fan, but I would NEVER stand up and boo at her. And trust me, your unattractive comments are not going to make Adam love you more. Obnoxiousness is not sexy.
posted by TurquoiseAquarius on Sep 10, 2009
I LOVE Kris' voice, he's got very clean and mellow vocals, and I bet his CD will be great "chilling out" music. He's very talented and I plan on buying his CD. Of course, I'm just as hyped, if not more, about Adam's... but this is an article on Kris' CD. Everyone who's arguing over the AI show needs to chill. They're both great people and support each other. That's what CLASS is all about.
posted by Jillson on Sep 10, 2009
Well, Jackson or is Adamski, QueenRedRose, Sam, Kris Fan, KrisWon, KrisaAllenIsTheWinner, Bitterbert, etc, etc, etc. Not counting the screen names you are using right now on this board... I have a long list of your screen names, but don't have the energy to type them all out now. It doesn't matter because everyone else has figured it out now, also. You and you alone are seriously damaging Kris Allen's career. You are causing him great harm and animosity with your posts. You and you alone, are causing Kris Allen to lose the few fans he actually had. The damage you are causing Mr. Allen's career is permanent and cannot be undone. If you are truly a fan, as I think you are. (Although, I think you are just an ignorant, uneducated fan who does know how to state a point correctly.) I want to make it clear to you that you are not proceeding in his best interests. It is no secret that Arkansas cheated. People are aware of this fact, and are disgusted by it. They do not consider him a legitimate winner, and they never will.
posted by LOL on Sep 10, 2009
To the most glorified Krisbitterfan: @jackson, shirley, this is a Kris Allen, queenrosered, sam, redrosered, taylor, carey, tim etc, etc. You are all the SAME and ONE person from Ohio as you say as if that means anything not coming from Arkansas. LOL!
posted by mai on Sep 10, 2009
Adam is classy. Kris is classy. Adam has huge talent. Kris has not so huge talent. Adam has more fans (means more votes). Kris has less fans (means less votes). Kris won. Please explain.
posted by jackson on Sep 10, 2009
Well, jillson, I guess all the nasty bitterberts on this post must be your alias'. I do not hide behing alias'. I use the same screen name on every post I make on articles related to Kris. I'm proud to be a Kris fan. Do you really think I am the only Kris fan who will defend Kris against you hate and vile Adam fans. Check the IP address, maybe you'll learn something. I have never made a post on articles related to Adam. I avoid them like the plaque. Now go get a clue.
posted by mai on Sep 10, 2009
...sorry again, my hands must be tired. I really meant "Vicki is a person of principles"
posted by mai on Sep 10, 2009
...sorry, I meant "Vikie is a person of principles..."
posted by mai on Sep 10, 2009
From Vickie: "I'm ashamed to have the same name as Vicki. Why was Arkansas capable of something California was not?" Vickie, Vicki is a person of principal, she got mad when she saw cheating. And the reason California did not cheat because we are honest.
posted by WAKE UP on Sep 10, 2009
@jackson, @shirley, @bitterfan, @this is a Kris Allen - Names of the same blogger here but I can enumerate your other blog names from other sites. You said "Bitterness is an illness." You should face the mirror uttering it. Because you are the BITTEREST Kris fan all over the internet. HATERS as you refer always to their own taste and what they feel which do not equate into the real world or majority of opinions especially those of authority. They are in their own world of denial. They are can't face the truth and refuse to listen. They're blind and deaf and they're in the dark. No enlightenment. Therefore their logic is twisted.
posted by Mr. Bean on Sep 09, 2009
@Vicki: "My friend from Arkansas is writing a book about what went down there. Kris did not win fairly, and yes, Kris’ family had a hand in it. His brother, who attends a university there not only organized the vote with every method of cheating, but also organized to keep Adam’s phone lines busy." I would be very grateful if this book will come out, that the TRUTH will be laid out for all to know. This should be done since the entities AT&T, Fox, AI and 19 Entertainment cannot give the public the truth. Then we can all move on. The TRUTH will have to be said for all to see. Give my heartfelt thanks to your friend, Vicki, and we'll all be waiting. And so much thanks to you for informing us.
posted by Lisa on Sep 09, 2009
I wish Kris the best on his album. I may buy a few songs if I like them, as I did during the AI season. I'll buy all of Adam's because I love his voice and his ability to interpret songs. Even though what happened in Arkansas is unfair, Adam has moved on from that and loves Kris. It's probably better it worked out like it did as it will definitely help Kris with exposure as the "winner" and I think Adam will do amazingly well with his album sales.
posted by Amy on Sep 09, 2009
Kris Allen is a very talented man. I love his music and will support his music. Adam Lambert is very talented, but his music is not for me. Do I wish failure on Adam? Of course not. A TV reality show is nothing more than a launching pad. Both Kris and Adam will have big careers, if the fans can leave the stupid reality TV show behind and move on. As the label execs said, Kris and Adam couldn't be more different musically, and there is virtually NO OVERLAP. Neither threatens the other.
posted by Kate on Sep 09, 2009
Don't be a puppet to what the media says, "runner-up" and all of that garbage. Everyone world wide knows that Adam is one huge talent and a beautiful person inside and out. You have to feel sorry for Kris. I am not a fan of his music but....I do feel badly that he got caught up in this "idol crap". It's obvious he was shocked to win and he comes across as a sweet humble guy. No one is making anyone "buy" his music but if people continue to fight over the idol crown then they are feeding the media monster and not really helping Adam move on from that stupid contest. It's far classier to stay mum on Kris's career--and beat the drum for Adam! Don't add fuel to this fire or it will be an albatross around Adam's neck and this controversy will follow him everywhere. Surely, no real Adam fan wants to drag him down with giving the stupid media more garbage to tag him with? So, give this Kris vs. Adam thing up ladies. It's more mature and I am sure that Adam would appreciate it if everyone would just rave about him and let poor Kris do his thing. Sales of the thier new CD's is the only indicator of who will have a lasting career. Adam is such a positive person so, allow him to stand on his own outside of AI from here on in without linking him to Kris. Stop clipping his wings people.
posted by Mr. Bean on Sep 09, 2009
I like Kris for the person he is. I respect Kris for the artist he is. I am all the way an Adam fan. But I am not a Kradam because I am not a fan of Kris' music but I don't dislike it. But I respect their friendship. As I see it Kradam is more of Adam fans taking a liking to Kris. I have not come across a Kris fan who is a Kradam. the mere existence of Kradam means that there are lots of Adam fans who respect Adam and others. It's more of Adam fans who accept Kris and I have yet to see a Kris fan accepting Adam. I see this Kradam as PLUS Factor for Kris rather than Adam. Because wherever Adam name is, Kris follows. So this Kradamism prevents Kris' exit to oblivion. It's Kris' end when he separates from Adam's wings. This Kradam benefits Kris all the way!
posted by bo on Sep 09, 2009
cassidy go haunt a house, you ghoul.
posted by samm on Sep 09, 2009
Well, at least Kris' fans aren't nut jobs like the freaks posting here. Poor Adam has to put up with you freaky fans, I feel bad for him.
posted by E on Sep 09, 2009
I didn't want Kris to win i wanted Adam and i am an adam fan, but it doesn't mean i am going to say bad things about him. I went to their concert Adam was amazing and Kris did good as well. They will both be successful.
posted by Vickie on Sep 09, 2009
Additionally, I believe Adam will have much more success at first than Kris. Much more. But Kris will be an old man in the business. Adam won't. He'll burn out. I hate that feeling because I like Adam but he's niche and he likes his drugs and alcohol too much.
posted by Vickie on Sep 09, 2009
I'm ashamed to have the same name as Vicki. Why was Arkansas capable of something California was not? And if the vote was really close to the same as it was last year and Arkansas had 38 million votes this year then what state laid out this year? Maybe the blame for your boy losing belongs to someone who didn't vote, not someone who did. You guys make me sick.
posted by lauren on Sep 08, 2009
Barbara and Vicki need to get over it already. Kris has been getting VERY GOOD reviews for the most part during the tour, including one from the last show in Grand Rapids that called him brilliant. He has done nothing wrong, yet some bitter Adam fans refuse to let go of the idea that somehow Kris is at fault for the fact that Adam didn't win AI. Adam has been receiving RAVE reviews during the tour and people all over the place are predicting great success for his future. Adam LOVES Kris and has said he is a very talented musician who deserved to win AI as much as Adam did. I am so sick and tired of bitter Adam fans who feel it necessary to comment in every article about Kris just to try and bash him. No one is asking you to buy his album or buy a ticket for his tour. But is it so hard to simply NOT COMMENT in these articles? Kris' future success or lack thereof has nothing to do with Adam -- and it will have little to nothing to do with whether he won AI. And Vicki you are an immature idiot to boo ANYONE at a concert. Adam doesn't need "fans" like you.
posted by Marilyn on Sep 08, 2009
Please people, must us fans always fight? Can't we move on? Go Kradam!
posted by vann on Sep 08, 2009
QUOTE---@changewillgonnacome What makes you think that Kris deserved the title. Have you watched the idol tour & the reactions of the fans?---UNQUOTE If you want to see some fans reacting to Kris, just look up the following on YouTube: American Idol - Kris Allen -Heartless - Grand Rapids, MI - 09-06-09 If that isn't fan love, I don't know what is. You people can only spread lies for so long. Get over it. Not everyone is YOU. People love Kris, he's a wonderful singer and person.
posted by wm on Sep 08, 2009
I cannot believe some of the childish, rude, hateful commments by some of the posters here. I have never read such blatant bull shit. You mean, hateful posters need to grow the hell up! Kris & Adam are great friends and have more class then any of you losers will ever have.
posted by Ilonka on Sep 08, 2009
I cam here when I Googled Adam as well.I am the type of person that is in the present. I do not care what happened in the past. Today Adam is much more popular and has a brighter future. The respect he is getting in the industry is amazing. Both Brian May and Meatloaf have heard Adam's 2012 soundtrack and can not stop raving about it. Brian May says that jaws will drop around the world. Meatloaf say that Adam is one of the best singers ever. No one in the industry will ever talk like that about Kris. He had his ten minutes of fame, now it is Adam's turn.
posted by Corey on Sep 08, 2009
It really is not cool that Arkansas cheated. All over the country on this tour it was proven that Adam had way more fans then Kris everywhere but his home town. It was really rude for Kris' fans a to cheat and take the title from the guy who deserved it. Why should people sweep it under the table? It is a disgrace for anyone to call Kris a winner under these circumstances.
posted by Twilight on Sep 08, 2009
You Kris fans are just horrible, leave Adam and his fans alone, you troll the internet and even go go on Adams sites are write rude disgusting comments. both of the guys are great, and I hope will be great successes. Kris fans need to seriously quit this bitter slamming. Grow up
posted by sam on Sep 08, 2009
I agree with lauren. Great post, lauren! My own view: Some people are apparently over-identifying with Adam to the point where they feel the need to hate Kris for winning. What a shame to try to smear one of the nicest guys ever. Talk about karma? It willcome around to bit YOU in the rear end, don't worry.
posted by hogan on Sep 08, 2009
What a bunch of creeps around here.
posted by SCat on Sep 08, 2009
OK firstly I would like to say I am a huge Adam fan. In defense of people's comments: 1. We are not "trolling" looking for Kris stories to comment on. This story popped into my inbox as a Google alert for anything "Adam Lambert" - that's what brought me here. 2. People keep saying - why is Adam being brought up in these comments - Answer: his name is in the article (as always 'cause anything Adam Lambert is bound to get hits on Google). 3. I don't believe Kris should keep getting the blame for "cheating" it's not like he had anything to do with the votes. And even if Arkansas did multi-vote it's not like it's not in the rules. Can we please all let it rest. 4. There are A LOT of Adam fans out there that LOVE Kris Allen. Hence the name Kradam. 5. I will not purchase Kris's album - not because I don't like his music, it's because I'm a pirate. I don't pay for music - I'll prob. download his stuff free IF it's any good ;) I do love Adam soooo much that I am willing to fork out cash for his music. People, there will be fans of all kinds of music. I personally think Adam is one of a kind and it will show in sales of albums and worldwide success but there is no reason to hate on Kris fans for liking someone else's music. Like whoever you like, show how much you like an artist by purchasing their tunes. The answer of who is best will be in the sales of the music. Peace.
posted by This is a Kris Allen on Sep 08, 2009
This is a Kris Allen Article but its over run by the bitter berts who are Adams Madams Fanatics. Adam called them sore losers who smelled and were sweaty, tacky as well. Poor Kris has to in inherit these idiots. Get lost you ole hags from the Hole lotta love era!
posted by You gotta be kidding on Sep 08, 2009
@Lucy - You don't get Kris at all. He thinks the world of Adam and his crazy mad talent. Likewise, Adam thinks the world of him. Both wanted the other person to win the title.
posted by Lucy on Sep 08, 2009
Someone mentioned "Karma", and I say that Kris is getting a lesson on what karma is. He knows every night that he was not the real winner.
posted by Vicki on Sep 08, 2009
I really must laugh, Arkansas deniers who are calling those that speak the truth “bitter”. Does the word “injustice” mean anything to Kris supporters? Is it all right with you that someone takes something from someone that they do not deserve? Is society supposed to sit back and ignore it? Should we “respect” someone with a title they did not earn? Adam sang his heart out every week to win. He has a talent that maybe comes along once in a generation. For Kris fans to think that it was moral to do every dirty thing for the win is disgraceful and I do not care what kind of names you call me. I do not have anger but moral indignation
posted by Ruby on Sep 08, 2009
Kris' lying, cheating fans are not cool. Adam fans are dope.
posted by George on Sep 08, 2009
Kris sings off key and gives me a headache. He sucks at piano and guitar. enough said.
posted by Shirley on Sep 08, 2009
I'm so EXCITED about Kris's album. He has been collaborating with songwriters whose styles are in my music preference. I'm sure his album will be GREAT and surprise the heck out of anybody.
posted by Vicki on Sep 08, 2009
One of Kris's honest reviews: After Mr. Lambert’s master class, the meek and limited Mr. Allen could do little but act as a palate cleanser, sending fans into the night with a few benign tunes: an edgeless version of Bill Withers’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” a scattered “Bright Lights” by Matchbox Twenty and a “Hey Jude” that would barely score change on a subway platform.
posted by Cassidy on Sep 08, 2009
Anyone who attended a concert on this tour knows Adam is the star. Kris did not live up to his winner status. It is something any honest person has to admit. That calls into question just how Kris won. It is understandable that when the evidence is obvious that Kris is second fiddle everywhere but Arkansas that the vote was skewed by that state. If his family played a part in it and really jammed Adam's phone lines I would say that that puts Kris in a bad light. The good thing is that Adam has been able to gracefully overcome what has been dealt to him. Even when the producers insisted that if the press wanted pictures at the concerts they had to leave the arena during Adam's set to come back in at Kris's set Adam still got more favorable reviews. Kris had more press opportunities and every advantage that winning gave him and still he is in Adam's shadow. This “win” and the bad taste of it may cost Kris his career.
posted by Shirley on Sep 08, 2009
LOL all those stinky and smelly bitterberts attacking innocent people again. No wonder their Madam think that they stink. Personally, I think they suck in their character as well.
posted by You gotta be kidding on Sep 08, 2009
@Vicki - That kind of rage brings on severe illness. Please, please, please get some counseling.
posted by Kerry on Sep 08, 2009
What Meatloaf said about Adam I'm in the middle of a record now with a Rob Cavallo, who is like the god of producers at the moment. He's doing an Adam Lambert track, and I'm going over to meet Adam. Adam Lambert [of "American Idol" fame] is the only singer that I've ever thought was amazing. I think there have been great singers, you know, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, you know, a lot of great rock singers. Michael Jackson was one, but Adam Lambert is one I haven't been awestruck with since [Janis] Joplin in the '60s. I don't think anybody actually comprehends how good this guy is. I mean, I downloaded everything he did for "American Idol." I'm like this Adam Lambert groupie.
posted by Vicki on Sep 08, 2009
First of all, what Adam says about Kris has nothing to do with my feelings of outrage every time I see the print that still claims that Kris “Triumphs” over Adam or calls Adam the “Runner Up”. My friend from Arkansas is writing a book about what went down there. Kris did not win fairly, and yes, Kris’ family had a hand in it. His brother, who attends a university there not only organized the vote with every method of cheating, but also organized to keep Adam’s phone lines busy. There is no contest between Adam’s talent and Kris’s. The world will laugh at you for saying that. The credible reporters all found Kris dismal. I booed because he hit a guitar note that was as bad as Danny’s scream. You want to criticize me as a person and none of you Kris fans want to own up to the fact that Adam was robbed. Question your own morality not mine.
posted by Jan on Sep 08, 2009
It's really sad that some of Adam's fans can't get over the fact that Kris had more fans on the show than he did. No one cheated. Some people have moved past the 80s glam rock. I guess we'll just have to see when their albums come out who has the most staying power, which is what matters most in today's music market.
posted by Ashley on Sep 08, 2009
I'll be buying the Kris Allen album, no doubt!
posted by bigfan on Sep 08, 2009
Go away bitterberts and comment on Adam's article!! Can't wait for Kris album!! I'm a BIG fan of his!!!!!!!
posted by russ on Sep 08, 2009
DialIdol, the site that predicts the winners based on the busy signal of LAND LINE phones ONLY, had Kris ahead of Adam all night the final night, and he finished ahead. This is irrespective of any text voting. Go to the DialIdol site and see for yourself. I'm sorry, but Kris had the most votes and you craybabies will just have to suck it up.
posted by Barbara on Sep 08, 2009
I do not know about Vicki but for anyone to suggest that I am hateful or mean should read the Ten Commandments. Let me refresh you. Thou shall not steal, is a good rule to live by. There are many ways to “steel” and Adam had a title that he deserved stolen. Anyone with a sense of fairness should agree. Kris’ fans are lacking any sense of morality. How can they deny what was proven by this tour. Adam’s fans by far outnumbered Kris’s. In fact I was told in Chicago that Adam sold more merchandise than of all of the other Idols put together and that Matt, Danny and Allison outsold Kris.
posted by Vicki on Sep 08, 2009
I am still waiting fro the first Kris fan to admit what went down in Arkansas and apologize or even admit it was wrong. And yes it did involve people at the university that Kris' brother attends and where he is a cheerleader. My fried has recorded interviews of what went down. Anyone who thinks that this is a fabrication is just plain wrong. I do not care how long ago it happened it is still in the public perception that Adam lost. I would not expect Adam to do anything but praise Kris. It is in his contract. That does not mean in his heart of hearts that it does not piss him off at some level that he was cheated out of a win he fought for and deserved. He would not be human if it did not. I am not a "mean" person I am a guardian for abused children and I see the good and bad in life. The attitude of people who witness injustice and lie about it like Kris' fans do is some of the worst behavior I have witnessed in human beings.
posted by Let\'s move on on Sep 08, 2009
Why can't be just wish Kris well and move on. No reason to bring up Adam here. They are now competing in whole real world of music industory not each other.
posted by mgp on Sep 08, 2009
Marilyn you're either really funny or really stupid. What the hell kind of reasoning is that? Ive seen some idiotic Bitterbert comments before (on everything involving Kris actually) but this one takes the cake. I can't wait for Kris Album to hit stores here in South Africa, its gonna be awesome!!!
posted by mgp on Sep 08, 2009
Marilyn you're either really funny or really stupid. What the hell kind of reasoning is that? Can't wait for Kris's album, its gonna be awesome.
posted by Let\'s move on on Sep 08, 2009
why don't we just wish Kris well for his future. Don't need to bring Adam in here at all. They are now completing within an established music industory, not with each other.
posted by MGP on Sep 08, 2009
Karma, theft, illness, INJUSTICE, stealing the title, clear conscience, mediocre, outrage... you ppl are mad, lets just hang the guy, lmao! Ive been following every Kris article from the Top 10, the comments on this 1 (4 months after AI) is by far the funniest. First, Kris cheated, now its his brother & parents. What about his wife, she guilty too? oh, and there's his dead grandmother (may she R.I.P) certainly she was involved too or was that the "Karma" of which you speak? Its hilarious hw ppl all of a sudden know ppl, who knows someone, who knows that Kris is a cheater. Is there some sort of AI rule book that you freaks are getting this fm? Twilight's comment is super-funny (irony @ its best), in case you haven't noticed this is a Kris article. Marilyn prob. have the reasoning skills of a 2yr old. Joe I'm South African and Ill be first in line to buy Kris's Album. Every time I read a Kris article, the comments box is filled with this kind of rubbish and as much as I try & ignore the comments section I always end up reading it and deciding its not worth it too comment, bt Ive had enough!!! if you dnt like the dude here's an idea, BUZZ OFF, go and read an Adam article and comment on that you freaks. Yous are keeping a debate going that should hav ended 4mnths ago, with false accusations and dramatic exagorations that no 1 s buying! I know this comments will fall on to the deaf ears of all you ppl who feel that "injustice" (lol) was done unto you b'coz you dnt have a life of ur own. but I am fed up and Ill say my say!!!
posted by VickiIsAnIdiot on Sep 08, 2009
About Vicki I can't believe people are so hateful to one of the sweetest and nicest guys on the tour. Adam and Kris are great friends and are different and support it each other. I for one am getting both of their cds.
posted by You gotta be kidding on Sep 08, 2009
@Vicki - Spewing all that hate isn't such a great idea. Karma will get you. What you give is what you get.
posted by mai on Sep 08, 2009
Adam Lambert is the best vocalist of AI.
posted by mai on Sep 08, 2009
I am with Vicky. The whole world got mad because of the INJUSTICE of the situation. Anyone with a clear conscience would be upset when witnessing INJUSTICE happened to someone. It not about Adam or Kris. Kris won the title, when in reality Adam is the best vocalist of AI. That is INJUSTICE.
posted by jackson on Sep 08, 2009
So sad for the bitterberts who cannot face the facts. Bitterness is an illness, look it up. Kris did not cheat and his fans did not cheat. He worked hard for the AI title and he deserves the title. Not to worry though because when the new season starts you will be off chasing after another contestant to be fanatical about and you will forget all about Adam.
posted by Lucky on Sep 08, 2009
Guys stop fighting!! They chose the winner in may! its sept. and u people are still saying o kris sucks and adam shoulda won well guess wat do u think that will change anything? No wonder adam doesnt like his fans...Lots of them are rude! Adam and kris would be very sad to see their fans fighting like this! the compition was MONTHS ago! Im not saying u have to go buy kris's album just respect him hes your idol untill the next winner! Gosh its that too much to ask?
posted by GLAMBERTS SUCK on Sep 08, 2009
posted by Myolie on Sep 08, 2009
What a surprise. Glamberts on the attack again. To put others down just to put your own idol up just shows insecurity in your own idol. I can't wait for Kris's album!
posted by wm on Sep 08, 2009
I sincerely hope that the posters saying hateful, rude things about Kris aren't adults. Your comments sound like they are coming from a spoiled child that didn't get their way. You people are really sad, especially Vicki and your co-commentors. So, so, sad. I can't imagine what it must be like to feel so much hate for someone that you don't know and as Adam has stated: Kris is one of the kindest, coolest people that he's ever met. If you are a so-called fan of Adam, then you are doing exactly what he says he hates about the so-called fans that behave this way. Adam has said repeatedly that he doesn't like or want fans that have anything negative or hateful to say about him or his good friends from Idol. In case you didn't know, Adam and Kris are the closest friends and have nothing but love and respect for each other and both guys show class. You losers are pathetic!
posted by Hera on Sep 08, 2009
I feel sorry for Amy. She likes Kris songs - her happiness is very shallow.
posted by Sharon on Sep 08, 2009
We started exiting after Adam's performance; We're not gonna miss anything after that except the high notes of Adam @ the end.
posted by Jules on Sep 08, 2009
Kris fans should get over it. Kris just won the title,but never proven how deserving he is with the title. Do not continue to defend a weak talent. Get over it. No matter how you push your idol, ADAM will remai the superstar.
posted by Goodie on Sep 08, 2009
Kris is the most embarrasing AI winner. He can't surpassed the thunder, powerful, huge SUPERSTAR runner-up on stage. He is only good in stealing the title.
posted by Nene on Sep 08, 2009
Many celebrities are praising ADam. And mostly are legendary music artista. Poor Kris, the declared AI winner, none of the clebrities have ever praised him (hu-hu-hu).
posted by Cynthia on Sep 08, 2009
@changewillgonnacome What makes you think that Kris deserved the title. Have you watched the idol tour & the reactions of the fans? Have you read the news & watching tv shows. You're still in denial state. Learn to accept the reality. This is the only way to cope with your frustrations to Kris.
posted by Marilyn on Sep 08, 2009
I think what is happening is that some Adam haters are coming here and putting down Kris to make Adam fans look bad. The majority of Adam fans really like and respect Kris. They are good friends. I am an Adam fan and I like Kris as well. Best wishes to both of them. :)
posted by Kimberly on Sep 08, 2009
Adam's powerful, unique voice is worth listening than a low key, ordinary singer. I am not stupid to waste my money on such a mediocre type.
posted by HOLA on Sep 08, 2009
posted by JEO on Sep 08, 2009
posted by Rachel on Sep 08, 2009
They are both really talented, sincere, likable guys. A small percentage of both of their fans at these sights, not so much. I can't wait to hear their albums.
posted by Amy on Sep 08, 2009
A lot of Adam articles get tagged with Kris' name, too. Do I go there and spam hate? No, I ignore them. But, then I am sane, and the Glamberts spewing hatred here, clearly are not.
posted by Amy on Sep 07, 2009
I feel sorry for both Barbara and Vicki. Maybe if they were happier with their own 'idol', they wouldn't troll stories about others.
posted by Amy on Sep 07, 2009
I can't wait to hear the songs that were written today and in Kris' other writing sessions as well.
posted by Barbara on Sep 07, 2009
I will be glad when you Google Adam and Kris stories do not pop up. I hope Kris does alright and can overcome the poor reviews he had all over the country. He has a lot to live down. Vicki is just mean, I feel sorry for Kris having to sing after Adam/
posted by Deana on Sep 07, 2009
You Adam fans are ridiculous. Why not take a clue from Adam. He said he didn't care who won...they both said that.
posted by Amy on Sep 07, 2009
Thanks for a nice article. I love Kris Allen and Alex Band. They are both classy, talented guys.
posted by Vicki on Sep 07, 2009
I have to be honest, he did not put me to sleep, I stood up and booed when he sang. Kris was so bad he hurt my ears.
posted by Vicki on Sep 07, 2009
I will not ever buy anything from Kris. When Arkansas stole Adam's title why should Kris benefit from the theft? Besides, Kris put me to sleep on tour.

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